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Wait jp cooper

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Wait jp cooper
  • Jonas Blue Perfect Strangers (ft. JP Cooper)
    "You’re looking at me like you wanted to say When I saw you yesterday I’m not wasting your time I’m not playing no games, I see you! Who knows the secrets tomorrow will hold? We don’t really need to know Coz"
  • The W's J.P.
    "Hey, hey you, looks like you've got lots of time Staying up real late, sleeping all day Look at you playing your video games Drinking slurpees out side the Circle K, and skating your life away Hey, hey"
  • Undead Elected (Alice Cooper)
    "Top rank cut of meat, I'm your choice I want to be elected A yankee doodle dandy in a gold rolls royce I want to be elected Kids want a savior, they don't need a fake I want to be elected We're all gonna"
  • Roxette Cooper
    "Cooper went out late last night I heard the slam from her door Foggy ways, November daze All the white wolves were smiling Cooper went out walkin' the clouds She left everything in a mess "Shut your"
  • Bosski Roman & Piero (feat. M JP - Jestem porz
    "JP- jestem porządny, jestem porządny. JP, Firma. 1. Wielu tak naprawdę nie wie, o co chodzi nam z tym JP. Przede wszystkim jestem porządny, przemyśl dobrze moją zwrotkę. Wielu głośno krzyczy jebać,"
  • Pizzicato Five Mini Cooper
    "(Konishi) Translators: san-gatsu no aru hi kumori-zora no ohiru sugi 'record' kai ni futari-kiri de 'drive' 'sun-glass' kaketa kimi wa boku no 'driver' kuroi kawa no tebukuro yoku niau 'back"
  • Alice Cooper Alice Cooper - Poison
    "Your cruel device Your blood, like ice One look could kill My pain, your thrill I want to love you but I better not touch (Don't touch) I want to hold you but my senses tell me to stop I want to kiss you"
  • Keziah Jones Dear Mr. Cooper
    "Seen a face I don't recognize Making discord, turning my days sadder Don't confuse the word ostracise It'll make it fit more or disorganise matter It's all in your game, yeah. It's all in your game. Dear"
  • Sido Ackan (feat. Dillon Cooper)
    "Aus'm MV in die Welt raus, ich geb Geld aus Lederjacke von LV, in hellblau, Charlotte gefällt's, wenn ich ihr Pelz kauf Und aus dem Schlüpper deiner Frau kannst du'n Zelt bauen Ich geb noch immer'n Fick"
  • Sobota x Matheo JP na Stoprocent (gość. Popek, Bosski)
    "Nie wiem czy jestem porządny ale jebać psy Jestem pewnie niewygodny, wieszasz na mnie psy A co na to ja? Na 100% nic Nic! W gniewie nie wiesz skąd te wąty Ale ciągle jesteś zły Już od wtedy kiedy ziomuś,"
  • Henri Salvador Dis, Monsieur Gordon Cooper
    "Dis, monsieur Gordon CooperToi qui t'en vas de la terreEst-ce que dans tes voyagesTu vois le vieux MonsieurQui descend des nuagesAvec des jouets merveilleuxDis, monsieur Gordon CooperToi qui vas plus haut"
  • A-Teens School's Out"(feat. Alice Cooper
    "A-TEENS Miscellaneous School's Out"(feat. Alice Cooper Well we got no choice All the girls and boys Makin all that noise Cause they found new toys Well we can't salute ya Can't find a flag If that don't"
  • Bon Jovi The balled of Alice Cooper
    "Used to be a billion dollar baby I used to paint the eyes that made you scream Used to be the one that I could talk to But now this empty house is you and me I used to think I really didnt need you But"
  • Lanemeyer My Very Own Winnie Cooper
    "standing here, your eyes they seem to match the sky more beautiful than anything that i've ever seen before i said, "no i'm not coming back" but i swear, that i will run right back to you this is the life"
  • Entombed Black Juju (Alice Cooper cover)
    "Body Body Touched by the toil and plunged into his arm Cursed thru the night thru eyes of alarm A melody black flowed out of my breath Searching for death, but bodies need rest Body Under the soil now"
  • GWAR School's Out (Alice Cooper Cover)
    "Well we got no choice All the girls and boys Makin' all that noise 'Cause they found new toys Well we can't salute ya Can't find a flag If that don't suit ya That's a drag School's out for summer School's"
  • Liers In Wait Liers In Wait
    "(Music & lyrics: Kristian Whlin) Dwelling, forgotten Lords from the Birth of Time Sleeping Keepers of all Truth Lying dormant, within their Slumber Born of Eternity Children of Eternity Seven in Heaven Seven"
  • Get Set Go Wait
    "Wait; So You've Ruined Your Life ('03), Trk 14; ST: Grey's Anatomy ('05), Trk 06 Wait; wait for the dawn, my, dear; wait till the sun, gets, here; and you will wait, too, long; he will be gone; wait,"
  • Marcin Rozynek Wait
    "Wait to night People have grown Wait in shackle better before Wait slipping like candlelight Wait close the magazines witch or totally crap Wait on cushion or on my chair It’s really doesn’t matter Really"
  • Tait Wait
    "Looking out my front door I see a frantic world desperate for more Quick fix at your fingertips The longer it takes the harder it gets But I'll wait for You To give me everything I need I'm gonna wait"

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