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We care julia pietrucalua

  • Julia Says - Wet Wet Wet
    "Here we go again, thru the backstreets of my mind It seems my life was standing still Who's sorry now, it's funny how I didn't know it Here we go again, fighting things we never win It seems our love"
  • Julia - Chris Rea
    "Eyes so bright, so big and wide Make you feel so strange Somewhere deep inside It's the face of an angel Soul of the devil may care How I'd love to know What goes on in there She needs your love She"
  • Julia - Taken By Trees
    "Julia you're not the talking kind Julia I've been your kind I hope you know, hope you know, hope you know You can tell me all that's on your mind We rarely speak but I do think of you a lot They told me"
  • Julia - Fefe Dobson
    "Tell me this is not the end Julia You, my love, my oldest friend Julia I see you with flowers in your hair Julia Running around without a care Your days were numbered Yeah And I want you to know You're"
  • Julia - Eurythmics
    "When the leaves Turn from green to brown And autumn shades Come tumbling down To leave a carpet on the ground Where we have laid When winter leaves her branches bare And icy breezes chill the air The"
  • Julia - West Avenue
    "Everybody knows her name But they don’t know how I can do I see her every single day Always running … for school Light me strikes every time we meet She plus me is perfect chemistry This must be something"
  • Julia - Limbeck
    "Somedays I'm on the 8. But sometimes I'm on the 22, in rush hour traffic. I never thought I'd fall apart. I hate sitting on the 22. I got a shrink that lives near second street. Julia is so smart."
  • Julia - Maxel
    "1. Zimną, choć słodką uczynił cię świat Szczęścia szukałaś, traciłaś swój czas Dlaczego tak jest, Dlaczeg tak jest, o, Julio?! Ktoś ciebie zabrał, ktoś ciebie mi skradł Lecz ty nie"
  • We care so much - Julia Pietrucha & Dawid Podsiadło
    "We care so much to no touch the ground We let the flowers bloom in the spring All of the people they hum in the wind Tearing their clothes and washing their sins Washing their sins Now we're all so set"
  • We Care - MGMT
    "When we see your blue planet we feel tingly inside. Spaceship cold from the vacuum of space traveling. Kittens, hash, by the dozen, we feel tingly inside. Burn and burn the reactor churns. Our hands in"
  • We Care - Reel Big Fish
    "thanx for the money thanx for dancin' and singin' along and everything you do we just want you to know we care (we care) thanx for calling us sell outs and not takin' a joke and talkin' $#!% and covering"
  • Julie - Daniel
    "She came to me with the summer whispering gently hello'. She looked like she was a star fallen down from the sky. I can remember her kisses we didn't say a word. Time was so precious to me and to my Julie. Julie Julie my"
  • Julie - Damian Marley "Jr. Gong"
    "Julie, you are the one Truly, the only one I love the best Julie, why did you break my heart? Well I saw you in the morning Julie baby Why did we break apart I came back in the evening Julie baby To see"
  • Julie - Jens Lekman
    "Oh Julie, meet me by the wending machine. Oh Julie, I'm gonna buy you a wedding ring. Eating French fries by the dock of the bay. Lots of ketchup and mayonnaise. You said this town is too big for our hearts. You"
  • Julie - Ali G
    "Lets talk about Julie right now yu hear mi You got your Julie, I got my Julie, anybody else who no have dem Julie dem need fi get one Yo slammin and banging ya dig dat. A to the L to the I to the Gizzy,"
  • Julie - Shaggy
    "A to the L to the I to the G-sy J to the U to the L I easy S to the H to the A double-G-sy Y Oh, rude boys getting busy (x2) Ragamuffin to your love and affection Mr Lover will be your protection Sticking"
  • Julie - Steel Velvet
    "Czy uwierzysz ,że ja nadal Myśle tylko o Tobie Ciekawe czy wiesz jaki Zostawiłaś mi ból?! Nie potrafię znaleźć tu słów Ich moc wygasła razem z Tobą (w ciemności wołam Cię...) Tamtych chwil już nie wróci"
  • Julie - Aloud
    "Step outside And smoke your cigarette You're so mature You never seem to fret Those eyes Abandon all contact Your painted lips Add color to the facts But oh, Julie then you'll see When you run back to"
  • Voices That Care - Voices That Care
    "(Ralph Tresvant) Lonely fear lights up the sky Can't help but wonder why (Ralph Tresvant & Randy Travis) You're so far away (Celine Dion) There, you had to take a stand In someone else's land Life can"
  • Care - BriBry
    "I'd be lying if I said I never thought of dying alone But I'm so vulnerable to just about everyone And only one friend knows me I sigh when another year is over Where I've so little to account for Oh what"

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