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Vanessa Paradis Mosquito

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Vanessa Paradis Mosquito

  • Mosquito - Vanessa Paradis
    "Un mosquito C'est un moustique en colere Un mosquito Pique et pique et pique dans la chair Un mosquito Ca pond ses oeufs dans nos rivieres Un mosquito Ca vit au milieu de ses freres... un mosquito"
  • Mosquito - Daisy Chainsaw
  • Mosquito - Loco Loco
    "Oooooooooooah Hey Im chilling in me casa Its hot here at me Plaza Enjoy my little siesta My brain is gone last fiesta I dream of Huanita My sexy senorita Uhh! Whats going wrong?! Un Mosquito! ATENCION!!! Im"
  • Mosquito - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    "Mosquito sing Mosquito cry Mosquito live Mosquito die Mosquito drink Almost anything Whatever's left Mosquito screams I'll suck your blood I'll suck your blood I'll suck your blood Suck your, suck your,"
  • Vanessa - Gene Clark
    "Mama get your bags and run Papa's gonna get a gun Mama get your bags and fly Lord have mercy, me oh my Get out your cuffs baby, circle the floor I can't live with the devil no more Vanessa, get your gun I"
  • Mosquito - Psychotic Waltz
    "crawling into my head, mosquito, mosquito red pieces, diseases, floating in the greases, but they smile instead sting of the suckerfly in the dead of the night ride on the wings of a dragonfly sleep by"
  • Vanessa - Maroon 5
    "Oh Vanessa holding up time with her beautiful velvet eyes She danced in the rained, got lost in our games Turned our backs to the world at night Fell asleep in the grass Watch out for the passing, of seasons"
  • Mosquito - GNR
    "Que que voa como um passaro, pa? Quem esse insecto que nos faz sofrer, Mas que maldade o faz pousar aqui, ja, Que vontade de morder por ca Pedra pura coisa mole jah Teia impura a gente engole e ja gua"
  • Vanessa - Doc Gyneco
    "Non j'n'ais pas oubli tous ces talons carrs Ces filles au beau fessier qui firent fureur cet t Je lis S.A.S pour me remmorer Je rve de bas rsille, de filles qu'on deshabille Qui glappent et s'gosillent Et"
  • Mosquito - Mecano
    "Esta es la historia de un famoso fugitivo que se esconde de la poli, que se esconde del castigo que los perros policas le tienen como enemigo un asesino, un asesino, un asesino de mosquitos que los"
  • Mosquito - Ingrid Michaelson
    "Mosquito, mosquito Buzzing around Landing on my knee How can I truly be angry with you? All you want is to be part of me Now we are lying and counting the leaves Underneath our tree How can I truly"
  • Mosquito - SR-71
    "You like when we go fast So my foot's on the brake Used to be my girl But now you're just my worst mistake You don't see it, not a subtle change Makes me laugh you turned into a cliche Everytime you told"
  • Vanessa - Marion
    "Well it was far too long to hide Before I met you And I really don't wanna die And forget you I'll forget you Is it safe to use those toys Are you allowed to make that noise Yeah Oh yeah I still wanna"
  • Vanessa - Valentina Dorme
    "Chiunque star con me d'ora in poi dovr avere qualcosa di te che ora vivi lontana la costringer a correggere l'andatura a insistere col nero sulle ciglia e sui contorni degli occhi con pennellate leggere"
  • Mosquito - SR 71
    "You like when we go fastSo my foot's on the brakeUsed to be my girlBut now you're just my worst mistakeYou don't see it, not a subtle changeMakes me laugh you turned into a clicheEverytime you told meThat"
  • Vanessa - Grimes
    "Oh I've been waiting, definitely and my heart is here right after me and my heart, waiting in the rain //x2 And my heart, it is in with the storm And my heart, heart, heart (heart, heart, heart) hey"
  • Paradis - Axelle Red
    "si tu me surprends tant ailleurs ce n'est pas que le monde rel me fait peur mais juste le temps d'une journe je fais foltrer mes penses je ferme les yeux je rve un peu dj les anges m'appellent j'ai"
  • Paradis - Alain Chamfort
    "rendez-vous au Paradis si l'ide a son charme quoi pense-t'elle quand elle me dit d'venir avec mon arme rendez-vous au Paradis attention c'est un pige les anges ne sortent pas le sam'di soir en ensemble"
  • Paradis - Tvxq
    "gorukhan unmyongchorom gobugam obshi ikullyo sarange pajin hubuto gonggiga waenji malgajigo mulmatdo jongmal darayo midul su omnun gijokdul jaku nunul bibimyo kum a nilka hwaginhae (bolso myot dari jinannunde) nanun"
  • Muscovite Mosquito - Clan Of Xymox
    "I must write a letter to you I must make myself clear It is spot on time, right on cue I am a clam, somebody said to me It's obscene, there must be a motive behind It's obscure, there must be someone behind A"

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