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We are a sperhero Superhero Wiktoria Viki Gabor

  • Superhero - Wiktoria Viki Gabor
    "Na na na na na na na na na Na na na na na na na na na Do you know what we're fighting for? The clock is ticking and the time has come Spread the love now, fight for love now Don't judge Do you know what"
  • KIEDYŚ TO BYŁO (Viki Gabor - Superhero PARODIA) - Nosem Janusza
    "q,q,q,q, qrła Grażyna ja lubiu tiebia, q,q,q,q, qrła Chociaz mówia dziśich libe dich, q,q,q,q, qrła po angielsku to i love you , q,q,q,q, qrła Grażyna ja lubiu tiebia, q,q,q,q, qrła sąsiad cham, jest"
  • Superhero - Simon Curtis
    "Stand up, everybody look alive Say come on, come on, come on We're gonna get it now Hands up if you're ready for a fight Say come on, come on, come on, we gonna win now I don't need you to believe in me I"
  • Superhero - Reef
    "Melody I think you've met your maker Play another let me be the one You were only looking for a failure Now your evil plan has come undone Superhero I'm dancing and I feel like you Superhero I'm dancing"
  • Superhero - Garrison Starr
    "We are ten years old We are holding our breath underwater Eardrums bursting from the pressure We can touch the bottom Won't you come away with me We are flying high Bare carpet on our feet And we are"
  • Superhero - KMFDM
    "You're so wonderful Apple of everyone's eye You're so clever Multimillion-dollar smile The world is your oyster and pearls are fun Share them with everyone that you love And you love everyone always all"
  • Superhero - Banaroo
    "Ill be your superhero Ill will never let u down I ll be there when u need me call me I ll always be around Verse one beneath my wings rest your head I will cover you If your lost and alone I will rescue"
  • Superhero - Goldie Lookin Chain
    "Alright lee, i'm just chillin down Shaftsbury, got the gold, catch u later...PsychDont go, busting my ballsOr Ill smash your brain all over the wallsIts the chain, and we cant refrainYoure out of your"
  • RAMIĘ W RAMIĘ - Viki Gabor, Kayah - Magda Bereda
    "Ruszamy w dal zaklęciem otwieram drzwi bogini w nas buzuje ze wszystkich sił ty siostrę masz we mnie, dobrze wiesz w ciemności za dłoń pochwycę cię bądź pewna, że nie zgubisz się nie, nie Moja miła tańcz i"
  • Superhero - Brian McKnight
    "One look in your eye Though I'm stronger than a locomotive I can't tell a lie Now that you've become my very life Enough is enough No more disguise I'm yours Baby you're mine I'm your superhero For you"
  • Superhero - Stephen Lynch
    "If I could be a Superhero, I would be Awesome Man. I'd fly around the world fighting crime According to my Awesome Plan. And if I saw criminals trying to lie Hurting other people and making them cry I'd"
  • Superhero - Tinman Jones
    "I've never heard of a superman who could mend a broken heart I've never heard of a sherlock homes who was ever quite this smart I've never seen an incredible hulk with the strength to move the earth I've"
  • Superhero - Cher Lloyd
    "Ooo Ooo Ooh Ooh Ooh I loved you, I loved you With all that's in my power I was used and abused Til I was sweet and sour I kissed you and kissed you And gave you all my sugar You knew that I'd be useless If"
  • Superhero - Faith No More
    "Go, Go, Go, Go, Go, Go, Go, Go, Go, Go, Go, Go, Go, Go, Go, Go, Superhero I'm tugging on your cape Tell me will your sons Know their father one day Leader of men Leader of men Get back in your cage Will"
  • Superhero - Ani DiFranco
    "sleepwalking through the all-nite drugstore baptized in flourescent light i found religion in the greeting card aisle now i know hallmark was right and every pop song on the radio is suddenly speaking"
  • Superhero - Bane
    "she rolls her eyes and lights another "one day I'll quit these things, they're killing me." she blows her brains right out her fucking mouth I just don't know how you do it well, there is nothing in me that"
  • Forever and a night - Wiktoria Viki Gabor
    "So hot, I am on fire Could swear I am in L.A. Cuz when i got you with me You take me away You got to leave tomorrow Please don’t get on a plane Coz we could have forever Why don’t you just stay Then"
  • Getaway - Wiktoria Viki Gabor
    "G-E-T-A-W-A-Y G-E-T-A-W-A-Y don’t have to fly across no seas tonight your packing all them things you know I like now we don’t need no money to get it right coz you know you’re my vacation every time you’re"
  • What Christmas Means To Me - Wiktoria Viki Gabor
    "Oh yeah, yeah Candles buring low, lots of mistletoe Lots of snow and ice everywhere we go Choirs singin' carols right outside my door All these things and more All these things and more That's what Christmas"
  • Escape - Wiktoria Viki Gabor
    "Nah - nah You want me, No, you don't know me Nobody controls me! Yeah No no, I won't take it slow slow Tell me if you follow.. I'm young and I'm living my life Yes, I'm livin my life I wanna have fun,"

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