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Wacura Sisters Dziekujemy Wam

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Wacura Sisters Dziekujemy Wam

Teksty piosenek (196909)

Wacura Sisters Dziekujemy Wam
  • Doda Dziękuję
    "W dobie zawiści, zazdrości, kłamstw Byli przejrzyści jak szkło Nie raz stawiali moje dobro nad swoje Wiedzieli zawsze co czuję Aniołem stróżem jest każdy z nich Koszmar zamieniał się w cud Nigdy"
  • Richard Thompson Sisters
    "(Richard Thompson) Remember the time when we two kin were reared There was never a morsel but that it was shared If the one babe was stung, t'was the other would cry There scarce was a crossed word and"
  • SOLAR Dziękujemy Serdecznie
    "Yo, yo, yo, yo W domowych warunkach, bo nie było potrzeby jechać do studia Słuchajcie zwłoki, przepraszam Was za chwilę zwłoki Ale już jestem, także szerokie uśmiechy I słuchamy - SB Maffija! Sami wywołaliście"
  • Renaissance The Sisters
    "The sisters worked for the people round them Their Spanish lace wove some bread for the poor And they cared and tried but were worn with Their fears and the years of heartbreak Dust and wine stained the"
  • Adam Brand Little Sisters
    "Little Sisters, Little Sisters They'll niggle and annoy you Like a blister in your shoe But God bless my Little Sisters 'Cause this big brother Well he's looking out for you I grew up with my sisters There"
  • Future Real Sisters
    "Say you getting throwed I'm tryna pour up with you Oh, that's your best friend? I'm tryna fuck her with you First met the bitch, they said they real sisters I don't give a fuck if they was real sisters Fuck"
  • Fiction Plane Two Sisters
    "Two Sisters - Fiction Plane I'm in love with two sisters Only weapons can decide Whose bed I share tonight And the cold mister mister He has got me in his sights If he shoots me down He has every right They"
  • Clannad Two Sisters
    "There were two sisters side by side Sing aye dum, sing aye day There were two sisters side by side The boys are born for me There were two sisters side by side The eldest for young Johnny cried I'll"
  • Andrew Bird Two Sisters
    "Two young sisters were walking alone By the, the pale muddy waters Two young sisters were walking alone By the, the pale muddy waters of onion town When one of them pushed the younger in Into the cold"
  • Andrew Bird Twa Sisters
    "Two young sisters were walking alone By the pale muddy waters Two young sisters were walking alone By the pale muddy waters of Onion town When one of them pushed the younger in Into the cold green water Pushed"
  • Dane Cook Five Sisters
    "When I was a little kid, I had- I shared everything I had. I had one brother alright one brother, five sisters. Dude, I had to wear a tampon just to fit in. I swear to god. Brutal. They used to dress"
  • Under Black Clouds Luna's Sisters
    "A gate to acity of green marble light never seen so pure elsewhen in life it was the realm ivory dreamers hope... and long for, but the gate seem sealed now forever. Luna the Goddess dethrone now for"
  • Tom Waits Two Sisters
    "There was an old woman, lived by the seashore Bow and balance me There was an old woman, lived by the seashore A number of daughters: one, two, three, four And I'll be true to my love if my love will be"
  • The Kinks Two Sisters
    "Sylvilla looked into her mirror Percilla looked into the washing machine And the drudgery of being wed She was so jealous of her sister And her liberty, and her smart young friends She was so jealous"
  • Tears For Beers Cruel Sisters
    "Lived a lady by the north sea shore lay the band tae the bonny broom two daughters wear the beirn she bore fa la la la la la la One she was bright as the sun so coalblack grew the elder one A knight"
  • The Puppini Sisters Sisters
    "Sisters Sisters, sisters There were never such devoted sisters, Never had to have a chaperone, No sir, I'm there to keep my eye on her Caring, sharing Every little thing that we are wearing When a certain"
  • Ziggy Marley Brothers And Sisters
    "I am my moma sun you are your father's child sometimes we fate as if we hate each other A diferent fate, a diferent state of mind That don't mean we all can't be satisfite WE ARE ALL BROTHERS AND SISTERS"
  • Mazzy Star All Your Sisters
    "And i knew i was close to you And I will Catch me flying in the sun Catch me drinking of your wine I'm gonna put something in you Make the devil feel surprised All your sisters wanna fly Around my golden"
  • Weddings Parties Anything Sisters Of Mercy
    "(Tex Morton) I went broke in Western Queensland in 1931, Nobody would employ me so my swaggy days begun. I headed out through Charlieville to the western towns, I was on my way to Roma, destination Darling"
  • Sparks Sisters
    "(Ron & Russell Mael) There's a round-up at the love corral And the air is full of dust And I think it's going pretty well But I'm trying to adjust As we walk along the boulevard With a hand in hand in"

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