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  • Lady Vemon - Swollen Members
    "Ever heard of Vertigo? Well ain't no way else to go Prevail knows the faculties, our poison lay you vertical It's only murder for every small animal committed The only difference is I won't admit I did"
  • The Organ Player - Weezer
    "The people come and lay down on the ground They want to hear all the beautiful sounds Of the organ player But in the crowd is a bitter young man He can't accept what the other ones can That the song is"
  • Walk Away (Maybe) - Christina Aguilera
    "What do you do when you know something's bad for you And you still can't let go? I was naive Your love was like candy Artificially sweet I was deceived by the wrapping Got caught in your web And I learned"
  • Lyrical Gymnastics - Big Daddy Kane
    "Do you know, what you're goin through? Do you like this style of rap that I'm showin you? The way I flow for you.. do you know? Yeah baby c'mon Ah baby baby c'mon, check the rhyme to the song Uhh, aw"

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