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We will survive

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We will survive

  • Will We Survive - Sick Of It All
    "There comes a time in our lives to ask the question will we survive reach for a future within our grasp tryin' not to lose hold of our past all these decisions comin' on got to keep perspective of"
  • We Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor
    "at 1st we were afraid, we were petrified, we were worried about having drugs & violence in our lives. but then we spent so many nights thinkin' about what we learned in DARE... & we grew strong & we knew"
  • We Will Survive - Nas
    "Still somehow I believe, we always survive.. but why? To my dogs.. wherever you are Whattup Big? You know shit is rough after you slid You in God's hands now, keep a place for me kid Ain't nuttin"
  • Will We Survive - Swans
    "I heard your voice in my mind - you were Iying I saw you under the door - you were sleeping An ocean bleeds in your veins - now you're melting Your hand holds onto the sun - protecting The air is red and"
  • Survive - Jimmy Buffett
    "I play the stereo loud When I'm away from the maddening crowd Smokin', jokin', clowns we all are Sometimes I kinda get real ill When I receive my monthly telephone bill But you say it and I'll pay it `Cause"
  • Survive - Steve Vai
    "Get ready for your life won't you take your place in line You may close your eyes if you please. Try to keep it clean there's so many here you see everybody needs to get by. And if you fall on your face"
  • Survive - Auryn
    "I'm the cold one, seemingly the enlightened one. You don't see me screaming, the frightened one. Everybody's rooted therapy, I'll be your stupid therapy All these illusions we've created in this life"
  • Survive - Gabrielle
    "V-1 I don't wanna talk about it It makes me wanna cry every time i pour out my emotions I feel emptier inside I don't know how to play it like I'm not in love with you, but I'll try even though i do...still (Chorus) Miss"
  • I Will Survive - Enrique Iglesias
    "You like to think that you'll be the only one who understands me with it And you tell everyone that I can't live without you even for one day But who gave you the right to talk about the way I feel so"
  • Only the strongest will survive - Breaking Benjamin
    "They fall in lineOne at a timeReady to play(I can't see them anyway)No time to loseWe've got to moveSteady the hand(I am losing sith again)Fire your gunsIt's time to rollBlow me away(I will stay, unless"
  • How Can We Survive - Solid Base
    "Crying I never wanted you to go away Leaving me alone Trying to see what happened, what meant to be But I can't live without you Baby, why did you have to be you baby It's so unfair to me, I need"
  • Survive - Nuclear Assault
    "Now we'll see what remains on this word Only the strong will survive A hopeless end for those without the will Only the strong will survive Now we'll see what remains for the weak, there's not much A hopeless"
  • Survive - King Prawn
    "We all get knocked down And kicked in the teeth Sometimes we land 'splat' Sometimes on our feet We struggle to survive Better days might come Well fuck it, if they don't We still carry on We survive Yes"
  • Survive - Lacuna Coil
    "Sometimes I feel alone in a million crowd An outside wandering alone without Any words to say, they can't explain The desire to overcome the pain Feel the breath that's always getting away Am I dreaming"
  • Survive - Shebang
    "Now I can feel that I am strong I can feel I can't take wrong Now I have found a way To survive this pain some day I wanna do this 'cause I can Don't wanna fall this fall again I know I can win this game 'cause"
  • Survive - Blind Iris
    "Lately, I know we're gonna break free This time we'll rise so high Fueled by desire That fire Burnt me today I never wanna be lame Make it Ya I know were gonna take this All the way We'll feed the flame"
  • Survive - Rise Against
    "Somewhere between happy, and total fucking wreck Feet sometimes on solid ground, sometimes at the edge To spend your waking moments, simply killing time Is to give up on your hopes and dreams, to give"
  • We Survive - Kotoko
    "==Romanization== hohoemu namida michibiku kaze wa yasashii nioi nareta nukumori ima kagiri aru sekai to kuusai no hate ni kanjou tabane hitomi wa nani wo mitsukeru darou mienai hoshi kokoro nokoshi"
  • Survive Or Die - Nekromantix
    "i met her in a bar - it was love at first sight i went to bed with her, yeah, the very first night tell me the truth doctor, please don't lie is it serious - will i survive or will i die survive or"
  • Got 2 Survive - 2Pac
    "Today we're gonna do something scary We're venturing into the mind of young black males Let's take a peak... ( Young Lay ) Cuddies perved by the corner, stout, herb Got me twisted, mo' cold killin murders Them"

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