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  • The land of the wintersun - Insania
    "A long time ago in the night: Many men dressed in white, ready to fight, For their land and to be free. Driven by hatred and fear, and love to a land in despair, which they had to bear. Oh their hearts"
  • Beyond The Dark Sun - Wintersun
    "For years I have travelled in coldness But my heart is warm as the darkened sun above me Nothing can ever take away What I've seen with these tired eyes Face of the weeping night And the shade of the"
  • Winter Madness - Wintersun
    "Divine creations now destroyed to uncover the haunted atmosphere Strange visions of the ancient spirits, travesty of man appears Coldness and the storming winds lurking for prey The forces of the Winter"
  • Sleeping Stars - Wintersun
    "Oh sleeping stars, why are you so sad tonight Oh sleeping stars, will you shine for me tonight Oh sleeping stars Can you see them float in the night sky Can you hear those echoes of their sweet cries,"
  • Battle Against Time - Wintersun
    "... I'm sailing away to undiscovered seas ... I see a golden light shining far away I can't tell if I'll make it there someday I reach my hands but there's no one on my path I can't sleep 'cause my body"
  • Death And The Healing - Wintersun
    "A windstorm dropped a bird from the sky It fell to the ground and it's wings broke and died But when the time got by, back to sky it flied 'Cause the wings healed in time and the bird was I Time is the"
  • Starchild - Wintersun
    "So mysterious is your world Concealed beyond the stars Far away from the earth It flows one with time and dark as the night Million shapes and colours Are storming inside your mind Creating endless dimensions Forming"
  • Beautiful Death - Wintersun
    "My face turned pale before the cold eyes of death My body was frozen by the stare from the dark I don't want to think of anything, but there's storm of thoughts in my head I wasn't prepared for this, 'cause"
  • Sadness And Hate - Wintersun
    "Sad night, the weeper of starwind sky Take me where the shimmering lights are fading out Through the shadows of hate and through the fires of grace I followed the voice in the night, beautiful as black"
  • Sons Of Winter And Stars - Wintersun
    "I - Rain of Stars Behold the rain of stars - The awakening of darkened skies Falling from the dark - The symphony of dying lights Behold the rain of stars - The blazing fire came pouring down Falling"

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