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We Came as Romans Cold Like War

  • A War Inside - We Came As Romans
    "The devil on my shoulder tells me he's proud of me That it takes a real man to look out for himself and no one else I don't want to believe that But sometimes it's easier to just stay silent I wish I"
  • Cold War - Styx
    "(Bob (Aku Aku) Young) Cold war, cold war, cold war I'm tired of your psychology To bring us to our bended knees And if we could only talk to you I'm sure that we could make you see 'Cause time has a way Of"
  • Glad You Came (The Wanted cover) - We Came As Romans
    "The sun goes down The stars come out And all that counts Is here and now My universe will never be the same I'm glad you came You cast a spell on me, spell on me You hit me like the sky fell on me, fell"
  • The Way That We Have Been - We Came As Romans
    "Why have we been so reckless? Acting like we don't know right from wrong And it's not like we didn't expect this When we've really known all along It could only be so long until we really felt it We've"
  • Cold War - Vergeltung
    "Intolerance glows like embers Cold flame burns hot in the hearts Both teeth and fists are clenched Eyes sparkle from behind bars Cold fire begets incandescent blaze Disdain is to sire the hate There's"
  • Cold War - Vapors
    "Little White Dogs in Black and Chains Screaming indignation at your hype ass games Til the Lights go out Shut your eyes and go back home Cramped and shucked in leather jeans Storing ????? for some"
  • Naked As We Came - Iron And Wine
    "She says wake up, it's no use pretending I'll keep stealing breathing her Birds are leaving over Autumn's ending One of us will die inside these arms Eyes wide open Naked as we came One will spread our"
  • Naked as we came - Iron & Wine
    "She says, "Wake up, it's no use pretending" I'll keep still and breathe in her. Birds are leaving over autumn's ending One of us will die inside these arms Eyes wide open, naked as we came One will spread"
  • Cold war - Faye Wong
    "How can I know that I am really embracing you in silence Like palpating a pile of mobile air Witnessing innumerable amounts of question marks kissed away by the Reticent you Can I only prevaricate myself?"
  • Cold War - Shades Apart
    "Frozen talk won't stop for sure What's buried in the ground A limit for tomorrow Doesn't save the here and now It shouldn't be hard to agree On something they must know Maybe they are thinking If"
  • Cold As Ice - Werd N Deeko
    "Your as cold as ice Your willing to sacrifice Spit hot as the Sahara But cash I ain't got nada No dressed in Prada No champagne ad rather Sip on Tennents lager And look for fucking pagers Carry daggers"
  • Shapes - We Came As Romans
    "i am just everyone i've ever met and the reason why wars are fought. i am why blood is shed. the cause of soldier's deaths. i've sent my envy over seas. to dark alleys and abandoned streets. to seep through"
  • Intentions - We Came As Romans
    "The intent. I intend. The intentions of one will guide. I strive to speak what I have learned and learn from those I see. To step out of this life is my ambition. To speak out and show you what I have"
  • I Can't Make Your Decisions For You - We Came As Romans
    "I've led a horse to water But he turned and ran as soon as I turned my back It seems as if the way here Wore worse on me than it did on him I feel like my words have only given way To brief intentions"
  • What I Wished I Never Had - We Came As Romans
    "Don't catch me at the wrong time Or you will feel my wrath The one I wished I never had Wished I never had I need to rid myself of resentment And every last bit of it If I'm going to live up to the things"
  • Let These Words Last Forever - We Came As Romans
    "Let this love Carry on, carry on When we turn to dust Let these words last forever Make this life About something bigger than all of us All of us Let this love Let this love carry on I will not Hold the"
  • Roads That Don't End And Views That Never Cease - We Came As Romans
    "You are so far away, And it strains on me to hear your voice everyday. You never know what you have until you're gone, So when it's over and I'm on my way back home, It feels like days before I'm next"
  • Cast The First Stone - We Came As Romans
    "I'll cast the first stone Just to take the attention away from me Anything to protect my reputation Because I feel like that's all I have, all I know What do I look like in their eyes? Is it something"
  • What My Heart Held - We Came As Romans
    "I just want to feel something I just want to feel something new I feel like I'm stuck in this routine Every day is decided before I wake Every dream that I've dreamt I don't want to chase All the people"
  • Mis/Understanding (tf. Josh Wells) - We Came As Romans
    "Am I not understanding this now? This world I've held so close to my heart Is all against me now And it wears, and it breaks, And it brings me down, so low, down so low It wears me down, down to my bones Straight"

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