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Various Argument

  • Argument - Various
    "Howdy! Sind wir nicht alle irgendwo wie Brummis in der Nacht? Auf der Fahrt nach nirgendwo, mit zweifelhafter Fracht? Ist unter uns die Autobahn nicht wie ein schnes Weib? So kurvenreich und anschmiegsam,"
  • Argument - Fugazi
    "When they start falling executions will commence Sides will not matter now matter makes no sense How did a difference become a disease? I'm sure you have reasons a rational defense Weapons and motives"
  • Argument - Robots In Disguise
    "Picture the scene Crowds circle over 2010 The robots are on tour again In separate transport stay together for their art A new album written continents apart Flash back ten years back to the start Back"
  • Argument - Jesus Christ Superstar
    "JESUSPeter will deny my in Just a few hours. Three times will deny me, And that's not all I see. One of you here dining, One of my twelve chosen Will leave to betray me. JUDASCut out the dramatics! You"
  • Various Stages - Great Lake Swimmers
    "I have seen you in various stages of undress. I have seen you through various states of madness. I have seen your refractions and I did not recognize you. I have seen you in various states of madness. How"
  • Various Times - The Fall
    "(Replaces Mother-Sisterand Industrial Estate on the U.S. version of the LP) Alright we're going to go back to 1940 No money And I live in Berlin I think I'll join up Become a camp guard No war for me An"
  • Various times - Fall
    "Alright we're going to go backto 1940No moneyAnd I live in BerlinI think I'll join upBecome a camp guardNo war for meAn old Jew's face dripping redI hate the prisonersI hate the officersThere's no fightI"
  • The Argument - Fugazi
    "when they start falling, executions will commence sides will not matter now, matter makes no sense how did a difference become a disease? i'm sure you have reason, rational defence weapons and motives,"
  • The Argument - Ulver
    "Rintrah roars & shakes his fires in the burden'd air; Hungry clouds swag on the deep. Once meek, and in a perilous path, The just man kept his course along The vale of death. Roses are planted where thorns"
  • Argument Then War - Dri
    "Argument then war Even the score Retaliate, revenge The will to win Man can't be wrong Man can never get along Man wants to fight Man wants to be right Man wants to kill Man will Argument then war Even"
  • Loving Without Argument - Good Morning Milo
    "*Sing along with the ahhs.*(You know you want to.) Please, please dont leave me. We have everything we need and were so near to loving without argument. Please, Im being so sincere. Everything we need"
  • Another Sentimental Argument - Neverstore
    "Some times it feels, like it's not real Like it's a movie on TV Broken homes, atomic bombs, fiction or reality? What can I do? What can I change? I guess it aint much, but I try anyway We have to unite"
  • The Teacher's Argument - Fame Musical
    "(Miss Bell) Artists are special celestial fools first with the talent for breaking the rules unfit for confinement in cubicle schools artists are special (Miss Sherman) Artists are people not primitive"
  • Excerpts From Various Notes Strewn ... - Cursive
    "Why I should leave:no-why I'm leaving you for him..well, let's see here:well, let's see; where should I begin? Every night you get annihilated with all your friends, and every night I drink alone until"
  • My Argument Precedes Me - Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start
    "in trying to make up what i have lost a million seconds passed so i'm imitating time langing tricks that i can't land have you seen my knees? be kind i'm trying not to hide that i'm horrible but i am i"
  • Horny Sid Greenfield Argument - South Park
    "Voice: Production? Sid: Its Sid Greenfield for Matt and Trey. Voice: Hold on.. Matt: Hello? Sid: Trey? Matt: Oh no, this is Matt. Sid: Matt.. it's Sid Greenfield Matt: Oh, Hey Sid! What's going on man? Sid:"
  • Little argument with myself - Low
    "I want to believeI want to believeI want to believeI want to believejust keep counting the starslike someday you'll find outjust how many there areand we all can go home'cuz there's nothing as sadas a"
  • Conflict-The Argument Goes On - Mushroomhead
    "Just because you're a saved how does that make me lost? Eyes wide hands tied capsized in flouride 4 out of 5 recommend a gun what if you were wrong the argument goes on and on a fistful of dollars ring"
  • Argument With David Rawlings About Morrissey - Ryan Adams
    "David: Naw, Bona Drag, baby Ryan: no, no, it's Viva Hate D: No, I looked! R: It's on Bona Drag, cause it was a single! D: Two... off.. R: But it's, it's the sixth track on Viva Hate D: It's on Viva"
  • Excerpts From Various Notes Strewn Around The Bedroom Of April Connolly, Feb. 24 1997 - Cursive
    "Why I should leave:no-why I'm leaving you for him..well, let's see here:well, let's see; where should I begin? Every night you get annihilated with all your friends, and every night I drink alone until"

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