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Warren Zevon My Rides Here

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Warren Zevon My Rides Here

  • Warren Harding - Al Stewart
    "I'm leaving my home in Europe behind Heading out for a new state of mind New York town is calling to me Dollar an hour from the company Warren Gameliel Harding Alone in the White House, watching the sun Come"
  • My Ride's Here - Warren Zevon
    "(Warren Zevon and Paul Muldoon) I was staying at the Marriott With Jesus and John Wayne I was waiting for a chariot They were waiting for a train The sky was full of carrion "I'll take the mazuma" Said"
  • Capsize (ft. Emily Warren) - Frenship
    "Up at night I'm awake cause it haunts me That I never got to say what I wanted (Oh my God, oh my God) I’m not the same as I was with you I would jump out my skin just to get you (Oh my God, oh my God) How"
  • She Rides - Danzig
    "She rides Let loose upon the world She is the night And my loneliness in bondage She's black And sin runds down her back She rides From the daylight in chains She rides the night She rides the night She"
  • Phone Down (ft. Emily Warren) - Lost Kings
    "This room's so quiet I can hear the sound of silence Right here in your arms And I'm falling asleep to your heartbeat It's just you and I Shadows in the passing headlights And I think for a moment You"
  • Heartache Spoken Here - Warren Zevon
    "(Warren Zevon) When I was young The sky was filled with stars I watched them burn out one by one I've had my share Of disappointing love affairs And I'm no stranger to disillusionment Little darlin' If"
  • Berry Rides Again - Steppenwolf
    "Words and music by John Kay Well thinkin' of my school days, I remember Maybeline Used to dance with her all night she was little sweet sixteen Her brother used to chase me He thought I did, but I never"
  • Berry Rides Aga - Steppenwolf
    "Well thinkin' of my school days, I remember Maybeline Used to dance with her all night she was little sweet sixteen Her brother used to chase me He thought I did, but I never could I used to call him"
  • My Type (ft. Emily Warren) - The Chainsmokers
    "You don’t gotta say it I know you ain’t staying over And I won’t even mention the fact that you’re never sober I never know which side I’m gonna get tonight But you’re just my type The kind that only"
  • A Few Good Rides Away - Brooks & Dunn
    "(Kix Brooks/Chick Rains) I was sittin' in a truckstop Watchin' tumbleweeds roll by Tryin' to read the menu When the waitress caught my eye She pulled a pencil from her hair And leaned across the bar I"
  • For My Next Trick I'll Need A Volunteer - Warren Zevon
    "(Warren Zevon) I can saw a woman in two But you won't want to look in the box when I do I can make love disappear For my next trick I'll need a volunteer I can pull a rabbit out of a hat I can pull it"
  • Scary rides - Olsen Twins
    "Don't like 'em, but we love em,knees are shakin' as we go.Hold my hand cause where we're heading,no one really knows.This is kind of fun,We must confide just makes ya wanna run away and hide fromScreamin',"
  • Last Rides - Deathbot
    "So I lost my mind on these empty last rides So long, long ago Been holding my breath for what I left Don't you you know Been spinning my wheels for these things that kill Love love's got me down oh no Been"
  • Side Effects (ft. Emily Warren) - The Chainsmokers
    "it’s 44 m I don’t know where to go everywhere so closed I hold just go home my feet are taking me are taking me to your front door oi know I shouldn’t though heaven only knows that ooh the side effect yo"
  • Mutineer - Warren Zevon
    "(Warren Zevon) Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum Hoist the mainsail - here I come Ain't no room on board for the insincere You're my witness I'm your mutineer I was born to rock the boat Some may sink but"
  • Don't Let Us Get Sick (Solo Acoustic) 12/3/99 - Warren Zevon
    "Warren Zevon, Zevon Music BMI Don't let us get sick Don't let us get old Don't let us get stupid, all right? Just make us be brave And make us play nice And let us be together tonight The sky was"
  • Numb As A Statue - Warren Zevon
    "(Warren Zevon & Jorge Calderon) I'm numb as a statue I may have to beg, borrow or steal Some feelings from you So I can have some feelings too I'm pale as a ghost You know what I love about you That's"
  • She's Too Good For Me - Warren Zevon
    "(Warren Zevon) I could hold my head up high and say that I left first Or I can hang my head and cry Tell me which is worse If you go and ask her why She might say she's not sure Trust me when I tell"
  • Gorilla, You're A Desperado - Warren Zevon
    "(Warren Zevon) Big gorilla at the L.A. Zoo Snatched the glasses right off my face Took the keys to my BMW Left me here to take his place I wish the ape a lot of success I'm sorry my apartment's a mess Most"
  • Carmelita - Warren Zevon
    "(Warren Zevon) I hear Mariachi static on my radio And the tubes they glow in the dark And I'm there with her in Ensenada And I'm here in Echo Park Carmelita hold me tighter I think I'm sinking down And"

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