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We have own

  • We Don't Own It - Joan As Police Woman
    "We don't own it You will know by the way That he cuts his eyes Looks away from the door That walked in you You will know it will go Down in history How sweet he was to you And all the others So hand"
  • We Own The World - Cledus T. Judd
    "Parody of We Are the World by USA For Africa (M. Jackson/L. Ritchie) Brockman Music (ASCAP) Warner Timberlake Music Corp. (BMI) New lyrics by Cledus T. Judd (No Relation), Bruce Burch, & Daniel Sarenana,"
  • We Own The Night - A Bird A Sparrow
    "I'll take the flight out of california sun Through the terminal gates...... I feel so lost sometimes, another sun fades away Oh how the time goes by Raise up your glasses, I wanna make a toast Tonight"
  • All We Have - Brazilian Girls
    "The Scary Tale on this day Leads us on What can I say? How nave, this clich The pulse goes on The end we anticipate. Some story ends and hurray Summer begins, what can I say Call it nature, Call it"
  • We Break Our Own Hearts - Michael Ball
    "(r. kerr/d. black) If I'm honest, I knew I'd never share my whole life with you You knew it too When you fall in love You don't think ahead You believe whatever said Chorus: We break our own hearts We"
  • All We Have - Brett Dennen
    "all we have is love oh, we're growing faster than we ever could have dreamed and our bellies are bulging we're gonna burst right through our seams it's got us all in competition for wealth and recognition globalization"
  • We Got Our Own Thang - Heavy D & The Boyz
    "(Teddy Riley) Yo man, you ready to drop this, man? (Yeah-eee) Well kick it for me one time... "Pass" (Drop it) (Intro/Chorus - Teddy Riley (Heavy D.) We got our own thaaaang ("Get up and do my thang") We"
  • We Got Our Own Thang - Heavy D
    "Everybody, shake your body, we don't ill, we chill at party Keep a groove that's sensual, three-dimensional, unquestionable The lover is professional Got a category, my own and I'm the president With my"
  • Own Way - RAMP
    "Wake up man don't be afraid Of the story of your life See all these things we do Do you think they're right?! Think There's a time for us to learn To approach, to imitate But there's a time to build A"
  • We Have A Dream - Xmal Deutschland
    "Huhu.... We believe the dream comes true Everything we tried to do It wasn't easy all the time We never felt like this before But we love it more and more Every day and every night We had joy"
  • Till We Have Faces - Noise Ratchet
    "In photographs we define ourselves Beneath the blanket of fashion The things we fear the most Are caught by our eyes in a mirror We will decompose Until we have faces Identity abides In what we claim"
  • We have a dream - Superstar
    "We believe the dream comes true Everything we tried to do It wasn't easy all the time We never felt like this before But we love it more and more Every day and every night We had joy and we had pain Come"
  • What We Have Become - Between The Buried And Me
    "Is this justifiable, this is life we lead. Blind stares at what we call humanity. So afraid to face what has already become of us. The dark cloud passed lifetimes ago. The "saints" drink the blood of their"
  • What Have We Done? - Oi Polloi
    "I'm lost for words when I think of the depths to which we sink Sometimes there just seem to be no depths to which our species will not sink. Surely, in this day and age, we should be seeking to establish"
  • If We Only Have Love - Barry Manilow
    "If we only have love Then tomorrow we'll dawn And the days of our years Will rise on that morn' If we only have love To embrase without fears We will kiss with our eyes We will sleep without tears If"
  • The Feeling That We Have - Diana Ross
    "(Charlie Smalls) Put your arms around me child Like when you bumped your shin Then you'll know I love you now As I loved you then Though you maybe trying sometimes And I'll need you And you're not there You"
  • Once We Might Have Known - Cock Robin
    "I'm afraid that this is all new to me Barely touched the tip of the ice The world is full of missed opportunities Ask yourself what you feel inside The trouble with you is the trouble with me Both of us"
  • The Filling That We Have - Michael Jackson
    "Put your arms around me child, Like when you bumped your shin; Then you'll know I love you now, As I loved you then Though you may be trying sometimes, And I'll need you and you're not there; You"
  • Goodbye Is All We Have - Alison Krauss & Union Station
    "I'm soaring the sky I can hear the birds and man they don't lie How you gonna catch me when I'm this high I'm moving on I got the words to a brand new song How you gonna catch me when I'm this close Gone"
  • We Have To Move On - Inhaler
    "on this rainy day I beg for your hand in marriage I feel it’s been a pleasure to bathe in my own discomfort whne I am on my knees and I feel a litte spontaneous honey, I’ve lost the ring but ui want toknow"

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