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Volbeat ft. Sarah Blackwood - Lonesome Ride

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Volbeat ft. Sarah Blackwood - Lonesome Ride

  • Lonesome Rider (ft. Sarah Blackwood) - Volbeat
    "Rita, where have you gone I've been missing you for far too long I feel so blue, haven't you heard I am the lonesome rider, hear the lonesome rider's call home Reaper, where have you gone See the lonesome"
  • Sarah - Mojave 3
    "Sarah I can't see Your hair has grown too long Been away for such a long time Just can't find the words Lonesome fools build lonesome walls To hide behind and cry behind But I'm not one No, I'm not one But"
  • Closer (ft. Sarah Hyland) - Boyce Avenue
    "Hey, I was doing just fine before I met you I drink too much and that's an issue But I'm ok. Hey, you tell your friends it was nice to meet them But I hope I never see them Again I know it breaks your"
  • Save Me (ft. Sarah Jackson) - TIMO ODV
    "I haven't done anything lately, instead I think of you, dream of you nightly. Time went so fast it's driving me crazy. What would I do? What would I be without you baby. I don't wanna be alone, won't"
  • Adrian Blackwood - Crystal Eyes
    "Music: Mikael Dahl - Lyrics: Dahl, Gtesson 1660, a child was born, who grew up to be a man of greed and scorn Born a noble, but denied his legacy, young Adrian began a life of piracy Possessed with"
  • Lonesome Train - J.J. Cale
    "(J.J. Cale) Lonesome train, ride all day Lonesome train, ride all day Since I lost my woman, I lost my way Mr Conductor, where is this train bound Mr Conductor, where is this train bound Is it headed"
  • Lonesome Cowboy - Elvis Presley
    "(Sid Tepper - Roy C. Bennett) I am just a lonesome cowboy And I'm travelling all alone I ain't even got a nickel To call my baby on the phone Just beyond the mountain lies a city And I hear it calling"
  • Lonesome Zorro - Arno
    "You've got the will, boy You've got the power now Ain't to use to run Ain't to use to hide Take a ride on night life It's not a good life And I hear you screaming inside Oh boy You're a lonesome Zorro Oh"
  • To Dream of Sarah - Eleni Mandell
    "Close your eyes What she wore What she wondered about a boy Who would it be? He'll never know and always wonder why Sarah never said goodbye Would she ride? If you see her passing Don't forget to ask"
  • Lonesome Cowboy - Chris De Burgh
    "There was a lonesome cowboy, who rode his horse all day, At night he slept in the moonlight, till he heard that midnight train... And then that lonesome cowboy, looked up at the stars in the sky, "I will"
  • Lonesome Tears - Beck
    "Lonesome tears I can't cry them anymore I can't think of what they're for Oh they ruin me every time But I'll try To leave behind some days These tears just can't erase I dont need them anymore"
  • Sarah in The Summer - The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
    "Ive driven this road as a stranger Ive driven this road as a friend Ive driven this road as a slack-jawed tourist And Im drivin on it once again It might be cold and long and lonely But shes waiting on"
  • Sarah - Claude Barzotti
    "Sarah, je t'imaginais pas comme a, t'es toute petite et voil Je capitule dj, je tombe Sarah. Sarah, je te regarde et tu as, les mmes yeux que Vanessa Et pour la seconde fois je tombe Sarah. REFRAIN: Tu"
  • Sarah - Charles Aznavour
    "Dans la boutique du tailleur Tes vieux parents, tes frres, tes soeurs Nous avons tant de peine au coeur Sarah, Sarah reviens vers nous Mamie ne cesse de pleurer Sa grande enfant, son adore Tu fus toujours"
  • Sarah - Bat For Lashes
    "Adopting Sarah's heart Was never gonna be easy With an angel tattoo sinking beneath her belt Sarah And the dirty blonde sea-water Sea-water gushing down Chewing fingernails in her shit-eating grin Sarah They"
  • Sarah - John Parr
    "Monochrome rainbows disappear, may be the sun isn't hereHow could you leave me standing here, waiting so longI want your love, I need your love, 'cause you're here in my heartSarah don't you give up on"
  • Sarah - Prince
    "Hey! What a night, what a city Girl, U sho' is lookin' pretty Tryin' 2 catch a cool one Checkin' 4 a little fun Sarah, oh Sarah, honey, is that U? Is that U, baby? Got yo' good shoes on Ribbon in your"
  • Sarah - Kyo
    "Sarah, elle est belle mais seulement quand elle pleure Quand elle voit sa mre au fond d'son verre Et ce, quelque soit l'heure J'ai vu tellement de feux teints dans les yeux de Sarah Et la peur des lendemains,"
  • Sarah - Blues Traveler
    "Music & lyrics: john popper When she speaks, it thrills me When there's rage in her heart, it kills me But one look from her eyes could still me And oh, when she smiles I'm talking about sarah What a"
  • Sarah - Sherrie Austin
    "You don't wanna smile. It's been this way for awhile. Got nothing good to say. Friends are calling. But you don't pick up the phone. You don't wanna laugh. You tore your diary in half. You never"

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