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Waif randi

  • Waif Song - The Waifs
    "We drive an old beat up car We play our out of tune guitars Mother Nature keeps us safe Even when we're off our face A waif is all I want to be Not better for you no worse for me You've got a mobile phone"
  • I'm Not A Waif - Tracy Bonham
    "I'm not a waif I'm not a waif I'm not a waif I'm not a waif But, oh, I am tired I'm not a waif I'm not a waif I'm not a waif I'm not a waif But, oh, I'm so bored But, oh, I'm so bored Who cares if I am"
  • Cherries Suit Fairies - Randi Laubek
    "Cherries suit fairies Heads, a hat Cowboy suit prairies Stripes, a cat Sailors suit seas and you suit me and that is that! Singing suits Billie Shoes, a foot Ginger suits chilli Trees, a wood India suits"
  • Kareelia Lake - Randi Laubek
    "If I were blind - would I see clearly through gods, religions, space and time If I were deaf - would I be listening to other tears and joys than mine If I were dumb - would I be wise and have so much to"
  • Leave It All Behind - Randi Laubek
    "This morning Quite early I woke up to a change The warfare is over I can't take it another day We've been fighting far too long Tonight I'll pack my bags I have made up my mind I'm leaving it's fine We"
  • Keistuolis - Foje
    "kai tu eini tolyn gatve urmuly neisiskirti minioje negali truputi gal esi ne toks kaip kiti ir ne kiekvienas gal supras kuo tiki ukrsk keistumu ukrsk naujumu ukrsk mes irdy taip troktam bt truputi keisti gal"
  • Tu Krenti - Foje
    "Nei blizgantys daiktai Nei pikti balsai Nei geism gritis Neprivers umerkt Link tiesos aki Ir nebebus ingsni atgal A numeiau visas ypsen pinkles Mimikas veid Nebereikia j A tavim tikiu Ir niekada to nebeslpsiu Taip"
  • Balsas - Foje
    "Tai ką tu radai prie tris dienas iandien jau gali imesti lauk tai ką paraei prie tris naktis ianakt jau gali ramiai ibraukt vakar tu aukei vries balsu iandien tu kalbi velnius odius tavo praeity yra klaid tu"
  • The Ghost Of No One - Kashmir
    "(Featuring Randi Laubek) The good is yet to come is what I'm hanging from With frozen fingers and one parched eye on the match box jam below Still there's something ghatsly on the tiles above me A persuasion"
  • 52 Grrls - The Offspring
    "Shelly , Jane, Laura, Stacey See them on the beachOr in New York City Jennifer and Cyndee And Sascha and Marvin Can you name, name, name, name them today Can you name, name, name, name them today"
  • 52 Girls - The Offspring
    "Shelly , Jane, Laura, Stacey See them on the beach Or in New York City Jennifer and Cyndee And Sascha and Marvin Can you name, name, name, name them today Can you name, name, name, name them today"
  • I Know - Helmet
    "Wafer thin The waif is in She's chlorine clean and portion fed Feed the dog Slop the hog Shine the Baptist and debark the log It's all right, I know You're the only one who can Show us at all Get"
  • Progress Nil - Seabound
    "Link mismatch Confidence blue Trigger, spineless Petrified, true Attraction Cortical interception Reaction Phantasize Find the error Accident, incident Use a mirror Descent, descent Can you change? Renounce"
  • If I Could Give You More - Harry Connick Jr.
    "If I could give you more I'd fill the house with flowers Let you sleep for hours Throw open the windows and unlock the doors If I could give you more If I could give you more I'd make the streets safe For"
  • Weightless - My Ruin
    "talk to me, tell me i'm not skinny but you think...i'm so pretty ''rockstars have to be thin i'm afraid'' you wanna know...how much do i weigh? what!? weightless you can't market me! faceless so blind"
  • Pretty Little Witch Girl - Edward
    "She's a pretty little witch girl She's nature's waif She's not afraid to put a smile on you face She used to be a Jesus freak Until she got on a losing streak She had to hit the ground before she found"
  • Riverboat Gambler - Carly Simon
    "(Carly Simon/Jacob Brackman) Riverboat gambler Drinking alone on the prow Chasing your Bourbon with Tennessee gin The big game's about to begin Riverboat gambler Hiding that Ave up your sleeve I can"
  • Fallen Eagle - Stephen Stills
    "Sing to the fallen eagle Helicopters fly Chase him 'round the mountains Chase him 'til he dies They say that it's good sportin' Shootin' him on the wing Above the roar and clatter You can hear your rifle"
  • Cage - Ens Cogitans
    "I'm dozing into cage of hate My clay's reposing somewhere near The sleepy wadding blocked up access To door outside. I adjure to deliver Oh let me see the ray of light Let me fawn on, me and my fever My"
  • Johnny Depp song - Johnny Depp
    "Johnny Depp your deep, I like to watch you when you sleep, And smell the shirt in which you slept, Johnny Depp! Johnny Depp, Your hip, Id like to bite your lower lip, And scrunch your Edward Scissor hair Johnny"

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