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We dont tok anymore

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We dont tok anymore

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We dont tok anymore
  • Faith Evans Love Dont Live Here Anymore
    "(Faith) You abandon me. Love don't live here anymore.(oh no) Just a vacancy. Love don't live here anymore.(no, no) When you lived inside of me There was nothing I could conceive That you wouldn't do"
  • Tok Tok Missy queen's gonna die
    "You fooling around with my feelings has spin to hard at me Just listen to my voice and got something nice So say do you know And got something nice So say do you know You wanna love me You wanna hold me"
  • Woe, Is Me Tik Tok
    "Wake up in the morning feeling’ like P’Diddy, grab my glasses I’m out the door I’m bout to hit this city, before I leave brush my teeth with a bottle of jack, cause when I leave for the night I ain’t coming"
  • Adventures You Dont Have to Cry Anymore
    "Well here I stand With an open mind Still unafraid, of the cards that fate has dealt me One by one, we burn our books and run Some for home, while others take the world and shake it You can stay here forever,"
  • Ke$ha (Kesha) Tik Tok
    "Wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy (Hey, what up girl?) Grab my glasses on, Im out the door - Im gonna hit this city (Lets go) Before I leave, brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack Cause when I"
  • Natalie Cole Dont Get Around Much Anymore
    "Missed the Saturday dance Heard they crowded the floor Couldn't bear it without you Don't get around much anymore Thought I'd visit the club Got as far as the door They'd have asked me about you Don't"
  • Lisa Ekdahl I Dont Miss You Anymore
    "I don't miss you anymore Unless the moonlight's grey Or on a stogy night I just might miss you A little bit I don't miss you anymore Unless it's a cloudy day Or if the sun shines bright I just might miss"
  • Anna Marucha & The Taxi Blues Band „ Anymore ”
    "„ Anymore ” (muz.i słowa Anna Marucha) I know you think that think about yesterday I know what you think about that night We both know that we want see each other"
  • Turdus Musicus Anymore
    "Take me somewhere fast I'm afraid what we hold won't last I will fail terribly Go ahead get outta here I don't really know why we come here anymore You should have known But I don't want to be left"
  • Zoe Anymore
    "You're just like an open book Can read you by the way you look And I know that you'll always be Close to me and I know that you care You're changin' for nobody You're just like you used to be And"
  • Savatage Anymore
    "Don't want to walk upon the water Don't want to look across the waves Instead of seeing hills of water I just see markers on their graves But in the fading of a season To look across an empty sky For"
  • End Of Fashion Anymore
    "What are you trying to do? What are you trying to say? You're beating up yourself What is it today? You're killing me slow (la da de da da) When the tide goes out, I'm getting over it, It's alright Where"
  • Babyface Anymore
    "Written by l.a. reid, babyface (1990) Performed by whitney houston I believe in roses But only from the heart And if it's not sincere baby then I don't want no part I believe in one love baby, True monogamy What"
  • Whitney Houston Anymore
    "I believe in roses, But only from the heart And if it's not sincere baby, Then I don't want no part I believe in one love baby, true monogamy What I don't know can't hurt me, that's not the way I see If"
  • Chinchilla Anymore
    "With only one wordThey told me you were goneSee the blood on my skin seeThe hole in my heartI have tried to reach outFor a helping handHear the warning these nightsOne time again she`s goneCan these feelingsBe"
  • Little Mix Tik Tok/Push it
    "Leigh-Anne/All: Wake up in the morning feeling ,like P Diddy Grab my glasses, I'm out the door, I'm gonna hit this city Before I leave, brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack JESY: Cause when I leave for"
  • Sasha Dont Say Good Bye
    "You closed the door and walked away I couldn't find a word to say it's been more than a week since you've been gone you stayed away, it hurts so much I start to miss your tender touch the smell of your"
  • Indigo Girls Dont Know Your Name
    ""Don't Think Twice, It's All Right" is a Bob Dylan song from 1963. The girls have performed it a few times with Joan Baez. It ain't no use to sit and wonder why, babe If you don't know by now It ain't"
  • Madness Dont Quote Me On That
    "Its all Eggs Bacon Beans and a Fried Slice. Did you see the one, yeah yeah, The one they wrote in the paper just the other day, well, well would you believe it, Well what I said, they took it all the"
  • Jan Leyers Dont Make Me Miss You
    "Girl I could brag about How it's all good without you here But I give myself away When you look into my eyes And see these tears I never thought I'd cry Tell me we can unsay goodbye Don't make me miss"

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