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Violetta undeadht IT all

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Violetta undeadht IT all

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Violetta undeadht IT all
  • Violetta Underneath It All
    "No one knows what it's like Behind these eyes Behind this mask I wish we could revind And turn back time To correct the past Oh baby I wish I could tell you How I feel but I can't 'cause I'm scared"
  • Lodovica Comello Universo (Disney Channel Violetta)
    "{hiszpański tekst}"
  • As It Stands Know It All
    "You have this feeling inside, and it makes you want to run and hide, you're so scared. You've got your hands against the wall you've never felt this way you've never felt so small. Too scared to say you"
  • Make It Pop Put It All Together
    "Put it all together When we work together we put it together don't we You plus me, chasing the beat 1 2 3, quick on our feet Soon they'll see how good we gon do it up Upside down, talk of the town, Lost"
  • Sick Of It All Going All Out
    "Right now, I don't care how shame feels Don't care how pain feels inside Right now, don't care what I hear Don't care what I fear inside So now I'm going it alone It feels like me against the world I"
  • Sick Of It All All My Blessings
    "No matter what, I see what's real Every imperfection is crystal clear No matter what, I can't help but give a fuck I can't be free and easy I just don't work like that I'm not like that look into my eyes,"
  • Closterkeller Violette
    "Omywana zimną wodą jak szkłoJa gładsza co dzień, czyściejsza co nocDo połowy w kamień, zmieniona w kamieńWśród strumienia klęczę całkiem samaPłacz od ścian odbity w luster saliEchem kryształowym wraca"
  • All Together Seperate It Will Be Worth It All
    "All Together Seperate All Together Seperate It Will Be Worth It All It will be worth it all someday It will be worth it to go the straight and narrow way When we finally see His face And feel His warm"
  • Artefact It Says It All
    "Put your precious gifts away You can trust me it's okay Return those treasures to their land I like you the most with empty hands None of these will change my mind What's done is done you can't rewind There's"
  • Sick Of It All All Hell Breaks Loose
    "Walls start closing in around you My twins of evil They shake you by the collarbone Then snap you by the ribcage And broken bodies in a death rock dance hall Please be my partner Eyeballs pop, accellarated"
  • All Keep It
    "All Miscellaneous Keep It you can keep everything that i gave to you. i dont want it anymore. and if you want everything that you gave to me you can back up the truck and fill it up with"
  • All Button It
    "Don't tell me, don't tell me, don't tell me I don't really need to know Don't tell me, don't tell me, don't tell me I don't really need to know You think you're so cool You're just a stupid, ugly girl And"
  • Kooks Love It All
    "See ive got this woman here she loves me all the time no need for excuses no pressures in my mind she said love it all love it all love it all she said love it all love it all love it all My heart was"
  • Therapy? Lose It All
    "Random radio Static on tv Losing count of All the days and weeks This spiral Has worn a groove so deep Cant climb out Pathetic, painful need Lose it all Lose it all Lose it all Lose it all I stand to"
  • The Kooks Love It All
    "See I've got this woman here She loves me all the time No need for excuses And no pressure's in my mind She said Love it all Love it all Love it all My heart was living down And I've been pushed over"
  • Azure Ray Leave It All
    "On a bridge by the mill I lay down my life I open my arms, embrace the night and with no wings to fly i have found I leave it all I leave it all the things that i said, take them back if I could look up"
  • Pat Benatar Have It All
    "You think that you're the second coming Sorry to say it doesn't do it for me Must be a drag when you're so stunning In all that you are And all that you hope to be (chorus) You can have it all, take it"
  • Ratt Give It All
    "Taken away on a ride not far from here Well no wastin' time, she's got plans for me She came behind and then showed me her thighs You know what I mean Well no way to say she could win the likes of me The"
  • Adele Take it all
    "Didn't I give it all? Tried my best, Gave you everything I had, Everything and no less, Didn't I do it right? Did I let you down? Maybe you got too used to, Having me around, Still, how can you walk away, From"
  • The Muffs End It All
    "Everyone's wrong And you can't get along Will you take it easy Or will you go end it all now Someday you'll find That you're out of your mind Will you take it easy Or will you go end it all now Do you"

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