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Vanishing Kinga
  • Scaterd Few Vanishing
    "No fear of God (Before their eyes) Their wickedness (Reneders them unwise) Plotting evil (From within their beds) Depravity commits (Them to the dead) See how they've fallen Thousands and counting Gnashing"
  • Barenaked Ladies Vanishing
    "A rabbit and a top hat, a handkerchief and ring With the wave of a wand he'll pull your heartstrings He's a magician Hoping, wishing And you're the one vanishing Isn't that the necklace he found behind"
  • Mariah Carey Vanishing
    "If I could recapture All of the memories And bring them to life Surely I would Hear the distant laughter Wasn't it you and me Surviving the night You're fading out of my sight Swiftly You're"
  • A Perfect Circle Vanishing
    "Disappear Disappear Higher Higher Into the air Slowly disappear No, no longer here Disappear Disappear Thinner, thinner Into the air Never really here What that never Like a thought brushing"
  • Adams Bryan Vanishing
    "Adams Bryan Waking Up The Neighbours Vanishing People all over build on solid ground They build it up and then they tear it down Take it or leave it who cares how much it costs They'll never know how much"
  • Bryan Adams Vanishing
    "People all over build on solid ground They build it up and then they tear it down Take it or leave it who cares how much it costs They'll never know how much is gone until it's lost 'til it's vanishing Think"
  • Gladyss Patches Vanishing
    "I try to become one face But these eyes see clear Passed the lips into these lies Disguised and torn A wish this simple, a wish sincere A wish that blames me all the time (disappear) So what the fuck you"
  • Vanishing Point Vanishing Point
    "Images obscured by clouded visions To know you're dreams aren't always clear Lifeless days gone by I can't describe the meaning of life, I can't see why In time you'll see The things you want to see In"
  • XTC Vanishing Girl
    "Someone's knocking in the distance But I'm deaf and blind She's not expected home this evening So I leave the world behind For the vanishing girl The vanishing girl Yes she'd give you a twirl But she vanishes"
  • Hunger Vanishing Cream
    "Who fills the sky Who answers when I cry I feel alone, I feel abused I feel there's nothing I can do It's getting late There's no one home No messages on the telephone I feel so good today It's"
  • 3-11 Porter Vanishing Girl
    "Out of the blue she came to me in the calm of the night So tender and sweet I was walking wounded And she was looking for some company Her voice was such a melody, the sweet sound of love bells, Ringing"
  • Lou Reed Vanishing Act
    "It must be nice to disappear to have a vanishing act to always be looking forward and never looking back How nice it is to disappear float into a mist with a young lady on your arm looking for a kiss It"
  • Jan Benedek Vanishing world
    "I dont believe inI dont believe in innocent worldI dont believe inI dont believe in innocent worldI believe in super simple wordsI believe in generous thoughtsI believe in beauty and shineI belong to vanishing"
  • Steve Kilbey Vanishing Act
    "Well then I dreamed we were washed up in new guinea Castaways on a hostile shore Purple waves on the salty ocean breaking The music flowing underneath your bedroom door Wouldn't you know it, that's a"
  • In Flames Vanishing light
    "Vanishing light The end of a compromise In fury, in rage A dream will demenish Behind enemy lines Learn to survive Find a way to clone Make friends and place a to call home Take a picture and jump before"
  • New Order Vanishing Point
    "Grow up children, don't you suffer At the hands of one another If you like a sleeping demon Listen can you hear him weeping Tears of joy and tears of sorrow He buys love to sell tomorrow My life ain't"
  • Wellwater Conspiracy Van Vanishing
    "This feeling keeps rolling on Makes me so tired to feel The strength you've given me Now lays beneath my feet Collapse on a bed of nails The sharpness reminds me You're words so full of rage Try to cut"
  • Stars The Vanishing
    "Tremor of light The sky, a porcelain wall Landing at Heathrow, a Tuesday in the fall You are sleeping next to me I just let go your hand I hope I can go through with this I hope you understand I leave"
  • Monster Movie Vanishing Act
    "Without warning I can feel you're out of reach It's alright your out of sight With no reflection Nobody knows me it's how I want to be It's just a plan which no one believes I'm not ready for this"
  • Randy Bachman Vanishing Heroes
    "I used to save my pennies for admission And wait all week for Saturday matinees Just to see the good guys beat the bad guys And win the ladies hearts along the way No one ever rides into the sunset anymore Whatever"

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