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We ne

  • Suteki Da Ne - Rikki
    "{{Translation|Japanese}} ==Romanized Japanese== kaze ga yoseta kotoba ni oyoida kokoro kumo ga hakobu ashita ni hazunda koe tsuki ga yureru kagami ni furueta kokoro hoshi ga nagarekoboreta yawarakai"
  • Me Ne Shalto - Jedi Mind Tricks
    "Yeah Jedi mind baby Junkyard Dog, real dirty and mean Take your face off cousin, I'm a surgery fiend The type of cat that would rather just be heard then be seen Hold a gat, at the end of it its a burgundy"
  • Ne Plus Ultra - Pain Confessor
    "From within genetic memory A hunger arises To master all skills To wield unlimited power Dreams are blown away like autumn leaves Rain will keep on falling when I'm gone To leave a mark and make it last Explore"
  • Ne Cheama Pam - Agathodaimon
    "La voi cobor acuma, voi suflete-amagite Si ca sa va ard fierea, o, spirite-ametite Blestemul l invoc Blestemul mizantropic, cu vnata lui gheara Ca sa va scriu pe frunte, vita ce se-nfiara Cu fierul ars"
  • On Ne Change Pas - Celine Dion
    "Celine Dion Miscellaneous On Ne Change Pas On ne change pas On met juste les costumes d'autres sur soi On ne change pas Une veste ne cache qu'un peu de ce qu'on voit On ne grandit pas On"
  • Ne Me Plaignez Pas - Celine Dion
    "(Eddy Marnay / S. Thompson) Je sais qu'il me traite Comme il traite les autres On dirait presque Qu'il ne m'aime pas Quand vous me dites Tu devrais t'en aller Mem'si c'est vrai Ca ne m'aide pas Je"
  • Ne Me Quitte Pas - Violet Indiana
    "If you go away On this summer day Then you might as well Take the sun away All the birds that flew In the summer sky When our love was new And our hearts were high When the day was young And the night"
  • E-Ne-Me-Ne-Mi-Ne-Moe (The Choice Is Yours To Pull) - The Jacksons
    "To know of life (To know of life) Is to know what I'm living for Touch my hand And, baby, I'm yours To know of love (To know of love) Is to know that I live for you To be in love Is to be there with you (Everyday) Everyday"
  • E-Ne-Me-Ne-Mi-Ne-Moe (The Choice Is Yours To Pull) - Jackson 5
    "To know of life (To know of life) Is to know what I'm living for Touch my hand And, baby, I'm yours To know of love (To know of love) Is to know that I live for you To be in love Is to be there with you (Everyday) Everyday"
  • Ne - Junkies
    "Fekszem az gyon, az jszaka lgyan a szvembe szrja a trt Az letem lom, a vgemet vrom s kezdhetem jra a krt Kjutazs, mlyzuhans, rózsaszn ltoms Nincs vglloms Unom a rappet, a szexet, a szeszt, meg a stresszt,"
  • Incredible (ft. Ne-Yo) - Celine Dion
    "Whole world is watching us now It's a little intimidating But since there's no way to calm down Let's give them something amazing Let's make them remember Using one word Incredible (oh, oh, oh) Incredible"
  • You, ne and Jesus - Cliff Richard
    "If I said I loved you, What would you say? And if I said I needed you, Would it frighten you away? If I said I loved you, And I wanted you to be, My one and only lover, eternally. You and me and Jesus."
  • Suteki Da Ne (Translation) - Eminem
    "My heart was swimming in dog piss gathered by the wind. My voice bounced like your mom in a car crash into a pile of elephant shit. My lungs fell out, and stained your carpet in the cracked mirror.(ugly"
  • Dream (ft. Ne-yo) - Sam Scarfo
    "Good life is a fantasy Trouble is reality for me I just wanna live that dream Spend that paper Push that pen Right now I'm just trying to pay this rent Gotta make them in me But trust me one day I'm gonna"
  • Je ne sais pas pourquoi - French Affair
    "Je ne sais pas pourquoi Want do you break my heart in two There's no reason for what you do But I'm still in love with you Je ne sais pas pourquoi I thinking of you every day Oh baby please don't go away"
  • Ningentte Sonna Mono Ne (Translation) - Kokia
    "Did you want to become your idea of perfect? You were probably just imitating someone, right? Any way of flying is OK, right? It's having the courage to take off that's important, right? We say things"
  • Turn Around (ft. Ne-Yo) - Conor Maynard
    "Turn around, open your eyes Look at me now Turn around, girl I’ve got you We won’t fall down, yeah We can see, forever from up here, yeah So long as we’re together Have no fear, no fear So turn around,"
  • You Girl (ft. Ne-Yo) - Shaggy
    "Straight up this love Is like a blessing from up above Baby girl you know we go together like hand and glove Cause girl I’m always glad to see you You girl, you girl Sunshine and the flowers Jealous of"
  • Ne Me Quitte Pas (English) - Sting
    "Don't leave me Though everything is over And needs to be forgotten Forget the times and misunderstandings All we know was lost Forget the hours That killed such joyous hearts Don't leave me Don't leave"
  • Love Songs (Feat. Ne-Yo) - Fivio Foreign
    "I pull up to your crib every time I miss you, yeah Yeah, yeah I pull up to your crib I pull up to your crib I can't stop thinkin' about it Won't stop thinkin' about it Every time I think about you Just"

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