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Waiting vortex lov

  • Vortex - Megadeth
    "Internal combustion Multiple personalities Terror inside of me A mask of silent agony Curse the falling rain The vortex of pain As medieval as Merlin A pact for power that was made Lucifer in transition It's"
  • Vortex - Voivod
    "Can you tell me why Things are not quite right Look out This is not fiction Somehow I'm changing Watch out I'm all alone Out of control Revolving motion Wild revolution Beware I am paralyzed Nearly hypnotized Get"
  • Vortex - Die Krupps
    "you sold your soul to a stranger you confused life with danger you made the wrong decision forever being held in derision from one extrem to another not a moment left to recover it will never let you"
  • Vortex - Catamenia
    "Emptiness surrounding meTearing me down, tearing me downDark like a black deep spaceVoiding my soul, voiding my soulCalmness raping my mindBreaking my hope, breaking my hopeEndless fear of pain and tearsShatters"
  • Vortex - Nocturne
    "(Music and Lyrics by Chris Telkes) (Chorus) I see it happening now Ethics fade and morals twisting I see it happening now Truth decayed and conscience burning I don't think that was blood Coursing"
  • Vortex - Fleurety
    "the pain is neverending all the dreams have been deflowered the once lethal weapons are corroding quickly perfectly circular little men are dancing through the past the future is being touched by serpent"
  • Vortex - Burst
    "All that I see can conceive Your wanton indifference derides Decisions weren't hard to deceive How we fooled ourselves When it died Searching for a new place to hide Afar from your vile, naive complacency Burning Scathing In"
  • Vortex - Shinhwa
    "pi soo gad ee got hyeo peo rin mal teul eh si geo meoh keh meong teul eo peo rin na eui ga seum eh na neun il saeng eul sal ko sip eo to oot ko sip eo nae ga seum sok eh maet hin nae sang cheo ga gip eo"
  • Eternal Lov - S.E.S.
    "Uhl mah nah oh raen gi dah rim dwi ae yah Nuhl bah rah bohl soo eet neun ji Nuhl hyang hahn mah eum juhn hah goh shi puh Ah jik eun ahl soo up neun nuh ae mah eum Gi dae hahl soon up jji mahn Poh gi hah"
  • Clap & Lov - Ayaka
    "Mabushisugiru hikari ni me wo mukeru Tokei no hari wa shichiji wo sugiteru Aoi sora ni tatakai no sutato ga naru Chiisai koro ni mieteta mono ga Wakaranaku natta ima sore wa naze? Hen na tekunikku bakari"
  • Lov Me Lov Me Not - Soulja Slim
    "Yeah, yeah, yeah Either you love me or love me not I'ma be me I'm known for making promises that I can't keep And baby the streets made me And I run 'em 24/7 365 daily Look you knew what you was"
  • Vortex (instrumental) - Megadeth
    "Internal combustion Multiple personalities Terror inside of me A mask of silent agony Curse the falling rain The vortex of pain As medieval as Merlin A pact for power that was made Lucifer in transition It's"
  • Visual Vortex - Elegy
    "Conceptual imaginary, it seems so real which world do you live in I sense the emptiness inside the brain no apparent function, it has no name nor does it see reality an existance in an endless masquerade People"
  • The Vortex - Dreadful Shadows
    "The dust in your photograph Reveals the time gone by These days seem so far away Why did I return Your rooms didn't change a lot But the things have lost your soul Your scent was replaced by cold Which"
  • Blood Vortex - Bloodbath
    "Speaking by the name of seti The effigy speaks through a mask made of human skin Godless fallen soul impaled A name must be upon you before we will let you in. Bloodshed in the name of Sorrow Stone"
  • Life's Vortex - After Forever
    "My mind is under an attack, although no one sees My past is pounding in the back of my memories It's always there to poison my mind with all I do Feelings I know so well seem to come back as if nothing's"
  • Demon's Vortex - Abigor
    "Only one night is missing But this one will bring the storm that put an end to everything The sky is still starlit, but if our faith, our desire is forceful enough The strings of silence - hushed The strings"
  • Den Glemte Lov - Helheim
    "Den stoltes tale Smykket i jern hugget Dypt i sinnet Bygget p en eldgammel Lre om hedningemakt Og eder Borgen slo sprekker dengang Et fremmed Hogg dogmer Sverd kan tvinge en Mann til kne Men den hyes"
  • Vortex Of Unknown - Compilation
    "Performed by Scafold Let death strengthen it's grip upon your Body let your soul fly from It's mortal cage Die and let your soul fly to outer regions Levitating in black space No knowing were your destiny"
  • Vortex Of Confusion - Enthroned
    "Lead Nornagest Take Me!!! Blank eyes in sight Empty body for a soul full of sorrow Confusion is growing in me, Spining wihtin my blood, "Razors are hammering" Despair: silent screams are hurting"

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