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War in My Mind


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War in My Mind

  • War In My Mind - Beth Hart
    "(Official Lyric Video)"
  • Sugar Shack (War In My Mind) - Beth Hart
    "baby you’ll be gone wild I need to hear my dance baby come down to the Sugar Shack still got no thunder it’s on the wall stay and wander when you come baby I am in the Sugar Shack"
  • War - Joan Osborne
    "Chorus: War What is it good for? Absolutely nothing War, it ain't nothing but a heartbreaker Friend only to the undertaker War means tears To thousands of mothers' eyes When their sons go out to fight And"
  • War - Sweet Noise
    "Thinkin' when these thoughts do hurt Gotta let'em out gotta let'em burn Like a flame that would take me away From the weakness and betray Say what I say is done I'm standing tall proud like a man should"
  • War - Henry Cow
    "''Invocation:'' Tell of the birth Tell how war appeared on earth Thunder and herbs Conjugated sacred Verbs Musicians with gongs Fertilised an egg with song Asleep in the sphere Her foetus was a Knot of"
  • War - Bone Thugs n Harmony
    "Absolutely... Nothin'... -Refrain- War...What is it good for? Absolutely Nothin'... Layzie We be the mighty mighty warriors (warriors) (E-A-Ski Are You Ready)On the rise (on the rise) Thug niggaz to my"
  • War - Mos Def
    "War is a global economic phenomenon Ain't a batch of guns on where, hellfire Spittin', run up everything they hittin' Some do they job to dodge the barrage As sleek projectiles never stay bound Fire bite"
  • War - 504 Boyz
    "(feat. Afficial, Curren$y) Y'all don't wanna war wit us, in this steel we trust When there's beef best believe we bust We can take it how you want it cuz we thuggin over here Pure, uncut, raw butter"
  • War - Outkast
    "Now get the fuck up off me nigga.. As I, struggle to keep my balance and composure I'm 'posed ta, propose a toast to players on every coast-a The lyrical roller coaster, mind-bender 'Stead of watchin"
  • War - JT Money
    "Yeaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh (that right) Yeaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh (Yeaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh) JT Money, God dammit Bout time, spin this bitch (Niggaz waitin on yo muh'fuckin ass, let's ride) (Hook) x4 Heychayaya, heychayaya,"
  • Without Words In The Way (War In My Mind) - Beth Hart
    "I just came to say without words in the way I’ve been trying all day hanging on by a string like a bird without one wing like a child without a dream since my lover went astray without words in the way I"
  • The Sons Of War - War
    "Carry with you my anger and hate Be strong and avenge my death always Bear with you my darkest thoughts And punish every weak drop of gods blood Carry with you the memories of our brotherhood Be wise and"
  • My War - My Ruin
    "You're one of them You say that you're my friend But you're one of them You don't want to see me live You don't want me to give Cos you're one of them My war You're one of them You say that you're my"
  • War in the mind - Lauryn Hill
    "Everybody knows that they're guilty Everybody knows that they've liedEverybody knows that they're guiltyResting on their conscience eating their insideIt's freedom, I said it's freedom time now It's freedom,"
  • Outlive The War - Jedi Mind Tricks
    "You don't really want a close encounter This dude's talkin' like he knows the bouncers I move up on ya face for talkin' outta place Get your spine ripped out by Jedi Mind Tricks, ouch! And ain't nobody"
  • Pictures In My Mind - Neil Young
    "Someone's hanging out, We can't forget about. Things that people do when they're free. Like visitors from space, It's hard to find a place, To blend in and go unrecognized. I'm waiting for a sign, I'm"
  • War - Dilated Peoples
    "( Iriscience ) Clap, come on everybody just clap, come on party people just clap Come on from the front to the back, come on come on it goes War is life and war is death And war's a vaccum but war's a"
  • War - The Cult
    "Cultivate a war breed Get the head your soul needs Crystallice at light speed Dis the lies that they feed Cultivate a war breed Get the head your soul needs Crystallice at light speed Dis the lies"
  • War War War - Yellowman
    "Yo! This is king Yellowman. Originale dancehall dadda from Jamaica. Fire! War war war (say) no more war tell me why the hell onoo fighting for? No bother with no fuss no bother with no fight tell"
  • War - Bruce Springsteen
    "War hu yeah what is it good for absolutely nothin. war hu yeah what is it good for absolutely nothin say it again y'all. war hu good god what is it good for absolutely nothin listen to me war I despise"

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