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Victory kaen

  • Victory - Bad Religion
    "The velveteen and oaken fixtures soothed the lonely child The parents watched the escort take him while they stood outside The priest was kind and gentle as he positioned his head The pain was like brimstone,"
  • Victory - Tye Tribbett & GA
    "(Verse 1) I thought I lost, but actually I won For by His blood we all have overcome There is no failure, our God can never loose And that same power, it now belongs to You (Chorus) Now it's time"
  • Victory - Prussian Blue
    "Children are playing, we have won. Victory is ours, the war is finally done. Our people's dedication is now complete, our enemies have finally been beat. The warriors are singing in Valhalla and in their"
  • Victory - PJ Harvey
    "I stumble and I'm in You fit me with those angel wings Set me go Set me high Set it up, I'm in the sky The storm is gone And the temperature's high And delight is dining At my table Till I think, how lucky"
  • Victory - Headstone Epitaph
    "There's a haze upon the water And the smoke, it hides the land A full moon is shining And it's time to take a stand We'll come, We'll see, We'll take the victory One night in hell, Then all is well We'll"
  • Victory - Yolanda Adams
    "(Chorus:) I got, got the victory I got the sweet, sweet victory in Jesus yes I do He is a mighty conqueror In him I will trust all my battle's He'll fight I got, got the victory I got the sweet, sweet"
  • Victory! - Void Of Silence
    "the sun never sets where our flag flies high victory is simple as it shines up in the sky we'll hang 'em high as we hail new glory so raise the flag once more and remind us what we're fighting for as"
  • Victory - NoMeansNo
    "When I set out on this journey I thought it would never end When I started down that road I could not see the end And when I took that first step I fell in so deep And all those things that were"
  • Victory - New Direction
    "I've got the victory, v-i-c-t-o-r-y. I've got the victory, v-i-c-t-o-r-y. The devil thought he had me, but I got away. The devil tried to trick me, but I slipped away. No longer bound in sin,"
  • Victory - Newsboys
    "Now turn your back on things of the world Let's have our victory through Jesus Trust in the Lord with all your heart In all your ways acknowledge Him And He shall make your paths straight If any man"
  • Victory - PJ Harvey
    "i stumble in and in you fit me with those angel wings send me gold set me high set it up i'm in the sky 'til the storm is gone and the temperature's high and delight is dining at my table 'til i think"
  • Victory - Aeternus
    "once again - we have prevailed for our belief under the sun - we have fought hurling our swords into our foes as it spurts - and covers the grass drinking their blood with the colour red once again -"
  • Victory - Newboys
    "Now turn your back on things of the worldLets have our victory through JesusTrust in the Lord with all your heartIn all your ways acknowledge HimAnd He shall make your paths straightIf any man be in Christ"
  • Victory - Daan
    "Victory for you and me both of us victorious ain't it plain to see you belong to me victory for you and me both of us victorious ain't it plain to see you belong to me i can never understand it we got"
  • Victory - Killing Joke
    "Across the sand under a crescent moonIn celebration of our feardsAnd rumours circulating in the streetThe candle burns the world awaitsWe ask is this some kind of victory?Where is the dream, where is the"
  • Victory - Shade Empire
    "As it burned The fire within me brought forth my hidden face I walked through the fire eternal 9 voices within me Were tearing me apart To open the gateway they had to speak with the same tongue So I slain"
  • Victory - Megadeth
    "Now, one day I started telling everyone that "Killing is my business..." and I was hung like a martyr For "Looking down the cross" my "Skull beneath the skin" Prophesied "Last rites / Loved to Death" my"
  • Victory - Tech N9ne
    "All hail to the N9NE!! You punks thought it was over for me? I should prevail a institation All of the high exalted punks TechN9neee! Move something Do something Scream something AIGHHHTT Cruelsome Gruesome Hoodlums I... V-I-C-T-O-R-Y (Chorus) I'm"
  • Victory - Running Wild
    "The gods of past and future, returning from the sky Defenders of the holy, they are soaring on high All slaves of evils' kingdom, dropping down like flies The final raging battle that's when the evil dies The"
  • Victory - Mos Def
    "mos def:(getting louder) this is for all of you this is for all of you this is for all of you for all of you ALL OF YOU ALL! every since i was small, i played the wall the loner type, even as a little"

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