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Velvet Underground The Story Of My Life

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Velvet Underground The Story Of My Life

  • The Story Of My Life - Velvet Underground
    "Left Voice (Morrison, Tucker) >>> Right Voice (Reed, Yule) candy screen wrappers of silkscreen fantastic, requiring memories, both lovely and guiltfree, lurid and lovely with twilight of"
  • Underground - The Tea Party
    "I don't need your redemption I don't want you to deceive me And I don't need your forgiveness I only want you to believe me Do you see me here I'm standing naked Do you see me here on my knees Now all"
  • Underground - Emil Bulls
    "Going down underground Darkness all around Hear God's calling me His army is at my heels Chorus There's something inside me that tells me Boy you should run A bad moon is rising - stay awake It's over"
  • Underground - Adam Lambert
    "When you're gone When you're gone, it's like I'm in one second in time I'm frozen When you're gone When you're gone, it's like I lost one half of my mind Stolen Cause nobody feels you like I do Nobody"
  • Underground - Sloppy Seconds
    "Never thought we'd meet again A young wanna-be and an old has-been I wish I had a photo of this scene I've suffered through dependencies I still have violent tendencies I could sell my life to "People"
  • Underground - Necro
    "I keep straining my ears to hear a sound Maybe someone is digging underground Or have they... Yo man Mother Fuckers are clowns man; Hip-hop's too nice It's too pretty What are you gonna do to it Necro? Take"
  • Underground - Kimya Dawson
    "my head is pounding I can't stop the pounding I think it is going to explode and kill everybody who's in close proximity to the place I call my home and they'll make a moving made for tv movie for Life"
  • Underground Life - A.G.
    "Yeah, yeah Gettin dirty, y'all A.G. Party Arty D Flow Joe the don Terror Squad Yeah What's fuckin with that? I hit the block and stop hoes with the drop Rolls Flaco got those hot hoes to stop flows Out"
  • Velvet - The Birthday Massacre
    "Happy in her soft red dress.The worst nightmare there ever was, I wake up, shaking, thinking of,Her big black eyes that shone like stars.Bashed her head against the wallI pulled out mostly all her hairDragged"
  • Velvet - The Big Pink
    "Seen it in my head Burning in my heart Seen it in my past, back in my home It doesn't make sense, to see her again I don't know I felt it for some time, ever not at all Poison in my head,"
  • Velvet - Fergie
    "Its cold outside, why dont you come in I know, my walls are crumbling its late at night and lately Ive been alone but that could be changing what you do to me onjures up feelings Ive never felt before"
  • Velvet - Kent
    "My skin feels strange like there's someting underneath And it's aching to be free Try to think of something else In my mind, imagination is running wild I try to shut my eyes Try to hide it with"
  • VELVET - Adam Lambert
    "i’ve been feelin nostalgic i know that I am not the only one I think it’s time for a throwback to remind me how to fall in love wanna rock something in my own kinda way like it’s tailor-made for me think"
  • Underground - David Bowie
    "No one can blame you For walking away. Too much rejection. No love injection. Life can't be easy. It's not always swell. Don't tell me truth hurts, little girl, 'Cause it hurts like hell, But down in the"
  • Underground - Ben Folds
    "I was never cool in school Im sure you dont remember me And now its been ten years Im still wondering who to be But I love to mix in circles, Cliques and social coteries, Thats me Hand me my nosering (can"
  • Underground - Ben Folds Five
    "I was never cool in school I'm sure you don't remember me And now it's been 10 years I'm still wondering who to be But I'd love to mix In circles, cliques, and social coteries - that's me Hand me my nose"
  • Underground - Newsboys
    "Look at the front page; turn on the TV They fire another round at you and me Their guns are loaded; they're takin' aim Nobody told them we're not all the same No paranoia; nobody could Just write it off"
  • Underground - Blue Rodeo
    "Lead Vocal by Jim There's a way I've been told If we walk together Keeps us from this cold. On the sidewalks of these streets, Lie the broken dreams Scattered at our feet... Lead me on, I don't mind I'll"
  • Underground - Voltaire
    "Six feet of earth above my head keeps me safe from what she says six walls of wood to keep them out their smart remarks, the screams the shouts they scream, they shout theres only one way to drown them"
  • Underground - Fun Lovin' Criminals
    "For me it's hard to say (hard to say, hard to say) And this might not be the way And if you want to stay My ghetto prince is smiling underground And it makes me feel good to know you died (died, died) And"

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