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We're Not Flawless

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We're Not Flawless

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We're Not Flawless
  • Swollen Members Flawless
    "(Hit it!) (Hit it!) Amplified, fortified, more to my liking, Come alive, overdrive, certified writing, Simplified, mortified, purified rhyming, Horrified , glorified, war! Rob the Viking, We're"
  • Strata Flawless
    "I need a method on arranging the courage to fight my urges no more im not a machine but im expected to be flawless always theres more to this than the sheen im a coward a liar and im not sane this is what"
  • Danity Kane Flawless
    "I'm not conceited, I'm just telling the truthYou need a woman in your life that's gon' be equal to youYou need a woman in your life that hold it down for youJust like you got your own hustle, yeah, I'm"
  • Ani DiFranco Fierce Flawless
    "She was cuffed to the truth like the truth was a chair Bright interrogation light in her eyes And her conscience lit a cigarette, just stood there Waiting for her to crack, waiting for her to cry And his"
  • The Project Hate MCMXCIX Loveless, Godless, Flawless
    "Sinned at souls Save us We burn only for the death that awaits us Godless we breathe All that's sacred must die Blood fallen All will wither and die New dawning Blood floating Red rivers As we crawl here"
  • George Michael Flawless
    "'Cause you're beautiful (Like no other) 'Cause you're beautiful (maybe tonight, they'll see you tonight) Beautiful .... beautiful And it's no good waiting by the window It's no good waiting for the sun Please"
  • Beyonce Flawless (ft. Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche)
    "I'm bout that H, town coming coming down I'm coming down, try I get it On the ground H, Town, Town, I'm coming down, coming down I know when you were little girls You dreamt of being in my world Don't"
  • Peeping Tom We're not alone
    "(A lover) (A lover) This feeling has a thousand limbs, of a first and hymns tell me do you like it? (I like it) Too big to fit in this skin, this skin i'm in, because i'm a lover Bring my freedom! I won't"
  • Son Of Dork We're Not Alone
    "(james) yeah ! (Verse 1 (James):) Standing in crop circles naked Gazing at the stars Cause there's a possibility, there Could be life on Mars I hope they bring back Elvis Cause how crazy would that be? I"
  • Inti-Illimani We're Not Alone
    "I shall not tire of the road we're walking Your smile a candle, i shall not tire I shall not weaken in the face of danger But draw you close to me We're not alone, we're not alone Earth like a friend"
  • Sing It Loud We're Not Afraid
    "If I could say your name it wouldn't come to this And if I know your mine then it'll be alright But if I stay the night then I'll never fix what I want to I wanna know if there's a way that you could take"
  • Broken Iris We're Not Alone
    "At sunrise, open your eyes take a good look outside and wonder, "Is this right?" Because deep down inside there's something that's left To discover Is your grand design hand woven nor divine? As right"
  • Flipper We're Not Crazy
    "We are not crazy, we're goin' insane It's not our fault you decided to blame Yourself for walkin' in the front door You're gonna come back tomorrow And pay a little bit more It's been such a long time Carrying"
  • Tickle Me Pink We're Not Alone
    "We're all searching for someone, 'cause we can't find ourselves. We all are the same, with these feelings our hearts are brave. Why can't you see, why can't you see, we're not alone. Why can't we see, why"
  • Vanden Plas We're Not God
    "Music: S.Lill Lyrics: A.Kuntz New tecniques based on plasmid transfer now make it possible possible to determine exact nucleotide sequences of isolated sections of the dna when we raise clones that's what"
  • The Housemartins We're Not Deep
    "You can put it down to lack of patience You can put it down to lack of sleep But it's in my head to stay in bed Tucked under the sheets They said if you try to get on I'd get on They said there were chances But"
  • Squad Five-O We're Not Blind
    "People ask me son what you gonna do with your life.Open up your eyes and leave your childish ways behind.I don't want to grow up, I swear I never will.Never gonna change me, never change the way I feel.What"
  • Dinosaur Jr. We're Not Alone
    "I've been lying softly, glued to the ground I don't need to listen, I just need the sound piece it all together, let me out When it's almost over there's a doubt to get through I wanted you to say 'be"
  • Leah Andreone We're Not Alone
    "You should close your eyes When I close my eyes The darkness starts to leave my head I picture butterflies finding light Picture all my dreams as answered prayers I picture men helping women And women"
  • Nas We're Not Alone
    "(Mykel) There was life there was water We depend on mama nature There is a message for tommorrow Everything connect's to you Some says soon there will be over You can see it in the weather Out of tune"

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