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  • WOOW (ft. Evelyn) - Kalwi & Remi, Lubert
    "Wow, we’re gonna have a party Say: wow - we’ll dancing through the night Say: wow - we’ll shaking our bodies Say: wow - we’ll turning all the night /3x Take me to dance floor Let me know That you want"
  • It' Cool - Kashif Ibadullah Khan
    "You Turn To Shift Your Way I Recognize This All Today I Also Find out This Bed News That You Found Some Body New Don't Worry Still Time Is Bright Nothing Effect Me I Am All Right You Break Love Rule Baby Oh"
  • Debonaire - Dope
    "I don't need diamond rings or high priced suits that shine Limosines and flashing things or ancient bottled wine Designer names and lavish things and million dollar hair Modern dames without a brain I"
  • We're The Kids In America - Kim Wilde
    "Looking out a dirty old window Down below the cars and the city go rushing by I sit here alone and i wonder Whyyyyy Friday night and everone's moving I can feel the heat but it's soothing heading down I"
  • Chills & Fever - Tom Jones
    "I get oooh, chills & fever Yeah, chills & fever Humm, chills & fever Chills & fever is whatchu give to me Now when you Hold my hand Tell me That I'm your Lover man Squeeze me And hold me tight And tell"
  • One two three - Chipz
    "Ooweejoo, ooweejoo, ooweejoo, ooweejoo Tonight is the night for us. Its one and for all and all for one. We having a crazy bus. when we are playing in the sun. ooweejoo, We doing it together. ooweejoo,"
  • Freedom Day - Jean Michel Jarre
    "Free Free Freedom, Freedom Free, Freedom Day (huh ha) Free Free Freedom, Freedom Free, Freedom Day (wow) Listen my story baby, listen to me (heh, good) Listen, listen, listen hehehe wuh woah Free Free"
  • The power age - 2 Unlimited
    "{R:} Welcome to the power ageMoney, money, money{R:} The power age it's the new generationWe are the ones with no limitationsWe had the iron and the stoneNow we got a new age that we ownBut it's not about"
  • Do That .... (Feat. P Diddy) - Birdman Radio
    "Yess.. like we say down south ooo comn comn comn now ya comn pertty lady go on do that dance, pertty lady go on do that dance, sexy mama go on do that dance, sexy mama go on do that dance make it move"
  • walkover freestyle - nath
    "babe jeden moment, powoli tracę orient tracę głowę tra-tracę glowę (wa wa where) amg na sale inspiracja nie kurt cobain, nie kurt cobain (woow) krzyczę walkover i nie ma już kotek (?) krzyczę walkover"
  • B.P.M. - Kylie Minogue
    "Verse 1: Just loose yourself give into the music, oh you can do it (yeah yeah) And free your mind dont think about it, now were running, dancing Bridge1: Wanna appoligise baby i know, what i want tonight Im"
  • Una Marciana En La Avenida - Chayanne
    "Usando el humo de las fbricas Aterrizaste con tu cpsula Wow, woow Porque era fantstica Flotaste el módulo del trfico Y saludaste a los semforos Wow, woow Sent tambin amor de plstico Waaa rodeada por"
  • Everytime - Lil' Mo
    "The way you hold me babe (hold me close when your deep inside), The way you lick my face and you show your kinky side, The way you grab my waist sends chills up and down my spine, cuz you make it feel"
  • Burning The Ground - Duran Duran
    "(Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Rhodes, Lebon, Barry) "Barbarella" "Mr President.." "Your mission, find Duran Duran" "Find Duran Duran" "Just a minute, I'll slip"
    "Ref: Uuu ej ej radość otacza mnie ej ej jest południe i dzień eeej radość otacza mnie ja wiem ej radość otacza mnie wszędzię jest ona też jest ta radośc wieem i ty też Zwrotka: Eee radość to lody"
  • Haikutta - Promoe
    "(Chorus MS & Orange Pop)Haikutta, Haikutta, pirri pirri pirri in i mutta! (x2)(MS)Jag sg en Indian!(O.P)Han var kldd som en banan(MS)Jag sg honom i stan(O.P)Han var kldd som en banan(MS)Han var ful som"
  • Sweet sweet Gwendoline - Die Arzte
    "n einer kleinen Htte, Da wohnt Sweet Gwendoline Ich klopfte an die Tr, Und sie lie mich herein. Sie hatte ein Kabel. Damit schnrte sie mich ein. Sweet sweet Gwendoline. Sweet sweet Gwendoline Ich lag allein"
  • Bodyparts 2 (Corrected) - Three 6 Mafia
    "(DJ Paul) Yeah, we back up in this mothaf**ka Prophet motherf**kin' Posse hoe Three 6 mafia, M-Child A whole bunch of mothaf**kas And ready to do this shit You wanna f**k a hoe Then Wait until you're back When"
  • Escape in music - 2 Unlimited
    "{ANITA:} Sometimes you need to break away{RAY:} Come On!{ANITA:} Get on your feet now, and don't be lazy!Get on your feet now, and let's go crazy!Theres sometimes you just need to get away from the troubles"
  • Which One Of You - Snoop Dogg
    "(feat. 9 Inch Dix) Yes Greetings Loveboys You inside the line of this big experience for the 2000 plus C.I.S (oooo)oh we still in it...Dig This!(Pimp Time) She was the type of girl to play (Which"

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