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Verba you go i love you forever the silence of the time

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Verba you go i love you forever the silence of the time

  • Silence - Visions Of Atlantis
    "All those precious moments lost in space and time For the only reason she's not of my kind Everything seems so small when I hold her close Everything great is mine, even sunrise "Never to let me go" for"
  • Silence - Selena Cross
    "At last I have clarity It took a while, it took a long time But now I can see I learned to let go It was the hardest lesson of all But I gave you my love In silence Silence There would come a time In my"
  • Silence - Gigi D'Agostino
    "Stay with me forever Sharing love together Keep my dream alive Touch with me the sky Is got to be the reason Share with you my freedom Steal a ray of sun While I'm here with you You must come"
  • Forever - After Forever
    "Dead Girl: I can see your pain I can feel your loss I can hear your words I can but you are out of reach and so am I Man: You and me living in a dream This end could not have been foreseen The pain won't"
  • Silence - Lara Fabian
    "Silence I've learned so much After these years of despair And nothing intouched With the deepest side of my pain Although I cant say There's nothing there Not even a dream to share Are you familiar? Or"
  • Silence - Chimaira
    "I am the one breaks all This misery you call your life I am the one who will carry you To an altar of joy Follow me Flee from this Except nothing but the best I will hide all your pain Resort to the unknown"
  • Silence - Frank
    "I go to your place in the afternoon To take the last drag of the honeymoon I take a deep breath coming up for air A crocodile smile and a silent prayer BRIDGE Maybe I've come too early But I'll"
  • Silence - Krayzie Bone
    "(Intro Repeated-Sin of Graveyard Shift) Silence is necessary, don't tell them who you are (Verse 1-Sin of Graveyard Shift) Formulate a different tactic, let's sing anthems No sterotypical categorizing,"
  • Silence - Company Flow
    ""I was once was told of a mutant who could twist space around him and now it seems that I've met him!" Chick this out Company Flow manifests itself in many different ways We rhyme like this is the last"
  • I Wanna Love You Forever - Da Buzz
    "There was a time, when we were in love And we ran in the sand, trough the days and nights We looked in the sky, the sunset turnes over to a fullmoon descies The time of my life'. The hot summer nights"
  • Silence - The Tea Party
    "Silent spirit walks before me With her beauty and with her eyes Heaven help me I feel i'm fading I should rest here for a while In the dreamtime I'm awakened As my senses seize the night Heaven help me I'm"
  • Silence - Theatre of Tragedy
    "This interference's shifting A soft accent cascading A second glimpse of falling TVs Draws me in too easily Some kind of nonchalance Contains my will to chance The avidity of youth The navety of you Somewhere"
  • I'll Love You Forever - John Elefante
    "There are times when silence is golden There are times when words are misunderstood There are times we can't abort our feelings I'll shed light on the truth, regardless of my shame And when all is said"
  • Forever - The Cure
    "Pulling this watch as faces go Pulling in a word and done it slow this other time I see your face is silent Oh, we go away and play What have you done Takes a feeling inside us all Continue out with just"
  • Forever - Edguy
    "Sitting by the window Staring out into the night Waiting up for the light of day And the sound of silence The faintly flaring candle light Parting has got me Around to go insane Alone I try to"
  • Letting Go Of You - Forever Changed
    "It was hard letting go of you; I never want to feel that way again. Can you recall what I said to you, Just let it all out now, just let it all out now. I never want to say goodbye tonight. I'm staying"
  • In Silence Forever - Godgory
    "I am walking in the winter night Under the moon alone Shadows hanging over me Like painful memories Can't you tell me where I belong In this society I don't care about anything It's all destiny Someone"
  • Break The Silence - Break The Silence
    "Reflections staring back at me in a perfect world, through a modern dream. And the pain they cause...its developing. Through another time to scatter everything. Through mistrust. Through violence. When"
  • Silence - Rainbow
    "You say you want your freedom It all gets a bit out of hand Caught in the ocean as I'm watching you breathe We all believe what we wanted to belive That's the silence of love You say all you want is money You"
  • Silence - Slapshot
    "I want to know, what do you believe I want to say but can I speak my mind But you're gonna leave no matter what I say Could you be real for once in your life Silence - is the weapon you use on me Silence"

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