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We wish we were hir

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We wish we were hir

  • Wish We Were Older - Metro Station
    "I wish we were older (x3) Keep your body moving, girl The beat is thumpin' Go ahead and let them talk Their words mean nothing I know you're scared But don't leave this place Just turn around And let"
  • Why We Wish - Los Lobos
    "(David Hidalgo/Louie Perez) That's why we wish, baby Cause forever is way too long That's why we wish, baby baby Cause it's here today And then it's gone It's when a boy Grows up into a man And a seed"
  • We Were Three - Harry Chapin
    "The old lady on the park bench In the park with just one tree Was there from the very first day That you were part of me It seemed like she'd been sitting there Since 1000 B.C. And you said, "She is as"
  • We wish - Ayumi Hamasaki
    "Tsuyoku tsuyoku negau koto de Subete wa hajimatte ikunda Shinjiru koto sore ga Negai sono mono sa Jibun ga yadatte Betsu no nanika nitte Kawarou to kangaete mirukedo Yosooi bakari de tsukuroi hajimete"
  • Wish We Never Met - Kathleen Wilhoite
    "Disappointment stops by from time to time to see how I'm doing. He came by last night right after you left my life in ruin. When I don't get what I want the spoiled child inside breaks down, kicking, screaming,"
  • The way we were - Default
    "We've fallen out of grace again could be the beginning of the end we stuck by and watched the other walkaway could not stay i can't belive we'd give up so easyDon't you miss the way we were? don't you"
  • When We Were Young - Human Nature
    "Yesterdays - been and gone When we were young Remember when We started out as friends We were one and the same Don't even think that I knew your name That was then So many things have changed But looking"
  • We were so close - Val Emmich
    "We were So closeTo being closeJust when I loved you the mostYou turned into a ghostYou were so far awayI wish you could stayBut that's not your wayWe were So close To being closeYou were so far awayI wish"
  • When We Were Innocent - Eli Young Band
    "It's good there was a full moon out that night I can still recall your body in the pale white light When love's not love it sure felt right Who would have known you were the crazy type. We were teaching"
  • What Were We Thinking - Joss Stone
    "Try to turn it off But it's hard to see Through this emptiness Slowly breaking me Maybe hurt me just a little less Then I can start to breathe But still your heart is out of reach What were we thinking And"
  • When We Were Young - Shifty
    "when we were young(x5) when we were young everything was so new we broke all the rules just to do it and i dont know how the hell i lived through it young and on the run gettin' loaded like a gun when"
  • If We Were A Movie - Hannah Montana
    "Uh oh There you go again Talkin' cinetmatic Yeah you! Your charming You got everybody starstruck I know, how you always seem to go "
  • If We Were A Movie - Miley Cyrus
    "Uh oh There you go again Talkin' cinetmatic Yeah you! Your charming You got everybody starstruck I know, how you always seem to go "
  • Wish - Hurts
    "At the Piccadilly station I felt my heartbeat racing And I didn't know, know better And on the Campbell road I found a mirror for my soul And I didn't need no other I was accident pawn, I fell over heels"
  • Wish - Billy Crawford
    "Yeah... ohhh... yeah... ohhh... Every night that I'm away from you Is a moment I can't live through Wish I knew just what to do, 'coz it doesn't feel right Sometimes when I close my eyes I can hold you"
  • Wish - Will Hoge
    "i remember as the seasons turned to fall wind was sitting and the leaves fell...hinting a sign of the near winter's ball chill in the air as i strolled down the front steps looking for a tale to tell"
  • Wish You Were Here - Robin Gibb
    "Yeah, Yeah... You're livibg your life In somebody else's heart I'm hurting so deep As oceans are far apart I never let you down You were my world You kept it turning. They were good times And"
  • Wish You Were Her - Cousteau
    "It's not your style to live and let live the less that i need the more that you give On a runaway train over and over again I'm getting used to you I'm getting used to you... But I wish you were here"
  • Wish You Were Sober - Conan Gray
    "Wish You Were so Wish You Were so Wish You Were sober sober, sober, sober this party’s shit wish we could dip go anywhere but here don’t take a hit don’t kiss my lips and please don’t drink more beer I"
  • Wish You Were Gay - Billie Eilish
    "Utwór "Wish You Were Gay" pochodzi z debiutanckiego albumu "When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?" Billie Eilish. Premiera krążka za została zapowiedziana na 29 marca 2019 roku."

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