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Walking on sunset

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Walking on sunset

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Walking on sunset
  • John Mayall Walking On Sunset - John Mayall
    "Walking on sunset Watching all the people like the waves along the shore They hang around he whiskey and every open store Chorus I'm walking on sunset And I'll never reach the end I'm walking on sunset Everything"
  • Even Song Sunset
    "Beyond the heaven's warm and velvet mist wouneded by the thorns of existence I'm waiting my last sunset in my winterforst palace I'll dream of you while the shadows touch the ground I'll dream of"
  • Roy Orbison Sunset
    "(Orbison/Melson) I see her when the sun is high The clouds write her name across the sky But, the boss man is giving me the eye I'd better go to work, but I'll see her by and by At sunset I'm gonna see"
  • Heimdall Sunset
    "(Heimdall:) "Brother gods, Asgardr in flames Now the ice is burning And my voice invokes my sky My blood feeds the earth... Rain wets my bloody armour My arm holds my sword And my eyes are closing I glimpse"
  • Jackie Lomax Sunset
    "Sunset in slow, no place to go Just sitting home and I'm dreaming The shade of our love that I'm thinking of Like the sun above, is now fading And I feel like I'm dead There's a pain here in my head Oh"
  • New Model Army Sunset
    "Coming in at night all the desert highways Crackle with the static of a thousand little radios Everyone talking, no-one listening Well by now I should expect that Down into the city I smell artificial"
  • Kate Bush Sunset
    "Could be honeycomb In a sea of honey A sky of honey Whose shadow, long and low Is slipping out of wet clothes? And changes into The most beautiful Iridescent blue Who knows who wrote that song of Summer That"
  • Air Supply Sunset
    "Watching the sun set so low Tells us that it's time, the day is too end Nobody cries as it leaves Or reaches for the light But soon back again But then I hear you sigh And wish that you could stay I'd"
  • Aztec Camera Sunset
    "Words and music by Roddy Frame Sand seperates the sea From me on my desert island Sun obliterates the sky And I, I'm just like anyone No matter how I try I wanna see the sun. And it shines To luminate"
  • Thomas Anders Cruising down on sunset
    "Looking out at the Strip With ragtop down In my red hot car Everybodys so hip Always party time On this boulevard I see the girls go walking Sunshine in their hair Everybodys L.A. talking Life without"
  • Sunset Boulevard Sunset Boulevard
    "JOE Sure I came out here to make my name Wanted my pool, my dose of fame Wanted my parking space at Warner's But after a year, a one room hell A murphy bed, a rancid smell Wallpaper peeling at the corners Sunset"
  • Something Corporate Walking By
    "Your grand dad left home for the circus. He was young just like me, with hope to explore. He married a girl in Virginia. She could swing the trapeze; they could sleep on the floor. Your mother was born"
  • Makowiecki Band Walking
    "Walking on nothing is OK But you're feeling strong Everyday looking for a home Always on your own And I hope you realize You're not the only one Every one is going blind These times Just today maybe you"
  • October Fall Walking
    "She checks her watch It's just past four She's walking into the liquor store She's inside out And quick to dream With empty pockets she can barely breathe And she waits And she waits Doesn't"
  • Bosson Walking
    "I pass some kids down at the playground I see two lovebirds holding hands And there's an old man that I meet earch day He's drinking the finest brand I am walking In the middle of the street of life I"
  • Soul Asylum Walking
    "The sun's creeping up and stomping on my dreams Works all right, party's fine, but sleeping is my scene The traffic inside your head is tearing you apart Stick your fingers down my throat and grab on to"
  • Jonatha Brooke Walking
    "I am walking in your shoes For just a mile or two My heals are all torn But I will dig them in for you I feel the pain you've known And the seeds of hate you've sown They're scattered on the grownd and"
  • Tindersticks Walking
    "Wake up, it's all right You don't have the words, it's okay I make it worse, if I make it better I can chase it away And the emotion running and flapping Faster and faster, breathing hard Just for"
  • Ben Kenney Walking
    "If I didn't have this anger I'd be everything your looking for I'll pretend it didn't kill me that my heart is laying on the floor It doesn't take a lot to cut me down to size It doesn't take that much"
  • Adam Gregory Walking
    "I go walkin' Down a long road tonight I go walkin' Not a single soul in sight The night air is so cool The moon shines so bright It's lonely out here But I'm feelin' alright I keep walkin' I keep"

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