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Vintage culture in the dark

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Vintage culture in the dark

  • Strong Culture - Asian Dub Foundation
    "I grab the mic To commence with the mic check Supply rhymes, man you've never heard yet You never thought an Asian could do this Well you're wrong Wrong again Hardcore! That's what I wanna be All over"
  • Vintage Wine - The Moody Blues
    "I remember the taste of the vintage wine From '63 through to '69 And I'm proud of the things we believed in then If I had the chance I'd go around again Oh, I tell you We were young and free Oh, I'll"
  • Vintage Clothes - Paul McCartney
    "Don't live in the pastDon't hold onto something that's changint fastWhat we are is what we areAnd what we wear is vintage clothesVintage clothesVintage clothesWe jump for joyWho cares if we look like a"
  • Vintage Whine - Skyclad
    "I'll paly Bacchus for the evening, pray, be seated, take your places Should my manna seem displeasing, offend your airs and graces, I've a list long as your arm, (The connoisseur's selection) such bitter"
  • Vintage Eyes - Second Coming
    "Tired clothes and vintage eyes Search for the stars The world you know lies inside Velvet dreams and a candy prize As a child I saw the world In a million colors Kaleidoscope In ever dream mother moon"
  • Vintage Denim - Rie Fu
    "binteeji no denimu o haite kaaten o aketara sotto amai rinen ni dakare kaaten o maku you na Wrapped in curtains I still feel the morning sound Dont miss it, dont diss it, Ill be waiting get it count it"
  • Vulture Culture - Alan Parson Project, The
    "Alan Parson Project, The Vulture Culture Vulture Culture Lenny zakatek - lead vocal Somehow you made it in the big wide world And you're absolutely home and dry You got away from a one horse town And"
  • Vulture Culture - The Alan Parsons Project
    "Lenny Zakatek - Lead Vocal Somehow you made it in the big wide world And you're absolutely home and dry You got away from a one horse town And the only way out was to fly You heard a lot about an easy"
  • Proto Culture - Del The Funky Homosapien
    "Chorus: Let me tell you about the Proto Culture If you don't know the culture, here's the whole structure We've had enough of the lackluster-trust us We get the kind of games you can't rent at Blockbuster"
  • Pulp Culture - Thomas Dolby
    "I drove all over Hollywood Looking at the stars First I ate my Milky Way And then I ate my Mars But sucking on a Galaxy I noticed something pretty bizarre There's not a lot of people there, Just an awful"
  • Dj culture - Pet Shop Boys
    "(Attention! Attention! Trente-neuf, quarante) Imagine a war which everyone won Permanent holiday in endless sun Peace without wisdom, one steals to achieve Relentlessly, pretending to believe Attitudes"
  • American Culture - A Global Threat
    "we're gonna fight it till the end and we won't be beat down again your culture's fed into our veins, your preaching tyranny and hate to follow in your footsteps would be hypocracy so now's the time to"
  • Vulture Culture - Alan Parsons
    "Somehow you made it in the big wide world And you're absolutely home and dry You got away from a one horse town And the only way out was to fly You heard a lot about an easy street And it seems like the"
  • Popular Culture - dEUS
    "Let me tell you a thing On popular culture American swing The British add sulphur I'll buy you a beer If you can compete from here They throw you a line Let me see it you catch it And they'll give you"
  • Culture Revolution - Anti-Flag
    "Get ready to - make a stand Get ready to - make a move Cause if - we don't - fuckin - do it THEN NO ONE'S GOING TO! NO! Have you seen the scene on the street? Do you care what's - goin on? Thousands -"
  • Culture Vulture - Chicks On Speed
    "You ask me what I did today but Im not gonna say I was watching something in a really really really big way Im asking you questions better tell me something good Fifteen minutes aint fast enough Culture"
  • Roots & Culture - Shabba Ranks
    "Ah soh yuh stay! Yuh ongle ah tink one way But I'm not a one way DJ Coin!Two side. Get that? Hear dis! Shabba Rankin reggae people's callin' out, People from east, west, north, and south. Say"
  • Culture Move - Asian Dub Foundation
    "'''Culture Move''' Written by: Das, Pandit, Savale, Tailor, Zaman, Crawford Now watch this ! I want all of the masses them come do culture move This collaboration here with no ego trip WE don't bring"
  • Bass Culture - Linton Kwesi Johnson
    "Bass Culture -Linton Kwesi Johnson muzik of blood black reared pain rooted heart geared; all tensed up in the bubble and the bounce an the leap an the weight-drop. it is the beat of the heart, this"
  • My Culture - Robbie Williams
    "Spoken: I'm the sub-total of my ancestors I carry their DNA We are representatives of a long line of people And we carried them around either with This long line of people That goes back to the beginning"

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