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We shoud be sorry

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We shoud be sorry

  • Sorry - Natalie Cole
    "We used to be so very happy and we used to have so much fun And we used to spend our time together, we were as close as anyone I used to feel your every feeling, I was a part of your every dream I'm"
  • Sorry Sorry Sorry - Daniel Cirera
    "You You are The most Beautiful thing In this world And No words Can ever kill Me like yours, kill me like yours You leave me as Sorry sorry sorry as I'll ever be That you've turned into somebody else,"
  • Sorry - Nerf Herder
    "Sorry we broke up, sorry I missed you Sorry I wanted only to kiss you Sorry I promised to love you forever Made you feel guilty oh when you left me Sorry I showed up at your party Sorry I drank up all"
  • Sorry - Nat King Cole
    "We used to be very happy We used to have so much fun We used to spend Our time together We were as close as anyone. I used to feel your every feeling I was a part of your every dream Im not saying that"
  • Sorry - Jimmy Barnes
    "As hard as I can try, can't be refined The limits that I seek ain't being defined What's the point on hanging on this Razors edge I'm sliding on I have to say these are the best of times I still recall"
  • Sorry - Sandra Nasic
    "What is the time and when did you start or begin The tired blue eyes see places under my skin They locked this house and push us over the edge I don't wanna wake cuz I feel his hand on my skin Sorry,"
  • Sorry - Judith
    "Once you and I where as innocent as kids Love could easy grow to the corners of our hearts unaware of danger we started to grow up When we discovered borders I crossed the line And now I'm sorry from"
  • Sorry - Lene Marlin
    "Do you wanna know what I think of you? Do you wanna know? Do you wanna know if I'm doing OK? Just ask and I'll say I'll say the words that I've longed to speak Have kept quiet for some time I'm sorry it's"
  • Sorry - Status Quo
    "(Rossi/Frost) Whispering, you know I saw you were whispering Listening, you didn't think I was listening I got the right things all wrong again, once again I hurt you, never feeling Answer me, you know"
  • Sorry - Dry Cell
    "I don't want a change inside of me In respect to effect your life As we both grow cold It's the very first time that I can see Would you believe in me If I told you so Now you know how sorry feels Now"
  • Sorry - Abra Moore
    "If I could hold you You know I would If the whole world would Just stop turning and be real still I said I'd meet you after midnight I know I never did return A lot of promises were broken I never kept"
  • Sorry - Avant
    "I know I was wrong and that-s not fairPlaying games with your mind cause I new you caredWalking out of the door every other nightAnd I knew two wrongs wouldn-t make a rightNow things have changedAnd what"
  • Sorry - Halsey
    "I’ve missed you calls for months it seems Don’t realize how mean I can be Cause I can sometimes treat the people That I love like jewelry Cause I can change MY MIND EACH DAY I didn’t mean to try you"
  • Sorry - Mya
    "Mya Sorry (INTRO) (Verse 1) Boy I know I don't deserve you Cause I couldn't afford your love All you asked me for was time But I couldn't give you why When you asked me for my heart I was busy playin"
  • Sorry - Jebediah
    "I'm sorry that I f**ked things up And I'm sorry that sorry is never enough But still I'm sorry I screwed your plans But if everythings cool then I know not we could do Yeah lets walk down to the school"
  • Sorry - Craig's Brother
    "Spoken word has lost it's way again Wondering through silenced apology An untamed mouth has not held words not meant And condescending eyes made shame to see The stress to succeed has broken trust My"
  • Sorry - Michelle Wright
    "My heart is haunted by things we never said There's a distant craving that I'm still trying to forget Am I drifting endlessly, am I moving to A resolution of you and me (Different than I ever thought"
  • Sorry - Beyoncé
    "Sorry I ain’t sorry /4x He trying to roll me up I ain;t picking up Headed to the club I ain’t thinking about you Me and my ladies sip me [?] cups I don’t give a f* chucking my deuces up Suck on my balls"
  • Sorry - Unwritten Law
    "Afraid it comes to this I really must admit, your tits, your eyes, your lips Are staring at me I'm drooling at the chin I need to be within, her skin, I want to sin She stops me and she says Slow down"
  • Sorry - From Zero
    "Now I guess those things I said to you the other day were pretty nasty Cuz you ain't laughin' And I'm sleepin' on the couch again And all this arguing was back and forth And I wish you could just see things"

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