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Viking gabor

  • Viking - Los Lobos
    "(David Hidalgo/Louie Perez) The last time I seen Viking He was about this tall With a tattoo Where a smile should've been Of his sweetheart's name Of his sweetheart's name Do you remember Viking? He"
  • Viking - Peter Hammill
    "Looking out forward over the prow of our long ship, pulling our oars and listening to the foam; helmets and sheepskins salt-damp in the sea-mist: we're going home. Aslak of Langadale, Einar Thorgeirsson, Olaf"
  • Viking - Zonata
    "We are the Vikings that is looking for war Slaying and raping and killing them all We travel around from town to town Searching for women to have us some fun We are the last of the evil Nobody gets in"
  • Jesus Viking - Sons Of Thunder
    "Hoo! Hoo! Hoo! Hoo! I am a viking Praise the Lord in unholy land I am a viking Don't fear men but I fear the Lord I am a viking Jesus Christ is my King of Kings I am a viking My Commander is Jesus Christ A"
  • Bobbo Viking - Magnus Uggla
    "Mammas egen lilla gosse sger att han r en karl, stter p sig omelotten, styr vgen mot nsta bar. Bowie fann han, anvnder henna, glitter i pannan, flickans stmma. Jag sger: Bobbo Viking, vilken konstig man, jag"
  • Viking suit - Vandals
    "Come here little boy I'm a friend of your mother's I'll give you a candy bar if you get in the car Okay He's got his camera and deep seeded obsessions His nordic heritage and sexual frustrations He wants"
  • Viking Slayer - Cruachan
    "I watch the sky turning black And know the time is fast approaching My clan they all look to me I turn away, I face the ocean In the dark I see a fleet of long-ships on the horizon Again the Vikings come,"
  • Viking Medley - VeggieTales
    ""We're Vikings!" We're Vikings, what do you know, the terrors of the sea We're Vikings, where ever we go, pillaging happily We're Vikings, let there be no ambuiguity Cause who doesn't like a pile of loot? Some"
  • Viking medley - Veggie Tales
    "We're Vikings, what do you know, the terrors of the seaWe're Vikings, where ever we go, pillaging happilyWe're Vikings, let there be no ambuiguityCause who doesn't like a pile of loot?Some gold, some jewels,"
  • Viking Era - Glittertind
    "Tilbake p en reise I en tid Da varg-tid rdte verden Da hver en mann var beredt p g til strid Om fiender mttes p ferden Om motvind blste seil over bord S visste man alltid rd Hammarens symbol, kraften"
  • Viking Juice - INXS
    "If this was easy Where would I be I haven't said I have all the answers How could anyone Can't stop looking at the lights All around my head I'm missing the darker side Of the man He's on his knees Looking"
  • The Last Viking - Johansson
    "the day is coming to an end, and darkness is my only friend, only friend adrift in the ocean, I'm lost in emotion, the ship is my cradle, I long for the stars, I'll trade my life, I just want to see the"
  • The Last Viking - Jens Johansson
    "the day is coming to an end, and darkness is my only friend, only friend adrift in the ocean, I'm lost in emotion, the ship is my cradle, I long for the stars, I'll trade my life, I just want to see the"
  • The Viking Song - Tub Ring
    "By the time we're naked You faked it To hurry this along Inside you It binds you And nature's never wrong Rely on My triumph I sing the Viking song I am man The sun is rising On new horizons You"
  • Pharaohs (ft. Roses Gabor) - SBTRKT
    "Boy I need a gold crown. /x4 We're on a mission dust the stars. Light through dark. Blue. Gold. Shine. Fly. Seated at the opposite so you can see there is no time. Breath. Slow. Be. Low. Capacity is"
  • Wixa Gabor - GEROŁEJ (KOWER) - Lil Narcyz
    "on’t have to fly across no seas tonight your packing all them things you know I like now we don’t need no money to get it right coz you know you’re my vacation every time you’re me gateway, gateway you’re"
  • Viking Death March - Billy Talent
    "Down, let's take it down Raise up the heads on a stake We will show no mercy On evolution's mistake Change, will have to wait If we can't decide on a fate Self appointed profits And a doomsday charade You"
  • Like Zsa Zsa Zsa Gabor - Erasure
    "She wanted to be the hostess of the big game show Like loni anderson She wanted (yea yea yea yea) To be seen at spectravision She told her friends that one day She would be the movie queen (like krystle) Like"
  • Tribute To Viking Gods - Folkearth
    "Listen, son I'll tell you now how vikings die With bloody axe; an arm so strong and sword held high That's how a viking dies We die in battle cry Trust in the gods; trust in the runes and in your steel"
  • I Am A Viking - Yngwie Malmsteen
    ""I am a Viking in going out to war And I've got death upon my mind As I was leavin' oh yesterday I've got no fear in my heart *Chorus* As the shores of my home disappear I sail over the sea without fear Dragon"

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