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Water foutain Alex Benjamin

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Water foutain Alex Benjamin

  • Benjamin - Bobbie Gentry
    "Benjamin rode out of Montana On a Palomino pony He told me he was all alone He lost his family in forty-nine Benjamin took me to San Diego Guess we caused quite a commotion Selling Pacific ocean water And"
  • Alex theme - Akira Yamaoka
    "It started long before me... I never saw it coming... The distance, the promise... A state of isolation... And in my darkest nightmare, Things that I can't remember... The answer, is drowning, this pain"
  • Alex (Stolen Script) - Ghostface Killah
    "Ghost face Alex (stolen script) Yeah, Thats right, Hardy Boys shit Smoke a winston to this shit word up bout to f**kin blow ya head up yeah yo, yo, he got his stones from greece, in his mouth he had"
  • Benjamin - Akon
    "the following presentation is rated R… if you found that one she’ll do it just one time Akon, yeah! she has one to hare all her butiful feelings whit seem like everyone around her still faking counterfeit trying"
  • Benjamin - Celine Dion
    "Celine Dion C'est Pour Vivre Benjamin Quand le soleil travers La fort Se change en or Dans vos bras c'est beau Un garon qui s'endort ,il avait l'air D'un enfant Sans parents Qui cherche encore Si sa route Ira"
  • Benjamin - Carola
    "(Benjamin, Benjamin)Du ser p mig, men ser frbiI dina tankar r du lngt bort nnstansJag ser p dig och vet s vlAtt du r rdd att ta nnu en chansMen jag ber dig att frskaFr varje del utav mig vill leva med"
  • Benjamin - Sanctus Real
    "Rain falls outside I think the sky must know whats happening tonight Children born while fathers die It's the circle of life that we all live in time We've been friends for a long, long time So if you"
  • Story Of Benjamin Darling, Pt1 - State Radio
    "On a brig loaded with timber headed for the north Maine coast They took on some rough seas. The captain and his slave fought back the heavy waves But they were threatening To break her up so badly."
  • Alex - Dżem
    "Byłaś w moim śnie, ubrana w sukienkę z mgły, Wszystko jak dawniej a jednak inaczej, w oczach łzy i lęk. Nie powiedziałem ani słowa, kiedy tak blisko obok siebie Widziałem miłość i rozpacz, a moje"
  • Water - Breaking Benjamin
    "What's all this talk of a notion? I'd rather drink from the ocean What did you mean when you said no? I only want what is best for you I won't ever let you drown No, I won't ever let you down 'Cause"
  • Benjamin Calypso - Joseph
    "(Brothers) Oh no - not he How you can accuse him is a mystery Save him - take me Benjamin is straighter than the tall palm tree (Judah) I hear the steel drums sing their song They're singing man you know"
  • Benjamin Calypso - Andrew Lloyd Webber
    "Oh no, not he, How you can accuse him is a mystery, Save him, take me, Benjamin is straighter dan de tall palm tree. I hear de steel drums sing dere song, Dey're sing-in' man you know you got it wrong I"
  • Benjamin Day - Gerry Rafferty
    "(partial lyrics) To a lane called Corrie Wynd there came a peddler With his pack and all he called gestedler And in his bag he carried many treasures Dear old Benjamin Day, I still can hear you say Strange"
  • Benjamin B - Fresh Dumbledore
    "Yo! Das hier geht drauf und alle bescheuerten kleinen fetten Scheikinder , die die fette Scheie voll fett anscheien ey! Die person, ber die ich gleich singe ist dermaen fett, dass ihr euch hier vorher"
  • Well, Benjamin - Shearwater
    "Well, Benjamin You crashed your plane again A beautiful tailspin It was going to happen soon enough The only question was when 'Cause I could smell the flames Just sleeping on your skin And I love you"
  • benjamin button - Gala
    "jak to dobrze nie muszę zakładać maski na mordę, bo juz mam ją pozytywne emocje emocje co chwile gdzieś we mnie gasną"
  • Smart Alex - The Adicts
    "I'm Jack, Jack the lad I'm a nasty habit I'm the joker in the pack I'm the prize exhibit Alex they call him Alex Smart boy Alex They call him Alex I'm a dreamer, I'm a dream I'm a fantasy addict I'm"
  • Alex Again - Caulfields
    "Caulfields Whirligig Alex Again (John Faye/Mike Simpson) Alex got her name because her father wished her born a son A fancy name for a flighty girl Now flight of fancy runs amok on everyone Daddy took"
  • Alex Chilton - Patty Griffin
    "If he was from VenusWould he feed us with a spoon?If he was from Mars,Wouldn't that be cool?Standing right on campusWould he stamp us in a file?Hangin' down in Memphis all the whileChildren by the millionSing"
  • Alex Chilton - The Replacements
    "If he was from Venus, would he feed us with a spoon? If he was from Mars, wouldn't that be cool? Standing right on campus, would he stamp us in a file? Hangin' down in Memphis all the while. Children"

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