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We are In the same game

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We are In the same game

  • Same Ol' Game - Souljahz
    "Yo, this goes out to all my wild style ladies Respect yourselves and stop pumpin' out babies And also to my brothers who keep thinkin' they're men Yet it seems to me they're actin' more like man's"
  • We Are The Same - Anne McCue
    "Take me down to your darkest deep Let me see all those secrets you keep Please me, let me walk upon your stage Open the door, let me get inside your cage 'Cause love only burns you If you set it aflame I'm"
  • We are the same, Susanne - The Sisters Of Mercy
    "Counting the days in the haze around you Susanne on the wall No pain, summer rain I'm lost for stupid again We are the same Give it a name Susanne Counting the days in the haze around you Susanne let the"
  • We Are The Same, Susanne - Sisters Of Mercy
    "Counting the days in the haze around you Susanne on the wall No pain, summer rain I'm lost for stupid again We are the same Give it a name Susanne Counting the days in the haze around you Susanne"
  • We are all the same - Umberto Tozzi
    "(Gli Altri Siamo Noi)I've lived inside my heador in an ivory towerand looking out that life I looked from deep withina cloudI walked along the streetand never saw a faceI stayed away from truth because"
  • We are all the same - Natalie Grant
    "My life is filled with joy and tearsJust like somebody ten thousand miles from here we stand a half a world apart, looking up at the same stars were the fellowship of the unashamed,Children in our saviors"
  • Same Old Game - Pato Banton
    "On your marks, get set, Bo! here I come again with lyrics on my lips, my fingertips and in my brain. I travel non stop yes to entertain by car, coach, train, ship or plane. I've been to Italy, Belgium,"
  • Same Old Game - House Of Pain
    "I'll get your dome piece open just like a New York deli I'm mad cool like Garth Manzarelli You've seen 'em on the tele with Ralph "The Mouth" I rock the east, west, north, and the south Without a doubt"
  • We Are - Funkmaster Flex
    "(feat. Memphis Bleek, Geda K) Just blazin' this bitch up, holla (Proud, that's my word) Funk motherfuckin' Flex (hey, yo killa nigga) Hey yo, I'm back up in this bitch like, Memph Bleek Same ambition,"
  • We All Play The Game - Magnum
    "Now you've found yourself, can you tell me how you feel? Well, you look so well, everything seems new and real Can you rise above all the worldly cares you had? All the foolish thoughts, have they really"
  • We Are The Hustlaz - The Game
    "Yeah... Yeah man we them niggaz everybody talkin 'bout Hey yo, yo (Verse One) Whether it's, chips or whips or bricks of 'caine I still shine at the end when y'all forced to rain Changed the game, three"
  • We Are The Champions - The Game
    "I am the champion my friend And i'll keep on fighting 'till the end I am the champion I am the champion Don't end for loser cos I am the champion (The Game) Guess whos back in a son of a bitch Underground"
  • Game - Beady Belle
    "Little boys and little girls Playing parts in little worlds Little girls and little boys Properties are little toys Inside the doll's huse the game begins Girl is the princess and boy's the prince"
  • Game - Too Short
    "Intro *guy toking and coughing up* ($hort) Freddy B! (Fred B) Wuz up $hort? ($hort) Ai, y'know they been waitin on this ol' school game Let's bring that game back! (Fred B) Like game one thru five?"
  • We are one - Same Difference
    "I've followed my dreams, as long as I remember. No matter the pain, no matter the rain fall. (Ohhhh) Th road has been so long, so uncertain. Looking back at what we've done. Chasing devils on the run. It's"
  • We Are Not the Same - Scream Maker
    "Equality You're asking me what it's all about They gave you lies That fool is not worse than wise They turned its subtle meaning wrong way up There's good and bad And there's the great divide... We are"
  • Game Over - The Poets
    "Seems to me like things are changing, and you know Theres times when I just blame myself I always hoped that things would go our way, but no, Here we are in this same old olace We have to open up our eyes All"
  • Back In The Game - Wu-Tang Clan
    ""It's true - the Shaolin and the Wu-Tang, could be dangerous!" Uh-huh, Mr. Biggs, Track Masters (woo!) It's a Wu-Tang official right here y'know Yeah, the employees of the year yeah we're back to work We"
  • We Are The Champions - The Game feat. Chicken Little
    "me:] Guess whos back in a son of a bitch Underground king with a gun on his hip Not the UGK like Bun B and Pimp C But I got the Ghost Unit bumpin in my Bentley Ain't shit changed with the guts in a range And"
  • We Are The Reasons - We Came As Romans
    "This is a poison everyone knows It runs through my rivers. created and cured by the same, and it will flow. Tear through these holds, and rip away my heart. with an effort so constrained, this is the"

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