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Victoria Justice make

  • Victoria - The Verve Pipe
    "victoria (vander ark) stripping flowers at pedal place twirling blur of legs, legs and lace victoria, she loves her name running flushed our faces red daring her to kiss, to kiss my head victoria, she"
  • Victoria - Ryan Kulla
    "Talking on the phone So we won't be alone Is the best thing we can do Your voice has a tone That puts me in the zone And reminds me how my feelings grew Will you be suprised When you look in my eyes And"
  • Victoria - Kashmir
    "I know that you love me you hunt me down and bug me I don't think you're lovely at all you're sixty, I'm twenty you've none and I've got plenty oh, lord tell me where I can hide take your time make up"
  • LA Boyz (feat. Victoria Justice) - Ariana Grande
    "Drivin' down Sunset on a Saturday night It's gettin' kinda crazy under the lights But we don't care we're passing our time Watchin' those L.A. Boyz roll by In their droptops, Harleys, Escalades too] A"
  • Justice - Ziggy Marley
    "Justice, people say, justice justice, brother say, justice Judge me if I am weak judge me if I am strong judge my days and all life long they let the baby cry, let the mama cry and youths like I and I"
  • Justice - Saxon
    "We lay our case before you Let your hammer fall Tip the scales of justice Liberty for all Do you stand for freedom Do you stand for justice Do you stand for anything at all We have the power We have the"
  • Justice - Victor Wooten
    "Here we go talk about justice Hush this we're not supposed to discuss this We got to hide it in a song We got to keep things quiet They don't want us to riot Got to make it like nothings wrong Cause when"
  • Justice - Nuclear Assault
    "You now you finally see the truth There's no justice in the world for us Oh and equality's just a dream There's no system we can trust In this world There's no justice No they can't hide it anymore We"
  • Justice - Josh Kelley
    "Justice will be served and deserved Life is a funny, tiny game of pictures and pretty words Broken up and trempled down to tiny bits of dust Like a letter of love or a scar to a sports car Justice will"
  • Justice - Krokus
    "Where are we going? What's on your mind So full of anger... It's hard to swallow your pride! Where are we going? What's on your mind So full of anger today I know it's hard to just swallow your pride Can't"
  • Freedom (Hasta La Victoria) - Atom Tha Immortal
    "Contra Poder is the way that my mic is killing it/ I feel it in my blood, body, bone marrow, brain and my spirit/ Another day for a slave/ Another day to torture you cats worse than the Arabs hidden in"
  • Queen Victoria - Leonard Cohen
    "Queen Victoria, My father and all his tobacco loved you, I love you too in all your forms, the slim and lovely virgin floating among German beer, the mean governess of the huge pink maps, the solitary"
  • Mrs Victoria - Warlord
    "As I laid my head to rest, my grandmother she said. I have for you a fairy tale of a friend I knew so well. The story that I tell you, is as close as you can feel. So close your eyes and go to sleep,"
  • Primo Victoria - Sabaton
    "Through the gates of hell As we make our way to heaven Through the nazi lines Primo victoria We've been training for years Now we're ready to strike As the great operation begins We're the first wave"
  • Rough Justice - The Cross
    "Your criminal eyes that see straight through We criminalise - your kind of voodoo Make me sell my soul for the easy life Sell my mother, trade in my wife Rough justice - alright Rough justice - on the"
  • Rough Justice - Cross
    "Your criminal eyes, that see straight through We criminalise - your kind of voodoo Make me sell my soul for the easy life Sell my mother, trade in my wife Rough justice - alright - rough justice on the"
  • Justice Lies - Proximity
    "Through the eyes Of the justice plan. Arise the dark from the dawn of man. A long look through And you've come to see. The world's best help Has come to me. Chorus 1: Wrong and wrong make right. What's"
  • No Justice - Prong
    "If you're trying to ruin my life You're doing a good job of it If you're trying to cause me strife I'm falling right into it You don't want the same things as I You want no part of it Tired of hearing"
  • Justice & Forgiveness - Aloud
    "Maybe I put too much in fairy tales of life and sin Beginner's dogma in my hands I defy the magic tomes Mistaking steel for flesh and bone I found my own ground to stand Getting hard to make the case Defending"
  • Ruff Justice - Pop Will Eat Itself
    "I'll love and leave you, I believe I'm your friend and foe, I'll make you better, Get your butt on the bed, you know, I'll take your love and give you life with the seeds I sow, I'll do it better, Make"

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