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Viki Gabor superheroes

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Viki Gabor superheroes
  • Magda Bereda RAMIĘ W RAMIĘ - Viki Gabor, Kayah
    "Ruszamy w dal zaklęciem otwieram drzwi bogini w nas buzuje ze wszystkich sił ty siostrę masz we mnie, dobrze wiesz w ciemności za dłoń pochwycę cię bądź pewna, że nie zgubisz się nie, nie Moja miła tańcz i"
  • Nosem Janusza KIEDYŚ TO BYŁO (Viki Gabor - Superhero PARODIA)
    "q,q,q,q, qrła Grażyna ja lubiu tiebia, q,q,q,q, qrła Chociaz mówia dziśich libe dich, q,q,q,q, qrła po angielsku to i love you , q,q,q,q, qrła Grażyna ja lubiu tiebia, q,q,q,q, qrła sąsiad cham, jest"
  • Racer X Superheroes
    "Wasting all our time You mortals and your crimes Move quick as lightning Burning across the grease Could be a little frightening Mutations never cease Superheroes Giant freaks Tear apart the evil To save"
  • Edguy Superheroes
    "City lights are calling - slowly coming back to life Speeding in the fastlane - Mama let us waste no time Devil in the doorway - selling any kind of hell We're just coming out to play the game And we"
  • The Script Superheroes
    "All the lies she has seen All the meaner side of me They took away the profits dream for a profit on the street Now she’s stronger than you know A heart of steel starts to grow All his lies he's been"
  • Wiktoria Viki Gabor Superhero
    "Na na na na na na na na na Na na na na na na na na na Do you know what we're fighting for? The clock is ticking and the time has come Spread the love now, fight for love now Don't judge Do you know what"
  • Viki Gabor Not Gonna Get It
    "That our love is gone And this is that you can’t control So it’s why you want me so close then That I am one in a milion That you left Slipt throught your hands So i can’t let you go close again It’s"
  • GrimSkunk Superheroes Never Die
    "Nightcrawler and Wolverine are superheroes Battling the brotherhood of mutants that are evil Spiderman and Doctor Doom on the Eiffel tower Fight for the free world with their superpowers WHOA-HO superheroes"
  • Wiktoria Viki Gabor Time
    "Reaching my limit for the night Your touch is keeping me alive We can keep it on the low I’m like no one you’ve ever known When you gone read between the lines take me way up I don’t need no reason wanna"
  • Alphaville Carry Your Flag (superheroes)
    "Alphaville Miscellaneous Carry Your Flag (superheroes) We must have played For more than ten years We must have thought That we're immortal Shame, shame on us, Ah little hussy, What did you think i was I"
  • SBTRKT Pharaohs (ft. Roses Gabor)
    "Boy I need a gold crown. /x4 We're on a mission dust the stars. Light through dark. Blue. Gold. Shine. Fly. Seated at the opposite so you can see there is no time. Breath. Slow. Be. Low. Capacity is"
  • Lil Narcyz Wixa Gabor - GEROŁEJ (KOWER)
    "on’t have to fly across no seas tonight your packing all them things you know I like now we don’t need no money to get it right coz you know you’re my vacation every time you’re me gateway, gateway you’re"
  • Erasure Like Zsa Zsa Zsa Gabor
    "She wanted to be the hostess of the big game show Like loni anderson She wanted (yea yea yea yea) To be seen at spectravision She told her friends that one day She would be the movie queen (like krystle) Like"
  • Narcyz Wixa Gabor, Kajak - Ramię w Ramię
    "ruszamy w dal zakręt zaklęciem otwieram drzwi bogini nas dissiuje ze wszystkich sił przyjaciółkę we mnei masz w ciemności pochwycę cie bądź pewna ze nie zgubisz się moja miła tańcz i nie załój żadnych"
  • Viki Gabor You may be in love
    "Every day, every night, everyone is in love Every day, every night, everyone is in.... Will you sing for me? Yeah! I won't search, I won't lie I don't need another guy Now my love I have found I won't"
  • Viki Gabor #Hot16Challenge2
    "used to be a happy girl used to travel there and there meeting all the fans I love now I gotta stay at home speaking to every kid speaking to everyone my age we got a lot of school but we gon’ manage"
    "I used to stand on the Edge of the mountains Talk I hate to saying this I’ve been searching deep for I turn around And see the clouds Run from me Like running down As i was invisible As i was invisible I"
  • Viki Gabor ME!
    "I know that I'm a handful, baby, uh I know I never think before I jump And you're the kind of guy the ladies want (And there's a lot of cool chicks out there) I know that I went psycho on the phone I never"
  • Viki Gabor Wznieść Się Chcę (z filmu Netflix Wyprawa Na Księżyc)
    "Wznieść Się Chcę chcę mieć skrzydła co unoszą mnie po niebie w miejsca gdzie odnajdę swój Księżyc coś w sobie musi kryć by tam dotrzeć sposób musi być mieć rakietę i się wzbić w kosmos lot ja zrobię"
  • Viki Gabor Afera
    "dzwoni telefon to nic zatrzymać chcę ten moment choć na chwile to był długi tydzień tyle spraw dręczy mnie powoli nie ogarniam co się dzieje może wczoraj zagapiłam się czasem na tak, czasem na nie wciąż"

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