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We're young Fun

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We're young Fun

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We're young Fun
  • Kevin Gilbert Fun
    "Lenny's got horse and Nigel's got hash, I got a lot of dispensable cash Go downtown in my limousine Gonna find some young hookers we can treat real mean There's plenty of drugs n' plenty of beer To"
  • Smash Mouth Fun
    "Its 2003 Where do you wanna be Back in 42 or 1970 And maybe we should just take a good look around I don't get why the planet is so upset Don't do somehting you might regret I'm telling you it's starting"
  • Carrie Underwood We're Young And Beautiful
    "While we're young and beautiful, Kiss me like you mean it, Treat me like I'm special, Cover me with sweetness, Cause a time will come, When we're not so young, and beautiful, While we're young and beautiful, Living"
  • Warren G Young Fun
    "(feat. Knee-Hi, Jayo Felony) He young, he young, he young, he young, She young, she young, she young, she young, He young, he young, he young, he young, She young, she young, she young, she young I hit"
  • Beach Boys Fun, fun, fun
    "Well she got her daddy's car and she cruised through the hamburger stand now.Seems she forgot all about the library like she told her old man now.And with the radio blastin' goes cruisin' just as fast"
  • Floetry Fun
    "Hold On, Hold On One Minute, Hello, Hi Yea Its Me, Yea Look Im Gonna Be Home Again Late, Alright Yea, Bye This Isn't My Idea Of Fun Love Said Im Not Gonna Be The One In Love This Isn't My Idea Of"
  • Ian Hunter Fun
    "(ian hunter/mark clarke/hilly michaels) I got a shower curtain stickin' to my back And the o'd' cologne sure packs a whack I got blood on my razor - my face is in shock 'n' my hair hangin' down like a"
  • Perry Como While We're Young
    "< instrumental opening > Songs were made to sing, While we're young. Every day is Spring, While we're young. None can refuse, Time flies so fast! Too dear to lose, An' too sweet to last! Though"
  • McFly We're The Young
    "Listen! We've got a situation There always putting us down We are the generation Can't keep us underground Is it my imagination Or do you feel good Were on a one way mission We can take it all down We"
  • April March While We're Young
    "Say it's time for love, It's time for thrill, And an adventure. Say you'll drive me away, Fast on the cliffs, And we'll be in danger. Tell me they'll be no fear As we walk to the edge, Stare at the void While"
  • Aesop Rock We're Famous
    "I brought that genuine shit in '96 Before you knew the underground or independent existed I watched the whole scene straight jump on the dick After stepping to KCR lit and flexing my shit No gun talk,"
  • Lola Ray We're Not Having Any Fun
    "Tonight you will call out my name and you will see my lungs expand with me you'll have no reservations and you will call my name again so open up your body lay me on the floor i wish that you were"
  • Selena Gomez Fun
    "this is just what the doctor ordered put a gold star on my disorder we’ve talked around every corner if I am looking at you and me we’re on some kind of symmetry I am a sensitive situation you’re a hot"
  • Poco While We're Still Young
    "Out in the night, lovers hold hands as they stake out the light Sirens scream as they rush out of sight We whisper plans and promise to love for as long as we can We'll make this night the night it began While"
  • Little Mix Live While We're Young
    "It’s now or never Don’t overthink just let it go And if we get together Yeah, get together Don’t let the pictures leave your phone oooo Yeah, we’ll be doing what we do Just pretending that we’re cool ....... Let's"
  • Jeanette As long as we're young
    "Tell me babe I wanna know why you're out of your mindNothing else matters cause we're young and we're two of a kindSo get your boogie down cause we're back in townWe're gonna party till the break of the"
  • Chixdiggit Angriest Young Men (We're The)
    "hey i'm so angry that i can't stand it my girlfriend left me, i'll write some poetry and listen to my primus record collection i'm so angry, i think i'll start a band hey you can slap the bass, and i'll"
  • Tulisa Young
    "Forgive me for what I have done, Cause i’m young, yeah i’m young Forgive me for what I have done, Cause i’m young, yeah i’m young I don’t mean to feded you off It’s just fun, it’s just fun I don’t mean"
  • Bratz Just Having Some Fun
    "Oh yeah You ready? Here we go... Hey hey hey Nothin' like a little sunshine To start out a perfect day Everybody is feelin' alright Let's hit the road, get on our way Never better, all together, just"
  • Boney M. Young
    "Welcome to the radio show: Young Free & Single ! We got a good show lined up for you let's have our first caller: Hey Jane's my name and love's my game I just turned eighteen yesterday. I'm blond I'm"

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