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Warren Zevon The French Inhaler

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Warren Zevon The French Inhaler

  • The French Inhaler - Warren Zevon
    "(Warren Zevon) How're you going to make your way in the world When you weren't cut out for working When your fingers are slender and frail How're you going to get around In this sleazy bedroom town If"
  • Inhaler - Hooverphonic
    "Water falling down a hundred meters Coloured by the sun In rainbow colors Paul is driving me around Through fields of light Blinded by the sun Fight the clouds Be an inhaler Have no doubts Let them take"
  • Inhaler - Foals
    "Sticks and stones don’t break my bones, you make believe It’s lock and load, it’s a dead end road to you and me You know what’s to go, I’m strict for soul I make believe And I’m off the rent, I haven’t"
  • Warren Harding - Al Stewart
    "I'm leaving my home in Europe behind Heading out for a new state of mind New York town is calling to me Dollar an hour from the company Warren Gameliel Harding Alone in the White House, watching the sun Come"
  • The Remedy (feat. Warren Haynes) - Supersonic Blues Machine
    "Lyric video"
  • Capsize (ft. Emily Warren) - Frenship
    "Up at night I'm awake cause it haunts me That I never got to say what I wanted (Oh my God, oh my God) I’m not the same as I was with you I would jump out my skin just to get you (Oh my God, oh my God) How"
  • My Type (ft. Emily Warren) - The Chainsmokers
    "You don’t gotta say it I know you ain’t staying over And I won’t even mention the fact that you’re never sober I never know which side I’m gonna get tonight But you’re just my type The kind that only"
  • Side Effects (ft. Emily Warren) - The Chainsmokers
    "it’s 44 m I don’t know where to go everywhere so closed I hold just go home my feet are taking me are taking me to your front door oi know I shouldn’t though heaven only knows that ooh the side effect yo"
  • Phone Down (ft. Emily Warren) - Lost Kings
    "This room's so quiet I can hear the sound of silence Right here in your arms And I'm falling asleep to your heartbeat It's just you and I Shadows in the passing headlights And I think for a moment You"
  • French Kiss - The Teenagers
    "Were in my room Watching dirty dancing I didnt get anything with Orlando Bloom Cause I know you fancy him If she was there Your mum would say that everything is perfect But shes not Lets forget about her God,"
  • French Girl - The Presidents of the United States of America
    "French girl has a problem French girl has a problem with the world She sees it as a black place, a place that wants to strangle her good time Don't ever get involved with a french girl French girl has"
  • French Song - The Monkees
    "A little girl Goes out walking in the night A little boy Calls, "Good evening" From the light They stop to talk for just a while Then she's gone A little girl Sits beside her window pane Thinking about"
  • French Funk - Fury In The Slaughterhouse
    "hello! tu dis que je suis un fous je dis que tu es la folie tu dis que je suis un fous je dis que tu es la folie tu dis je suis un grand filou je dis tu es la vâche qui rie tu dis je suis un grand"
  • French Kissin' - Debbie Harry
    "Love's touch comes to mean so much - Embrasser c'est francais embFasser c'est francais Love's way s'abandonner - Embrasser c'est francais embrasser c'est francais Slip into the velvet glove parted lips"
  • French laundry - Al Stewart
    "King Louie never had it so goodHe lived like royalty shouldHe was winin', dinin'Taking in the French laundry"No revolution's gonna keep me awake."Marie said "Just let them eat cake"I'm going winin', dinin'Taking"
  • French Shore - Great Big Sea
    "When I was a young man just barely fourteen, craving adventure and lore, I boarded a clipper, me Dad was the skipper, and sailed it along the French Shore yeah, We sailed all along the French Shore. What"
  • French Shoes - John Mellencamp
    "He was a good lookin' guy. Stood about six foot three, Long brown hair As nice as he could be. Everybody liked him But he didn't have a clue, He looked silly as hell In those funny French shoes. You know"
  • French Fries - Calvi John
    "FRENCH FRIES by John Calvi, c. 1982 This old world has troubles, everyone knows there's garbage in all of our lives We try to get through it, each our own way, And for me, I just eat french fries. Some"
  • French kiss - Akcent
    "She comes to class at half past sevenMe and the boys think she's heavenMademoiselle Angelina french will teachAnd we know it very well she's a little bitchBut i knowFrom the class i'm the one that will"
  • French Pedicure - Avant
    "French pedicure in the air French pedicure French pedicure in the air, it's plain to see that you like 'em there It's never too much, yearning your touch French pedicure in the air, it's plain to see that"

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