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Waltz of the flowers

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Waltz of the flowers

  • Flowers - Never Heard Of It
    "If I'm alive... It's only because you took me by surprise When I saw you with him I never had the guts to ever realize How hard can I try... I bought you some flowers but they died on the way I brought"
  • Waltz - Mary Chapin Carpenter
    "(Mary Chapin Carpenter) Fetch me a glass, let's fill it with fine romance Pour slow the wine, then let your eyes kiss mine You, you with the charming eyes Lately I've found myself truly beguiled If this"
  • Waltz - Fiona Apple
    "If you don't have a songTo sing you're okayYou know how to get alongHummingHmmmIf you don't have a dateCelebrateGo out and sit on the lawnAnd do nothing'Cause it's just what you must doNobody does it anymoreNo"
  • Flowers - The Psychedelic Furs
    "Title - Flowers see the people dead in cars see their bodies bleed i know he's so dead and gone i think that is free his body is upon the wall his teeth are sharp and white we cut his eyes with razorblades and"
  • Flowers - Roy Orbison
    "When I was a boy i ran among the flowers Looking left and right at the bright array I played through the spring, whiled away the hours Lingered with the flowers every day Flowers, pretty flowers,"
  • Flowers - Camper Van Beethoven
    "Flowers growing By the drunken river Flowers growing By the burning bridges Flowers growing Out of my bones On the toppled towers flowers growing On an island above flowers growing Behind a mirror, behind"
  • Flowers - SVRCINA
    "Sitting alone All on my own With my insecurities Had to grow up No matter what Find my security I see the good, I see the bad I gravitate to the sad And it's sad 'Cause it's all I've ever had Life can't"
  • Flowers - Eddy
    "Ten days too late you show up With a sheepish grin and a bouquet in your hand You make mistakes by the dozen But don't think you can make it up the same way again Flowers after the fact Aint gonna get"
  • Flowers - Brad Paisley
    "Long stem things of beauty Created by the good Lord Cut down in the prime of their lives Boxed up, wrapped in paper Delivered to your front door Just to wind up in your garbage can outside Tell me"
  • Flowers - Mordor
    "I'll tell you my dream that often haunts me I enter the garden full of flowers If you look at them they are common white flowers If you lie down on the ground the turn into the rainbow colours And talk"
  • Flowers - Trouble
    "Desperate desire all in tune By the doors of a legend to Lonely time eaten towers Resemble nothing that is ours Where all the flowers are Here to greet the sun Oh no the stars are gone I know well see"
  • Flowers - Cibo Matto
    "I want certain words more than a thousand flowers Memory rubs in my heart like sand on my feet My heart is frozen tonite like blue coral in the sea You are my twilight though not always right You are so"
  • Flowers - Chris Young
    "I should have took you dancing A little candlelight romancing with roses But I was high up on a barstool Yeah, I was such a blind fool, now I know it You won't believe how much I've changed since you left It"
  • Flowers - Leiahdorus
    "She lives for flowers everyday When she's with me She hides the grey Put on your skin it's time for tea The world lights up so quietly You're swimming in my mind so constantly And every other time you're"
  • Flowers - Cats On Trees
    "At night sometimes, everything’s spinning And the mountain’s too high to keep climbing You want to play right, your hands are shaking You’d love to know someone but you keep doubting You keep trying,"
  • Flowers - Diana Ah Naid
    "You're taking flowers from my gravestone, I can feel your heavy feet pressing On my bones, like you always did, Walk too heavy around me, I used To think you didn't give a shit, Now I know you saved it"
  • Flowers - Ann Bolynn
    "Next to your grave ive found my home inside these muddy waters and i dont mind spending time here with you in this hole where im not bothered They say your dead/well so am I I promised you/that i would"
  • Flowers - Cuban Link
    "Twin, we've been best friends Ever since we were little kids So I sit and remenisce On all the things we ever did I remember All the stupid s--- I can't forget Hope God forgive us for our sins and"
  • Flowers - Ghostface Killah
    "(feat. Method Man, Raekwon the Chef, Superb) "Huh huh huh huh huh hah hah hah hah hah hah" Yeah, yeah, y'know Tranquilise, tranqulise Yeah, yeah Yo Ghostface! (c'mon) Raekwon! Meth! See me"
  • Flowers - Crystal Kay
    "* * repeat I've gotta let you know I wanna let you know I've gotta let you know I can't let you go... {{Translation|Japanese}} == Romaji == tsutaenakya... tsutsu...tsutaenakya"

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