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Washington bullets

  • Washington Bullets - The (International) Noise Conspiracy
    "Where do you wanna go? Into the city of Baghdad or just downtown LA. A lot of rubble to get buried under. Too many dead to know the names. Whats the price how many lives. How many landfills will make it"
  • Washington Bullets - The Clash
    "Oh! Mama, Mama look there! Your children are playing in that street again Don't you know what happened down there? A youth of fourteen got shot down there The Kokane guns of Jamdown Town The killing clowns,"
  • Washington - Lutricia McNeal
    "(McNeal/Jay G/Papalexis/Larossi/Benn/Yacoub) I wanna go to Washington I wanna meet the president I'm feeling ten feet tall, I'm indestructible to ya'll I wanna go to Washington I wanna meet the president I'm"
  • Washington - Lutricia Mc Neal
    "(mcneal/jay g/papalexis/larossi/benn/yacoub) I wanna go to washington I wanna meet the president I'm feeling ten feet tall, I'm indestructible to ya'll I wanna go to washington I wanna meet the president I'm"
  • Washington - Dogstar
    "WASHINGTON Written by Bret Domrose I feel something near Is it misery or fear It's a mystery unclear What am I doing here A breeze upon my face Smells sweet as your embrace A smile across my"
  • Washington - Connells
    "Washington There's a painting of Washington, and he's standing in a rowboat, and he's crossing the Delaware, and he wants to see somebody. How can you believe in this? How can it inspire you? How can"
  • Washington - Valete
    "I Feel Something Near Is It Misery Or Fear It's a Mystery Unclear What Am I Doing Here A Breeze Upon My Face Smells Sweet As Your Embrace A Smile Across My Face As I Think About That Place And I Feel Like"
  • Washington - Anna Oxa
    "(Dalla - Ferro) Sto andando a Washington ma cosa vado a fare non lo so comunque in alto non vedo niente non si vede un accidente da qui noi e gli occhi a mandorla e una faccina piccola cos con i suoi"
  • Washington - Lucio Dalla
    "Sto andando a Washington, ma a fare cosa non lo so sono molto in alto, non vedo niente, non vedo un accidente da qui Lei ha gli occhi a mandorla e una faccina piccola cosl h con i suoi fratelli, piccolina"
  • Bullets - Assassin
    "Bullets do represent the war Bullets are not game Bullets are made just to kill To overcoming enemies Shooting, killing and smashing That is the bullets idea You won't have another chance To love your"
  • Bullets - Archive
    "Come touch me like Im an ordinary man, have a look in my eyes,Underneath my skin there is violence, got a gun in its hand,Ready to make sense of anyone anything.Black holes living in the side of your face,Razor"
  • Bullets - Hawksley Workman
    "(you are every bit a soldier i won't forget you too soon) you've got pies in the oven way across the sea i'm just here fighting for our liberty that and a cold glass of beer yeah that's why i'm here and"
  • Bullets - Tunng
    "Green hills and enemies These things they make us sentimental inside Your words are gelignite Or just another sentimental aside We're catching bullets in our teeth And though it's easy if you know how"
  • Bullets - Bob Schneider
    "I gotta freak I gott flow I gotta throw my ass overboard dont you knowThe tip I'm on yeah it's the bomb Did I ever tell you that you look a lot like my mom Yeah and your smart I can tell you pull me apart"
  • Bullets - Vega 4
    "I need to know I broke your heart. The truth is that it's about me Hurting just to find a line, This is giving me trouble I'd like to know I left a scar. I'm wondering do you feel free? Do you still kiss"
  • Bullets - Psycho Realm
    "Lost dreams of innocence long past Through time memories burn and fade like ash Through the crosswinds through the crosiers Let the bullet strike Through the teflon and on and in Feel me penatrate the"
  • Bullets - Blind Myself
    "The world was spinning faster than ever Sweating bullets couldn't wait in the chamber Like an octupus with thousand killing hands That holds you, pulls you down like quicksand Get me out of here! Let"
  • Bullets - No Use For A Name
    "Alone on stage without song so where is jesus now and where do I belong What is faith if there is no proof? The answer is the same but not for anyone, the question lingers on So out of desperation Humans"
  • Bullets - Labyrinth
    "I saw misery and scorn From who has no respect for life They are trying to make us slaves Through false religions and lies No one is saved 'cause its all programmed The line between fake and real Is so"
  • Bullets - Creed
    "Walking around I hear the sounds, of the Earth seeking relief. I'm trying to find a reason to live, But the mindless clutter my path. Oh these thorns in my side... Oh these thorns in my side... I know"

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