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Vinai vamero rise uo

  • Can't uo nuttin' for ya man - Public Enemy
    "Runnin' for your life, by the knifeRunnin' from your wife ... yipesYou should've stuck with homeYour mind to blow your domeIt was you that chose your dueYou built a maze you can't get throughI tried to"
  • Rise - Venom
    "All ye sinners rise raise your hands & fists With fire in your eyes show no mercy Ancient battle cries call to arms in war Never compromise take no prisoners Rise ~ Rise ~ Rise Rise ~ Rise ~ Rise Hold"
  • Rise - 3rd Root
    "And I will rise With the GOD of love And you will shine In the spirit I cried Once twined to this world That I don't deny he shall Rise, rise,rise Break the bones Rise,rise,rise Break the bones and you"
  • Rise - Army Of Me
    "I've been reaching for the stars. I've been stretching out so far. Am I getting any closer than I've ever been before? I was lying in the gutter. I was crawling in the street. Now the servants are all"
  • Rise - Nasum
    "Living under the pressure for society Consumed and constrained and never free To get anywhere you must rise Shut in a room where the only window is a TV-set Never realised that... To get anywhere you"
  • Rise - The Rasmus
    "When the days grow cold In this dead gray town All the doors stay closed Silence breaks the sound Of your heartbeat You're just 19... feeling old Rise up Reach up to the sun till we drop Rise up Never"
  • Rise - The Frames
    "Breathing in the night There's nothing else I'm needing now The wind is at my side And so are you And together we will rise Above all these word and promises we couldn't keep Together we will fly above"
  • Rise - Dada
    "I will pretend I feel your breath In the air floating Dragonflies and I hail to you I will pretend I feel your touch When the rain falls I squeeze tightly And when it's gone I'm soaked by you, you And"
  • Rise - Smith & Mighty
    "feat. CarolinePathways to the sun Rise like brothers, shine like sisters To these hands we hold, to these hands we hold Through colors of the minds Rise like brothers, shine like sisters To these arms"
  • Rise - Anything Box
    "Anything Box Hope Rise (claude s.) I can watch the time go by Like a broken tape machine Playing over all the parts Of a forgotten scene Sometimes i can feel the world As if it were a dream All wrapped"
  • Rise - Bad Brains
    "Did you ever question any of the things They thought while you were at school? And did you ever question, "Oh my teacher Why do you take me for a fool?" Rise up, you got to rise up, wake up and rise When"
  • Rise - Eddie Vedder
    "Such is the way of the world You can never know Just where to put all your faith And How will it grow? Gonna rise up Burning black holes in dark memories Gonna rise up Turning mistakes into gold Such"
  • Rise - Dogfight
    "Show me anyone alive Who has a choice today Tell me why we must remain Always inside our minds You and I will never be the same living life this way you and I will never be the same you and I willn ever"
  • Rise - Lost Frequencies
    "Its been a hard year Feeling the weight now All of the hurt All of the dirt All of the shame now Nothng but close doors Not gonna break down I rise See doubt is a strong drug It gets in your bloodstream You"
  • Rise - Pretty Maids
    "So many promises From master to slave All lies and emptiness From the cradle to the grave We don't need words but action We want it here We want it now What do you think they're doing For you and me Better"
  • Rise - Voivod
    "anark neuro-perfect lies sleeping in death nether darkness underground scared silence not a sound demok meta-control out goes the signal radiation from the sky activation second life now see the new light"
  • Rise - Veronica
    "featuring Fat Joe I want the party jumping to my scene I gotta make it move you If you know what I mean Let's get it started, gotta stack the cream I'm making power moves Trying to stay on the scene, but It"
  • Rise - Public Image Limited
    "I could be wrong I could be right could be wrong I could be wrong I could be right I could be black I could be white I could be right I could be wrong I could be white I could be black Your time has come"
  • Rise - American Music Club
    "The things you love don't give us too much hope When you've lost your appetite and you're sick and tired Maybe what you need is some food for your eyes To make them rise Don't tell me how to tell the truth You're"
  • Rise - Pat Benatar
    "They say the hand is quicker than the eye And two wrongs don't make a right I feel lightning when you walk by You got the power to take me higher, yeh Hear me when I say Rise See a better day Come on They"

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