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We are never be apart

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We are never be apart

  • Apart - Brandy
    "I never do anything that pleases you So maybe we are better off apart I don't wanna argue anymore So maybe we are better off apart You used to spend time with me You would never leave But now the time"
  • Apart - Dangerous Muse
    "Long distance never works. You're making a mistake. Cut your losses and say goodbye, remove the stake. They don't know our love. Have they even tried to risk, to fail, to right the ends that come untied? They"
  • Apart - The Cure
    "He waits for her to understand But she won't understand at all She waits all night for him to call But he won't call anymore He waits to hear her say Forgive But she just drops her pearl-black eyes And"
  • Worlds Apart - Nightingale
    "We used to be together Now we're worlds apart Nevermore will I be near you Or feel your hand in mine The days are filled with sorrow The nights will never end The silence here is suffocating I feel so"
  • Apart - Elkland
    "you and i will never be apart, apart you will never erase from my heart, my heart the distance can't belie the only hope i have inside now you do what you do i'll do what i do i can't stop dreaming of"
  • Apart - Nate James
    "In the morning i am waking in a foreign landThe only place i've ever knownBut i know that where i'm living is not my homeIn the evening i am dreaming of the father's landThe only place that i belongBut"
  • Apart - Knuckle Sandwich
    "You were young and I was older, how it hurt to break our ties. I remember our last night and the tears in your eyes. You were my everything but it just wasn't our time. Being happy was never easy, but"
  • Forever Stars Apart - Xspace
    "by Costin Tuculescu and Benjamin Ackerman Whats this bliss that takes me when i kiss you? Will it take us away? When i walk near you i close my eyes. Wondering what to say... And then i wonder: Will you"
  • Oceans Apart - Judy Garland
    "Oceans apart and with only the blue between Since we're apart I'm yearning I tell my heart we must wait for another dawn when he may be returning How I regret the night he sailed for another shore Will"
  • Ling Apart - Joey Tempest
    "call it an emergency somewhere else I got to be tired talking to myself I guess Ive got a lot of nerve walking back into your world knowing it will cause a scene theres no way I can let it be things"
  • Falling Apart - Comeback Kid
    "right now I'm feeling useless it's all the same it's all the same to me this curse is growing stronger this isn't how I thought it would be now I would pave the way but I've got nothing to say thinking"
  • Worlds Apart - VINCE GILL
    "(Vince Gill, Bob DiPiero) There's nothing quite as lonely As a sky that turns to gray Or a love that just starts dyin' And slowly fades away You were my best companion Now we lie silent in the dark Why"
  • Fallin Apart - All American Rejects
    "Can somebody save me? Cus i`m thinking maybe That you can take me piece by piece Then you got your reasons But i didn`t need them And either way i`m on my knees yeah You knew when i was wrong You say that"
  • Come Apart - Papa Roach ft. Reach 454
    "I have seen it all come apart again And I dont pretend its getting easier every day now Look into the sky, give me strength within And I dont pretend its getting easier every day now And they try to tell"
  • Falling Apart - Cadence
    "(Chorus) And I don't know why things seem so strained and lately this has been so hard I'm fallin apart without your love I'm fallin apart And I don't think that things will change Unless we open up our"
  • Come apart - Papa Roach
    "(Feat. Reach 454)I have seen it all come apart againAnd I dont pretend its getting easier every day nowLook into the sky, give me strength withinAnd I dont pretend its getting easier every day nowAnd they"
  • Fall apart - 1208
    "Inside a story's been A pad-lock keeps me in Emotions run low If you've come for a show I'm from the world today Insane as some might say Got nothing to show If you've come just to send me away I wasn't"
  • Falling Apart - Lagwagon
    "Hello, welcome to the show Thought we broke up years ago What's up, I just shit my pants Gambled and I lost Good times, just blew out my knee I've fallen and I can't get up Oh shit, I think I broke"
  • Falling apart - Lack Of Limits
    "Once upon a time I thought, I really thought us to be friends Lots of dirty water, a load of muddy water Went down the river since then You've been busy laying traps to break some legs It's your own grave"
  • Fallin' Apart - Tesla
    "Another song about nothing feels right And everything is going wrong Seems we've been here once before Whose fault and who's to blame Doesn't really matter nothing's ever gonna change It's not working"

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