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Various Love Song F

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Various Love Song F

  • Love Song F - Various
    "LIZA MINELLI The sun comes up - I think about you The coffee cup - I think about you I want you so, it's like I'm losing my mind The morning ends - I think about you I talk to friends and think about you And"
  • Excerpts From Various Notes Strewn ... - Cursive
    "Why I should leave:no-why I'm leaving you for him..well, let's see here:well, let's see; where should I begin? Every night you get annihilated with all your friends, and every night I drink alone until"
  • Various Stages - Great Lake Swimmers
    "I have seen you in various stages of undress. I have seen you through various states of madness. I have seen your refractions and I did not recognize you. I have seen you in various states of madness. How"
  • Mermaid Song - Various
    "Benny Andersson, Tim Rice, and Bjorn Ulvaeus CITIZENS OF MERANO: O light the heart That lingers in Merano Merano! The spa no Connoisseur of spas would miss So healthy Highly recommended Is this"
  • F - Fredriksson Marie
    "(English: For Those Who Love) Written by Ulf Lundell Published by Inhouse Music Det r kallt i Paris och London / Det r kallt hr i Stockholms stad / Kylan sveper ner frn norr / varenda natt sjunker nnu"
  • F - Doro Und Warlock
    "Bleib Dir treu Niemals auseinander gehn Werden immer zu einander stehn Fr immer Keine Macht Wird uns jemals trennen Werde wie ein Tier drum kmpfen Du lernst mich kennen! Denn Freunde gehn mir ber alles"
  • F - Monkey Flip
    "I'm lying here in my bed Thinking of happier times Watching the tube and hearing songs that make me want to shine Fish heads fish heads lovely and prime Fish heads fish heads covered in slime I got something"
  • Another F.U. Song - Reel Big Fish
    "Hey kids, it's time to use the "F" word Fuck fuck fuck fuck... ...living Fuck dying, Fuck laughing Fuck crying Fuck this song, But mostly fuck You Fuck love, hate and friends Fuck following trends, Fuck"
  • Love (F) - Atlantic Popes
    "The hours flown away were filled with fun and joy It's been what you could call a perfect day Voices on the radio: sit down and relax for a while They say Silent lights are driving on the window pane"
  • Various Times - The Fall
    "(Replaces Mother-Sisterand Industrial Estate on the U.S. version of the LP) Alright we're going to go back to 1940 No money And I live in Berlin I think I'll join up Become a camp guard No war for me An"
  • Various times - Fall
    "Alright we're going to go backto 1940No moneyAnd I live in BerlinI think I'll join upBecome a camp guardNo war for meAn old Jew's face dripping redI hate the prisonersI hate the officersThere's no fightI"
  • The F*** Song - Limp Bizkit
    "Ladies and Gentleman! Introducing the Chocolate starfish and the hotdog flavored water! Bring it on! Get the fuck up! Yeah! Check! one, two! listen up, *Listen up* Listen up *listen up* Here we go *here"
  • The F Word - Cannibal Ox
    "It's like, I care about you, I think about you all the time it's like, we friends and shit? which means we treat each other right you'll be there for me when you gonna be there for me Verse 1: (Vast Aire"
  • Whith A Smile And A Song - Various
    "DONNA SUMMER Like the welcome of spring like the light that you bring to the skies that were empty and grey just your breath in the night can make it alright when you sigh as you're drifting away oh baby All"
  • R.F.F. - Stuck Lucky
    "Stagnant, sit, and waiting for an action from this town Someone pull me back, get me back to the ground Sick of playing prominence to a sad little girl Give up your ghost just try and taste your world You"
  • A World Without Love - Various
    "Gonna shout it from the mountaintops A star is born It's a time for pulling out the stops A star is born Honey, hit us with a hallelu The kid came shining through Girl, sing the song Come blow your horn A"
  • Broken Love Song - Pete Doherty
    "Take a broken love song Keep it by your side Never be lonely Find a place to hide By the west way Inside the scrubs How long must we wait? For they're killing us? Killing us Oh They are the loneliest They"
  • Memories In F Minor - Chronic Future
    "You're the element of surprise that none of us were prepared for The dead body behind the curtain that we couldn't help but stare towards This afternoon you were an only child and a friend to me This evening"
  • Excerpts From Various Notes Strewn Around The Bedroom Of April Connolly, Feb. 24 1997 - Cursive
    "Why I should leave:no-why I'm leaving you for him..well, let's see here:well, let's see; where should I begin? Every night you get annihilated with all your friends, and every night I drink alone until"
  • F-Word - Jens Lekman
    "Would you stand up for this kind of beauty? Cause this kind of beauty won't stand up for you. It won't lift a finger for some lazy dreamer. Here it comes the average dirty word, pardon my French But"

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