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We were free kids

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We were free kids

  • When We Were Kids - Kristin Hoffmann
    "Take a leap down Just a couple of steps Run over the hill And under the fence Nothing to do It's just a quarter past ten And we have all night For imagination Let's go out and dream all night The way"
  • When We Were Kids - Ludacris
    "Okay, I remember the days High Rise, Low Lifts, Even Stevens and Fags Troops Lotto and BK's those was the days High tech boots spray paintin' wit'cha names T-shirts airbrushed that read the same They"
  • Kids Kids Kids - Heavy Heavy Low Low
    "when the line between truths is as shallow as your breath when you sigh all we become are echoes of what we once were like cheap red lipstick and whore house perfume disregard our potential cause honey"
  • Kids - MGMT
    "You were a child Crawling on your knees toward it Making Mama so proud But your voice was too loud We liked to watch you laughing You picked the insects off plants No time to think of consequences Control"
  • The times when we were free - Ovni
    "Don't forget your home, the people that you love. Dont forget your friends, the things you did with them. Don't forget your school, the years that you spent there. Don't forget the road were we used to"
  • Free - Lee Ryan
    "(Free, free, free, free)Did you make the same mistake as IThrow your life away for one prizeSplit your tongue into regret the lieYou told that led you down this winding roadSaw a picture in my dreamsAnd"
  • Free - Alana Davis
    "I remember the long warm December we shared I can still taste the air You were open and I was hoping you cared Hoping that you would be there for me That's the way it was meant to be But I guess that your"
  • Free - Geto Boys
    "Geto Boys (G.B.)'98 We gonna set this shit straight, belive that Don't you wish sometimes you can be free Free from incarceration Free from paying them bills Free to come and go when ya feel Most of all,"
  • Free - Manafest
    "Free to live free to love, free to get up Free to get out and get up and move on, Im Free to live free to love free to get up Free to get out and get up and move on From all the pain, all the times, I"
  • Free - Freeway
    "Okay, I see where y'all goin Okay, aight dude, you want me to fuck with that Free shit? Okay.. Yeah, I got you blazed...holla! Uh! Yeah! Nigga, the name is strong, it can mean ten things in one This dedicated"
  • Free - Brad Johner
    "And I watched you leaving A siloutte of all the times we shared And there's no reason For you to turn around and come back here I guess I knew that You'd grow up to be the woman that you are But now that"
  • Free - Chico DeBarge
    "Just you and me, we can hit the highway. Take all your dreams, and live them out the real way. Don't know if it's right, but still you want to, take a chance of love and show and prove. Live your life"
  • Free - Ultra Nate
    "Where did we go wrong Where did we lose our faith My brother is in need But can he depend on me Do you think if one of you tried Maybe you could find A better friend than any other If you gave more than"
  • Free - Day 26
    "Damn!I never thought you would do this to meThought you was so innocentThought I was the only oneAnd you wait all the way til now to tell meMan, I've been feeling like I'm in some kinda prisonAnd I wanna"
  • Free - Hillsong Kids
    "Would you belive me if I saidThat we are the ones who can make the changeIn teh world today..Would you belive me if I saidThat all of your dreams in your heartCan come true.. todayWould you belive me if"
  • Slum kids - The Kinks
    "We're just slum kids, and we know it, And we never stood a chance. We were dragged up from the gutter, From the wrong side of the tracks. So how dare you criticize, When you don't know what it's like To"
  • Hey Kids - Jet
    "Hey kids, you did it all yourselves, You'll never change the world, So what you think about that Hey dad, the suit is on your back, So take your boots off my neck, And get back to your money stack (Chorus:) Hey"
  • Them Kids - Sam Roberts
    "No one feels more alone that the children of a dying breed You never feel at home when you're just another mouth to feed I wanna live in geological time Because I'm still in my biological prime If nobody"
  • City Kids - Motorhead
    "Nobody knows, I know nobody cares what goes on in here, We have this door, Nobody gets in until I'm really sure, Don't creep up behind me, You know where to find me I'm always around, Turns out if you"
  • Rock'N'Roll Kids - Paul Harrington & Charlie McGettigan
    "I remember '62 I was 16 and so were you and we lived next door on the avenue Jerry Lee was big and Elvis too Blue jeans and blue suede shoes And we never knew What life held in store We just wanted"

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