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Viral karawang

  • Viral - Amaranthe
    "(Now in the light of the screen you hide Halt like a pawn in a long long line Going up, going viral Going up, going viral) Like we live in a world of deception On an earth that is going under Like we"
  • Viral - Kacper HTA
    "Dziś co drugi raper marzy, żeby zostać gangsterem Skoro masz wygodny dom, po co pchasz się na celę? To dziarki na ciele, wznoszę ciarki na ciele Byłem Tam gdzie zakamarki i najbrzydsi skurwiele Choć już"
  • Don't Upset The Rythm (Viral Version) - The Noisettes
    "Chorus: Don't upset the rhythm though Don't upset the rhythm Don't upset the rhythm though Don't upset the rhythm Verse 1: The time is right Th' sun is sleeping in the sky Free old mine You never know"
  • Give It To Me (Tik-Tok piosenka) - Viral Tunes
    "I’m the type of girl that look you dead in the eye I’m realizing it comes if you don’t know why I fly Seeing you try to switch up a girl you ain’t that dope I’m the one, the woman, let me go get that robe I’m"
  • Fetty Wap (prod. 4Money, Samu) - Przyłu, Szymi Szyms, OsaKa
    "Puszczam do niej oko jak Fetty Wap Wynająłem dom, to nie melina Ona się tu kręci jak viral Nie mam czasu, nagrywam Puszczam do niej oko jak Fetty Wap Wynająłem dom, to nie melina Ona się tu kręci jak"
  • Shakira (ft. Palar) - White 2115
    "Prosty chłopak z Milanu Kolejny mi mija rok polej mi Jean Beana jak ja sie nazywam nie wiem też zaklina to to nie prawda to viral dzisja tancz ei nie czuje jak mi mija czas jebać mocny makijaż ona tańcz"
  • Virus - Duran Duran
    "(Le Bon, Rhodes, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor) (Brixton, 10.05.2002) I am the virus, I am a siren in the rain. I am a courier bring the spiral into your brain. Alter connections, encoding now, intial sequence"
  • Dad Threw Up On Christmas Day - The Arrogant Worms
    "Dad threw up on Christmas Day He puked right on the serving tray The stuffing's come right out of Daddy dear Now everybody's Christmas vacation Will be filled with a viral infection Maybe we'll all"
  • Too Close Enough To Touch - Khanate
    "outside: ugly things viral PERIMETER SOLID BLOCKED PERIMETER BLOCKED SOLID inside: ugly dismal safe nothing more needed outside: things viral outside/inside: loathe inside: ugly, dismal, safe nothing more"
  • Hello (feat. Chlöe & KayCyy) - Fivio Foreign
    "Been looking for somebody like you, don't let me excite you, but baby, you viral There's nobody like you, if nobody like you, then baby, I'd like to Take you through Brooklyn and Paris, my money is tall"
  • Resident Evil - SkyMarshall Arts
    "At the beginning of the 21st century, the Umbrella Corporation had become the largest commercial entity in the United States. Nine out of every ten homes contain its products. It's political and financial"
  • Dad Threw Up On Christmas Day - Arrogant Worms, The
    "Arrogant Worms, The Christmas Turkey Dad Threw Up On Christmas Day Dad threw up on christmas day He puked right on the serving tray The stuffing's come right out of daddy dear Now everybody's christmas"
  • Blight - Widespread Panic
    "We sat on the couch a playin' Touch the tongue and bump the table But I was scorned after little ado Tossed right out into the blue I set into a downward spiral Caught an illness that was literally viral I"
  • Zero Hour - Eidolon
    "Music: S. Drover, G. Drover Lyrics: S. Drover The missions clear Obtaining information " vital Preventing mass obliteration Sent back in time - As I surpass the speed of light To save mankind from self"
  • Strain - Divinity
    "Set like the sun Inevitable decay Dynasty devoured Once revealed, one severe Ever expanding massacre From the sick remains I scream for this life that I forsake Infect the viral strain. Everyday countless"
  • #HOT16CHALLENGE2 - Young Igi
    "kiedy nawijam to palę i zwijam prawda jest taka że nosisz makijaż podbijam challenge i wchodzę w ten viral jestem dla sceny jak czarna manila mam anioła głos, a nie słucham Feela moja historia druga 8"
  • Dawn Of The Apocalypse - Vital Remains
    "Abbadon, by craft of extinction draping the altruist light Ever- burning the splintered conscious Cleansing the sickened and the trite Azazel, by craft of contention forging our dread medium Ever- killing"
  • In Contempt of Humanity - Lunaris
    "Intellectual crucifixion Mass destruction, evolutionary override Contempt for the flock, misanthropy personified Woven narcissistic curtains, a blinding dissection A perverse experiment, ill-conceived A"
  • Son Of Forgotten Flesh - Lord Gore
  • Black Rose - Luca Turilli
    "Red rose, so attractive Bleeding broken feelings In this shade of hate Your colour turns to black New dawn enlight my wrong thoughts Make blind my weakness Align the astral conscience To my old strength Outside,"

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