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Wait and prey

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Wait and prey

  • Prey - Diva Destruction
    "Prey don't look behind you Prey they're gonna fidn you Run now, run now, run and hide I see you tripping in your trials Babe you're gonna drown I see you standing in their circles With your ribbons round"
  • Prey - Tiamat
    "Time stands still with you The night is ours once again How many years, How many million tears before it's only you and me? When light issues from her deceiving beams, Even Eve goes up the tree And eats"
  • Prey - 10 Years
    "One at a time One in the same One is the time That remains Snip back the weak before they give away I'm twisted in knots from hard work and strain I've been waiting so long for this time I'm terrified Blind"
  • Prey - Cradle of Filth
    "Nightfall, in thrall I call her beauty to me Whose ebon-lidded eyes excite Shadows to wander through me Whose kiss glittered with sleep Is a thief come after dark To steal away the leaden wreaths From"
  • Prey - The Agony Scene
    "From grace she fell beneath the ashes That forced her to her knees, cut her open wide To bleed her body dry of feeling The wounds will form no scars, only memories Tearing at the scars she's open wide Screaming"
  • Prey - Sundown
    "The neon's burning bright My angel just comes out at night Let's get out of here The ignition's kicking into gear Your body's bound for glory Watch you slither on the floor My favourite bedtime story Drug"
  • Hunters And Prey - Angra
    "Angra Miscellaneous Hunters And Prey Fly from the haze Jump on the prey Scaring away Capture's in vain Daring the hills Mountains ahead Roaming and stare Lonely again Perish the heat Succumbing"
  • Paralyzed Prey - Jungle Rot
    "Paralyzed Prey Crawling through the brush Staying out of sight The wind in my face Assure my timings right Split-second opportunity My target zeroed in Recoil echoes Bullet pierces skin Paralyzed Prey Now"
  • Predator-Prey - Creation Is Crucifixion
    "the Daedulus was a failure our encounters have ordained life our encounters will prey on life an avatar is inscribed cartesian thought will not survive the techno-monolith will starve and die are we the"
  • Human Prey - Terrorizer
    "See into the future what will be devastation, mutilation of mankind multi-million slaughter killed in torture by the final seize of pure hatred Live to die In a world Far beyond Another time A race is"
  • Prey Flesh - Skrew
    "Scarred and innocent flesh Benumbed and stratified Pins and needles skin and bones It comes between all my skin It's never satisfied Bleeding, breathing, seeking home Reproduction, fascination What it"
  • They prey - ASHES dIVIDE
    "They pretend to be the ones to be afraid of Caressing our souls away from us And all of the world to keep us all in line If we just fold our hands and smile So many wasted Promises rhapsodised Promises"
  • The Prey - Dead Kennedys
    "You're from out of town I can tell that by your shoes Flew in for the convention Getting tipsy in a bar You're leaving pretty late Gotta get up in the morning Thinking she's just too expensive And you"
  • Aubade And I Am Not Like Other Birds Of Prey - Supertramp
    "Morning at last, every night is a fight 'till your waking Dreams dancing fast, through the silence of sleep dawn is breaking I wait, and watch them 'till they And I am not like other birds of prey And"
  • Let Us Prey - Exciter
    "I don't understand it Why we must be slaughtered dead For Kingdom Come... waits no more... Let Us Prey Let Us Prey Let Us Prey Let Us Prey Stronger than a thousand black witches Back to kill th"
  • The Hunter And The Prey - Miguel Bose
    "Far above the earth I glide See you twist against the tide Hold on... hold on... Hold on... hold on... See me pass across the Sun Arc of white, spark of blue With this lightning I trace you Hold on..."
  • Bird Of Prey - Uriah Heep
    "(Box/Byron/Newton) I can see that look that says beware Try to move in closer if you dare So I must sit and play my waiting game And for a while I know she'll do the same Fly away Watches like an eagle"
  • Birds Of Prey - Liege Lord
    "In a course of flight decided the lairs source from out of hiding Across the skies our wings they cover sharpest eyes in flight we hover Drop to fall we're one by one eternity and we're his sons The call"
  • Birds Of Prey - Almah
    "Destination: a thousand ways to go Indignation: scythe that cuts your soul Your trail doesn't end with your fears But makes them stronger Lies in disguise in the name of trust The road you take away, how"
  • Let Us Prey - Motley Crue
    "I'm the reason women bleed It's been called the curse of eve Ancient times to modern lies you know my name Turned your pleasures into pain You made love i give you aids My pollution gives you cancer of"

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