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  • Visionatica Roxana The Great
    "Visionatica - "Roxana The Great" (Lyric Video)"
  • Visionatica The Pharaoh
    "Visionatica - "The Pharaoh" (Official Music Video) tekst w opracowaniu Album "Enigma Fire" Release date: July 12th, 2019"
  • Visionatica She Wolf
    "Deep in her soul there is a raging beast that grows And at night she is so hypnotized by the Moon He whispers some magic words they bring it to awake He is the magnet that takes her to the forbidden"
  • Visionatica Fear
    "Violence and crimes Terror and accidents Lurk on you to make soon an end Do you really want to let them have Your fate in their hands? Never forget You have the rudder of your boat And when you go overboard Do"

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