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  • Antoine - The Incredible String Band
    "So still the green and golden plain in icy spring They young French convent girls in white singing He took the sacrament young Antoine not without a blush He left the priest the good book the bread and"
  • Girlfriend (Antoine) - DJ Clue
    "(DJ Clue) DJ CLUE! ANTOINE! GIRLFRIEND! WHAAAAAAAAAT! (Antoine) I see you walking through the high school halls In the classroom two seats across Away from me Baby can't you see (you are) The kind of"
  • Strung Out (Antoine) - DJ Clue
    "(DJ Clue) DJ CLUE! ANTOINE! FROM THE HARD KNOCK LIFE SOUNDTRACK! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT! (Antoine) I would lay my pride down Long as we can go roun' Baby call me If it's money you need Then I have plenty Baby"
  • Weekend - Marquess
    "I call my baby on a Saturday night My girl, Ill take you on a midnight flight Hey mama, close the door But turn on the light Dont stay up for me Cause Im, Im taking a ride The funky drummers are slowly"
  • Weekend - Bee Gees
    "Hello , I'm down Take me for this weekend I'm your to borror , tomorrow good friend And while I'm away All my love I'll send And thank you every Thursday for this weekend Hello sunrise , I must see your"
  • Weekend - Terence Trent D'Arby
    "Hurrah, the evening... It's about quarter to five I clean up my desk And I don't want to hear no jive My boss just asked me "How 'bout working' late?" I told him: "It's Friday... You know I've got a date." Six"
  • Weekend - Earth And Fire
    "Sunday and it's so hard to say goodbye I don't know what to do passing the days without you Friday night when I see you again You'll make a fool out of me I don't wanna be your lover for the weekend Sometimes"
  • Weekend - Cam'ron
    "Uh, Killa Harlem World, '89, black Jordans they were mine Hund'-eighth, Toy Dork is the only one ever pay me mine Baby my lady fine (fine) you ever date a dime (dime) Before your favorite rhymes, had gator"
  • Weekend - Black Eyed Peas
    "I called Chad on Wednesday night So we could make plans for Thursday night He said "we could go hit the peapods" I was like yeah, that's my favorite spot Plus I like it there, cuz I got love on the list High"
  • Weekend - X Japan
    "I HEAR A KNOCK ON THE DOOR Hageshiku semaru Ushinaikaketa ishiki no naka de omae ga sasayaku Oitsumerareta kokoro tokasu nibi iro no shz Kirikizamareta kioku wo utsushidasu Sakimidareta 'HATEFUL BLACK"
  • Weekend! - Scooter
    "This one is going out to everybody in the place! Sounds of the track attacker! Go ahead! Yes! Here comes the chick's terminator! In control! Aaaggrhh! 'pon the mic I'm the teacher! Spead my words like"
  • Weekend - Scooter
    "This one is going out to everybody in the place! Sounds of the track attacker! Go ahead! Yes! Here comes the chicks Terminator! In Control! Aaaggrhh! 'Pon the mic I'm the teacher! Spead my words"
  • Love on the Weekend - John Mayer
    "It's a Friday, we finally made it I can't believe I get to see your face You've been working and I've been waiting To pick you up and take you from this place Love on the weekend Love on the weekend Like"
  • Antoine - Nieznani
    "Słowa: Michał "Doktor" Gramatyka Muzyka: trad. Nasz Antoine kiedyś na mnie wpadł Popłyniesz ze mną bracie w świat Ref.: Uciekła mi turkaweczka Znów w tawernie siedzę sam Dalej dajcie mi piweczka Wnet opowiem"
  • Infinity 2012 (DJ Antoine vs Mad Mark Remix) - Guru Josh Project
    "And take your time To trust in me And you will find Infinity, infinity /3x Here's my key Philosophy A freak like me Just needs infinity Relax Take your time And take your time To trust in me And you"
  • Weekend Love - Queen Latifah
    "Weekend love Gonna spend a weekend love Weekend love Just a case of weekend love Have you been misled Anything I said Didn't mean to turn you on The bite is oh so strong You got things to do But I have"
  • Weekend Love - Spice Girls
    "La la la la la la La la la la You thought that this was love But my plan, wasn't that for us I thought that you would understand I didn't want you for my full time man I like the way you made me feel"
  • Weekend Love - Sophie Francis
    "talking about thons going nowhere baby, let’s make a deal if we can’t find anywhere out there will you come around for that weekend love? we were never friends on a Monday this was never love for real but"
  • Weekend Love - Golden Earring
    "From the Albums: * No promises no debts * 2nd Live * The naked truth The sooner it will be the better Gonna have to see her right away It's been a long time since the day I met her I can't handle being"
  • Weekend love - Nena
    "Oh, I'm gonna love ya, I love ya, I love ya, now I'm gonna meet ya Sitting here in the train, in the bus or in the plane I just wanna see you again Hey, hey, I just wanna say: "My life is rough with our"

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