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We die yung

  • die alone (feat. Yung Bleu) - Gunna & Chris Brown
    "Oh Hmm Hmm I don't wanna be alone (I don't wanna be alone) I don't wanna die alone (I don't wanna die alone, no) I don't wanna be alone (No, no, no, don't wanna be alone) I don't wanna die alone (Oh) No-no-no,"
  • Ryde Or Die Boyz - Featuring Yung Wun & Larsiny - Ruff Ryders
    "Man, y'all rap niggas is high fashion Flashin, talker, no action Read emcees like TV's with captions Charts we smash on, guns we blast them Spit fire like blow dryers and drag dash on Your career won't"
  • Stomp - Featuring Yung Wun & Trick Daddy - Ruff Ryders
    "One y'all done fucked up now OH SHIT Ryde Or Die Nigga Its Yung Wun with the big gun What you gon do boy You betta sit down boy we don't play like that Betta yet tell ya man to put down the gat Before"
  • WWIII - Featuring Yung Wun, Snoop Dogg, Scarface And Jadakiss - Ruff Ryders
    "Ruff Ryders (ruff ryders) Ryde or die, volume 2 Tugboats It's over... (laughing)It's the second time around mutherfucker (yeah) Volume 2, ryde or die, bitch Gangsta nigga And we gonna rock this motherfucker,"
  • Fukk12 ft. yung adisz - Kosior
    "Fuck 12, kurwy chcą mi mówić o zasadach Na chleb pizdo sam muszę sobie zarabiać Nie twój interes "jak?" i nie twój interes "gdzie?" Cały hood krzyczy głośno fuck 12! Fuck 12, Fuck 12, Fuck 12, Fuck 12! Fuck"
  • With You (ft. Yung Berg) - K-young
    "cause baby i'm still in love with you still in love with you still in love with you girl still in love with you still in love with you ride with me (ride with me) smoke with me (smoke with me) baby take"
  • World Watching (Feat. Lil Tjay & Yung Bleu) - Fivio Foreign
    "(She's watching, yeah) Flashing lights, bigger stage World watching, street's a maze Going gold, living life Another day, another dollar Another fight She couldn't stop, I pray to God that I see a opp' He"
  • We Will Never Die - Die Apokalyptischen Reiter
    "We are your therapy cause we call us wild and free we are the horsemen of the apocalypse long time we slept in the fire of lust but now we are awake we are the ones you can trust we play for you not just"
  • When We Die - Jack Penate
    "When we die, when we die When we die, when we die Will our bones be left in strange lands And our grave be dug by cold hands When we die, when we die When we die, when we die Will their tears wash the"
  • Slowly We Die - Soulidium
    "My life is bleeding Its seething, Completing its sick crime The world is turning And its burning Its burning me alive It must be a sign of the times Of the crimes haunting me It must be fate aint"
  • Til We Die - Slipknot
    "Our friends are all hurting from moments and regrets and charity laced with a lie. Still we keep hoping, to fix all the defects and strengthen these seminal times. We go on together for better or worse,"
  • 'Til We Die - Slipknot
    "My friends are all hurting, from moments and regrets And charity laced with a lie And still we keep hoping to fix all the defects And strengthen these seminal ties We go on together for better or worse Our"
  • Now We Die - Machine Head
    "And with this now we die Standing at the edge of the world Uncertainty calling as the page unfurls Fortune, heaven or hell Shedding my body of this mortal shell Black steel and iron A lion heart is forged"
  • Until We Die - Chantal Kreviazuk
    "I could almost remember your face When I heard your voice today I could see your lips moving At the other end of the receiver It was almost a very good bye But dialtones tend to make me cry I call back"
  • When We Die - Bowling For Soup
    "Well I know that it's early and it's too hard to think And the broken empty bottle's a reminder in the sink But I thought that i should tell you, if it's not too late to say I can put back all the pieces,"
  • Before We Die - Boy Hits Car
    "Before We Die *Can the creatious night learn to prototize?* The sun sealed the day, after painting canvas sky beautifully. And now I watch the people rolling by my window, Wondering if they have found"
  • We die young - Alice In Chains
    "Scary's on the wall Scary's on his way Watch where you spit I'd advise you wait until it's over Then you got hit And you shoulda known better And we die young Faster we run Down, down, down you're rollin' Watch"
  • We all die - Cat Power
    "Here you go Say it that she's ill Here you go Marriage and kids and Drug Addiction All the lies aside I believe I am the Luckiest person alive Hell we all die Sometimes Hell we all try Somewhere Money"
  • Livin' we die - Michael Card
    "Saved by His death, healed by His pain Raised to new life to never die again Before you can have the hope of the call You've got to give it all It sounds to good to be true That the Son of God should die"
  • We Die Alone - The Black League
    "Hush! (...the horror... the horror... the horror...) If you feel Emptiness. If you feel Hollow. If you are lost and you don't want to find yourself. Deserted streets within that Ghost Town of your Nightmares You're"

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