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We are going everything

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We are going everything

  • Everything - B2K
    "E-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g E-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g When I'm out on the road Going from show to show Told my homie romeo How much I miss you so I don't know how much longer it'll be I'm missing you, wanting you And"
  • Everything - B2krazy
    "E..V..E..R..Y..T..H..I..N..G 2x When im out on the road going from show to show told my homie Romeo how much i miss you so i dont know how much long it would be I'm missin you wanting you and I really"
  • We are what we are - X-PERIENCE
    "I want to play a melody I want to sing a song Come sing it with me A sweet melody We want to shout it out That we are going to be free Come sing it with me Were going to be free Open your eyes"
  • Where Are We Going - Josh Rouse
    "(words by Edward Gordon / Larry Mizell) Day in, day out Sidewalk sleeper turnabout Day by day Work gets done Day by day Another war goes on Tell me where are we going What, what's the future showing? Oh,"
  • Are We Going Down? - Andy Zipf
    "Oh child are we going down To the edge of the river town I lost my love upon that ground oh child are we going down I will rest my weary head in the calm of the river bed I lost my love upon that ground oh"
  • Where are we going - Howard Jones
    "Restraints were hoisted on at such an early age Straps were tightened in the class Scripts by the school sage Putting out the spark Left us in the dark Possibilities shut right down The cleaver of the"
  • Where Are We Going? - Youth Brigade
    "driveing down the highway, just the other day we carried on so long then i realized we'd lost our way so we start to argue about so many things who was to blame we were going insane when i hear these voices"
  • Where are we going to - I Voted For Kodos
    "You're asking me about myself You're looking in my eyes You're lauging at the stories I tell You say you sympathize Back at my place we lay on the couch You like Sunday mornings, too Wondering if it's"
  • We Are Written - Peter Hammill
    ""It was always going to be like this, whatever you bring yourself to say. Why don't you point that thing the other way and telescope this tangled story? You've got the whole thing at your fingertips, already"
  • Here We Are - Gloria Estefan
    "Here we are Face to face We forget, time and place Hold me now Don't let go Though it hurts and we both know The time we spent together's gonna fly And everything you do to me Is gonna feel so right Baby"
  • Going Bad - Tech N9ne
    ""Everything was suppose to be all Jesus Everything was suppose to be all Jesus But it seems like everything is all Satan But it seems like everything is all Satan Everything was suppose to be all Jesus Everything"
  • You Are Everything - Sisqo
    "Yo we gonna try somethin a little different Yo make make my voice a little more distorted Yeah I don't know if they ready for this (Yeah yeah) Uh uh bass (Yeah) Uh uh bass (Yeah) Uh uh bass (Yeah"
  • You Are Everything - Patty Loveless
    "(Clark/Sykes) You are so good to me You got me feelin' Like I'm happy, I'm lucky As free as a bird You got me feeling like Love is more than a word You are so good to me Just as good as you can be You"
  • Your Are Everything - Dru Hill
    "can i play for you baby ey yo woody help me out ey yo jazz you chill for a minute nokio come on you like that i'll sing a song 4 you last night we had an argument after what so feeling pretty bit than"
  • Where Are We Going From Here - Blackmore's Night
    "On a long road, miles to go Its winding and cold and its covered with snow But I ask you what we all want to know Where are we going from here... Lines on my face , lines on my hands Lead to a future"
  • What Are We Going To Do - Dru Hill
    "what are we going to do what do they gonna say where we gonna go when they find out what are we going to do what do they gonna say where we gonna go when they find out i really don't know you well you"
  • Everything - Schiller
    "Stars and souls tied by charge Stars and souls We are dust thats made up of love We are dust, particles of love we are Its everything, everything, everything we are all we are, is everything, everything,"
  • Everything - Eddi Reader
    "We are fire, we are friction We are the light falling down from the stars We are truth and we are fiction We are everything We are moving, we are rushing We are the sap rising in the trees We are the"
  • We are going to be friends - The White Stripes
    "Fall is here, hear the yell Back to school, ring the bell Brand new shoes, walking blues Climb the fence, books and pens I can tell that we're going to be friends Walk with me, Suzy Lee Through the park"
  • Everything - M2M
    "It's been nine days, eight hours, 40 minutes since you called I've been so crazy I'm just about taking our picture off the wall It's been three months over hundred days since you held my hand And I miss"

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