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We are strong harry and harry

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We are strong harry and harry

  • Harry - Kelsy Karter
    "I blacked out, passed out, first time we met It wasn't drugs, could be love, but it's probably sex I'm thinkin' 'bout you cool stare greased hair curly around your eye I wann take a dirty picture send"
  • Harry Truman - Chicago
    "(R. Lamm) America needs you Harry Truman Harry could you please come home Things are looking bad I know you would be mad To see what kind of men Prevail upon the land you love America's wondering How"
  • Harry & Rhonda - Frank Zappa
    "Frank zappa (guitar, synclavier) Steve vai (guitar) Ray white (guitar, vocals) Tommy mars (keyboards) Chuck wild (piano) Arthur barrow (bass) Scott thunes (bass) Jay anderson (string bass) Ed mann (percussion) Chad"
  • Harry Worth - Elvis Costello
    "I met them first on their wedding night Faces were flushed by promises plighted We passed in the hall and I met them well But as their carriage arrived, I found that I couldnt quite tell them Its not"
  • Harry & Maggie - Swervedriver
    "I was born on a close street down a hill The trees that line the street Could sense the winter change They felt the chill They ducked and dived And so we knew that they were alive Until the year the silver"
  • Harry Goldthorpe - Chumbawamba
    "Bradford bad ladHe's ripping up the room at the topTubthumping have-notNever kept his gob shutTaking on the pal's batallionWho shove us to the bottomGive us nowt but trouble'Here's a pittance for your"
  • Harry - Macy Gray
    "You must be smellin' cherries and strawberries and peaches and plums Roses and dandelions Special lovin' on the night I spent with you It was the best that I've had lately But it didn't mean anything,"
  • Little Cute Harry - McFly
    "(spoke) This is just little joanna but for all the people that want to sing it to Harry lol! IT IS NOT A REAL SONG! lol but it kwl! (sung) Little cute Harry's got big blue eyes, cocunut cream on coffee"
  • Harry Rag - The Kinks
    "Oh, Tom is young and tom is bold Tom is as Bold as a night of old But whenever he gets in a bit of a jam There's nothing we won't do to get a harry rag Harry rag, harry rag Do anything just to get a harry"
  • Our Harry - The Innocence Mission
    "We will squint into the sun waving madly at the camera harry standing in the front and I will be sitting on his shoulders When our harry sails in the summer when our harry will sail away our harry sails"
  • Heiland Harry - Dougie MacLean
    "My Harry was a gallant blade and stately strayed he owre the plain but noo he's banished far awa' and oh he'll no come back again Oh for him back again, oh for him back again I wad gae a' Knock Haspie's"
  • Derty Harry - Proof
    "Hey them horns ain't extensions nigga listen Real shit here Haha Face to face you got no heart When I blow sparks you lean on me like Joe Clark My mind is so dark Its superficial Nuclear Missile Hit your"
  • Dirty Harry - Grace
    "Average, we ain't got much We ain't living lavish Dirty Beamer out front Sharla had a party, didn't run it by moms DJ acting shy, tell him turn that shit up The kids next door, they couldn't sleep cause"
  • Harry Bridges - Rancid
    "Bloody Thursday was July 6th The pigs killed three workers Harry Bridges grabbed the mic The city shut down on July 6th The workers were outraged It was a general strike The media claimed that the commies"
  • Frank & Harry - Slovo
    "The Goal I can make you whole Change your scrimmage, image, Everything about you plus give you soul Come on with me, Let's get heavy visionary, hit you, Get you into a new you that'll fit you True,"
  • Dirty Harry - Gorillaz
    "I need a gun to keep myself among the poor people are burning in the sun But they ain't got a chance They ain't got a chance I need a gun Cause all I do is dance Cause all I do is dance I need a gun to"
  • Dirty Harry - Gorillaz
    "I Need A Gun To Keep Myself From Harm The Poor People Are Burning In The Sun But They Ain't Got A Chance They Ain't Got A Chance I Need A Gun Cos All I Do Is Dance Cos All I Do Is Dance I Need"
  • Dirty Harry And The Thunderbolts - Piebald
    "As it spun around and around, I thought to myself this is quite amazing Perhaps they would be justified in laughing If this was a scene from naked gun part III I think I'll go home now Where all of my"
  • Draco And Harry - The Whomping Willows
    "Draco Malfoy, what's your problem? you're lookin kinda mopey and forlorn this morning Harry Potter, what's your deal? are you having trouble with the feelings that you feel? Draco Malfoy, what's your issue? do"
  • Ballad Of Harry Bridges - Pete Seeger
    "THE BALLAD OF HARRY BRIDGES Let me tell you of a sailor, Harry Bridges is his name, An honest union leader whom the bosses tried to frame, He left home in Australia, to sail the seas around, He sailed"

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