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  • Soap Opera - Screeching Weasel
    "Take stock of the situation assess the comlications that arise from our half truths the stage in this case is just a tool to make it possible for you to justify your blighted worldview I've got an answer"
  • Soap - Melanie Martinez
    "Think I just remembered something I think I left the faucet running Now my words are filling up the tub Darling, you're just soaking in it But I know you'll get out the minute You notice all your fingers"
  • Soap - Wohlstandskinder
    "mein baby sagt, dass sie mich mag doch irgendwie auch meinen besten kumpel liebt so etwas gibt es doch wohl nicht wirklich das ist der plot von einem schlechten film von einem miesen streifen jetzt bin"
  • Soap - Eminem
    "Skylar Montgomery? What do you want from me Roger? I know it was you all along messing around with my dear Veronica. Wait a minute. You hold it right there. Me and that woman love each other. Love? What"
  • Soap - Vanished
    "I watched you go down On a westbound train I heard the wind blow And it whispered your name I envy the moon 'Cause it still sees you So I'll lie here and burn 'Till you return to me (Chorus x2) Oh stay,"
  • Soap Commercial - The Psychedelic Furs
    "this is my shirt this is yours and this is called a dream it must be the soap you use and mine is called) so kleen it was so well advertised all day on channel nine we live in the soap commercial we are"
  • Soap Disco - Maroon 5
    "The crowd was getting old The disco's back or so I'm told But we've got nothing here Except a tired set of ears and we say Hey mama, I'm something Check it out, see what it's all about Cos this is soap"
  • Soap Disco - Kara's Flowers
    "The crowd was getting old The disco's back or so I'm told But we've got nothing here Except a tired set of ears, and we say Hey mama, I'm something Check it out, see what it's all about Cause this is"
  • Soap Opera - Centurion
    "I was born for the end I'm bursting out I dislike to watch working half done I look bleeding of crime the circle of soap I'm in charge of lead to him I come after like Dallas Fountain of stone and Falcon"
  • Pills & Soap - Elvis Costello
    "They talked to the sister, the father and the mother With a microphone in one hand and a chequebook in the other And the camera noses in to the tears on her face The tears on her face The tears on her"
  • Soap Opera - Honeyrods
    "(R.J. Johnson/The Honeyrods) I lost your room keys so sue me would you be interested in hearing what I have to say for myself and after all the confusion illusions seem to say you're going to be a soap"
  • Soap Opera - Cam'ron
    "If only you...could let me in I know that love...it would begin If only I...could rap to you I know this love...would capture you, yeah! Dont you wanna ride? Killa! Uh! This the ghetto soap opera"
  • Soap Song - Carman
    "Gone are the days of Leave it to Beaver, Matt Dillon and his sidekick Festus. Now we survive on the immoral lives Of those of the Young and the Restless!! It's not that they're young, They're just uh,"
  • Soap Box - Podunk
    "I'm feeling down, down, down From the punches That I've taken now Still everyday you know I try to smile And see if I can't keep it on for awhile And I'm waiting for the bell to ring I'm felling down,"
  • Wonder - Scanner
    "Emptiness inside my purse And in my pockets too Hell, I guess there is a giant-hole Where all the cash falls through All I need All I need's a wonder I need a wonder I need a new microphone A pair of"
  • Wonder - Shawn Mendes
    "I Wonder if i am being real Do i speak my truth Or do i filter hw i feel? I Wonder, wouldn’t it be nice To live inside a world that isn’t black and white I Wonder, what’s it’s like to be my friends Hope"
  • Wonder - Lamb
    "Lately I find myself Amazed And all around me Everything I see Like all of life a blaze With love That suddenly I see Only now I see The wonder The wonder of it all Wonder everywhere More than we know Heaven's"
  • Wonder - Nine Days
    "Hidden thoughts that lie within the apathy of my own goal and dreams I cry myself to sleep with all the insecurities of love and life itself This big old rock Has fallen smack in the middle of this road"
  • Wonder - Oval Opus
    "I kind of wonder, Every now and then. What you were doing, And how have you been? It's been so long, Oh so long. I kind of wonder, Just where we went wrong? I've almost forgotten, Your body next to"
  • Wonder - Delirious?
    "Is it any wonder that my heart is on the line Is it any wonder that my words are out of time Is it any wonder that I miss you like your mine Oh sweet heart you've broken this sweet heart Oh sweet heart"

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